How To Add Kayak API To My Website

How to add kayak API to my website?




David Abraham
asked Sep 14, 2020

Kayak is a global fare aggregator and travel metasearch engine focused on enhancing online travel. It searches hundreds of sites at once and gets the best offers on flights, holiday packages, rental cars, and hotels.

Kayak's white labels, API integration, and partner network provide opportunities to drive the business forward. By partnering with Kayak or joining an affiliate network, you can take the next step in your business path.

Kayak offers an API for travel entrepreneurs and start-ups to start their own travel search engine for flights, hotels, vehicles, transfers, etc. Integrating these APIs will provide you with the best search results from large OTAs.

With the Kayak API, you can incorporate the features of the travel metasearch engine and enable your users to make quick travel decisions. You can request location details, live flight routes and rates, live hotel bookings, and live car bookings using the API.

One will increase the consumer base and generate massive profits whether it concentrates more or social media and other marketing strategies. You may take commissions from suppliers by click or take commissions only on bookings.

Metasearch engines can be designed around your own central reservation system, where search queries can also collect data from your own inventory.

By consolidating the search functions of hundreds of travel agencies, Kayak has become a one-stop-shop for booking flight tickets, hotels, cars, and travel packages.

Kayak operates in more than 20 languages and more than 30 countries. The award-winning app continues to develop and offers solutions for a wide range of travel operations on an increasing number of platforms to improve online travel.

Travel apps like Kayak make money on flights and hotels by charging OTA and supplier websites cost-per-click. In other words, Kayak redirects customers searching for flights and hotels to airline websites, hotel websites, and other travel search websites, and earns a few cents for each referral.

Also, a lot of travelers are looking for booking websites or meta-search apps like Kayak and then buy tickets directly from the airline.

How Kayak Works?




Danial John
asked Sep 14, 2020

When you request information about a flight or hotel, Kayak searches for hundreds of major airlines, hotels, and travel sites. Through these, it can browse rates and itineraries for more than 550 airlines and 85,000 hotels - and then Kayak offers users the ability to book directly from the travel supplier of their preference.

The Benefit of Kayak




Priya Menon
asked Oct 15, 2020 is so informative that customers can always find an itinerary on that they would not have found it on their own. Not only does provide customers with more travel choices than any other platform, but it also allows consumers the right to choose where to purchase their travel.

Travelopro integrates the Kayak API for global travel agencies to help them get fast and comprehensive results at their fingertips. All results are live from flight prices to hotel bookings to car rental services.

With Kayak Integration, you will have access to the world's leading travel search engine, Kayak. Results are also displayed inside your website or software application. This makes it easier for consumers to make the decision making.

If you have already decided to use Kayak for your business, we can make it happen to you through their Kayak Integration service. We will do it for you, whether you want to incorporate it into your existing website or software application or want to develop a new one with Kayak already in it.