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Hotel Booking APIs And Their Providers: Bed Banks, GDSs, Switches, And Channel Managers

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Hotel Booking APIs


Developing a hotel booking engine and looking for hotel booking API XML? Hotel APIs grant you to integrate GDS systems, hotel feeds and hotel aggregators into your hotel portal. So B2C and B2B customers can make a search to book a hotel handle online your hotel booking website without getting redirected to any other websites.

Advantage of Hotel Booking System

  • Centralized system for multi location
  • Automatic inventory controls
  • B2B and B2C Hotel Booking Engine
  • Manage hotel discount 
  • Reliable 
  • Unlock the power of your hotel's web presence
  • User build strong direct booking business online
  • User connect to multiple Hotel XML suppliers

How Hotel Distribution works ?

The online advertisement to reach millions of users out to book their accommodation. Online Travel Agents (OTAs) are among the many intermediaries that bring in bulk bookings, primarily because of their reach.

Achieving an API into software is usually pretty simple, at least from a programmer's point of view.

Amadeus hotel APIs let you search, compare and book rooms at over 350 of the world’s top hotel chains and enrich your product with detailed information, photos, descriptions and ratings.

From the aspect of those who design independent mobile apps and website, a hotel booking API is a bridge between the user and a third party that provides hotel booking services or information on Global distribution systems (GDSs).

How a GDS works for travel agents




A Global Distribution System, or GDS, is a computerized network that expedites transactions between travel service providers and travel agents.

Travel agents are the primary object for today’s GDS networks. A GDS delivers data in real-time, so agents can regulate which particular flights, accommodation, or other services best suit their client’s require in seconds. 

GDSs have enlarged to other travel services. GDSs also alert agents to limited-time sales, special rates, and promotional packages that more incentive their use.

Amadeus API

The Amadeus travel software associate the dominant tour assistance provider. Along with this renders you to pick from several substitute. If a travel company pursuer to expand, it is very necessary to combine a capable global distribution system along Amadeus GDS software.

Amadeus API is devoted to providing you quality products and services that assist you in making travel reservations calmly, and efficiently. Understanding that each customer has their own requirements for making travel reservations. 

  • Use as little or as much functionality as you like
  • Contribute an interface that is particular to your requirements
  • Customize the user navigation for maximum efficiency

Sabre API

Sabre GDS system processes more than a million travel booking activity per minute during the high season. Sabre GDS also provides great support to travel agent through the online chat, call and email support.

Sabre APIs, formerly known as Sabre Web Services, contribute accessible, faster and more flexible approach to the Sabre system functionality and products. Through the Internet, you can integrate our products and services — all the functionality required to sell travel — with your own applications and databases

Get Hotel Content

  • Hotel availability
  • Search option
  • Travel agency

Travelport Universal API

Travelport API is the vast travel commerce platform which contribute distribution, technology, payment and other solutions for the global travel and tourism industry.

The technological innovation provided by travelport boost in the growth of the travel sector. This is accomplish by connecting the travel agencies to more number of inventories and helping in accessible and smooth online booking for the various travel sectors.

Solutions provided by TravelPort GDS System

  • Low Cost Carriers (LCC)
  • Hotel Booking Engine
  • Rich Content and Branding
  • Hotel Availability and details

Online travel agencies


An online travel agency, or OTA, is a website or online service, which sells travel associated products to customers. These products may combine hotels, flights, travel packages, activities and car rentals.

The role of an online travel agency, or OTA for short, has become increasingly important within the hotel industry, because they provide a convenient way for customers to compare hotels and to book them over the internet, from the comfort of their own home, or on the go 

Why Are Online Travel Agents Important?

Online travel agents are increasingly important for hotels, because they serve as both marketing and a distribution channel. A growing number of potential guests now turn to OTAs to search for their hotels, because they function as a kind of ‘one stop shop’, allowing them to easily search for hotels, read reviews, and compare prices.

Some of the largest OTA is a service which allows users to book hotels, B&B accommodation and condos online. It is based in Dallas, Texas, in the United States and is owned by the Expedia Group. The platform operates on an international scale and a huge part of its business model is based on repeat business. is a global accommodation booking service, which is based in Singapore. Like several other OTAs on this list, it forms part of Booking Holdings; the parent company behind 

The Agoda network provides users with a choice of over one million hotels or holiday homes, with a strong focus on the Asian market, although it is increasingly targeting Europe and the Americas too.

APIs for hotels and accommodation owners




Hotel API is web service contribute online functionality of searching and booking hotels. These Hotel API manage rates, availability and assortment of accommodations grant you to offer client with best options for their ideal stay in a particular city. 

Travel Technology Company; contribute hotel API integration services to global travel companies. We integrate the hotel APIs / XMLs from all the wholesalers, aggregators and hotel XML API build best in contribute  class B2C / B2B / Corporate flight booking portals and online travel booking engines


  • Increases brand presence in international market.
  • Option to change/amend hotel booking
  • Function of mapping and de-duplication
  • Clarify hotel booking process.
  • Instant booking confirmation for hotels.
  • Grant hotel booking cancellation

Channel managers


The aspiration of hotel channel manager is to provide online distribution of inventory of rooms for hotels to all their Online Travel Agencies (OTA). Through Hotel Channel Manager hotelier manage online distribution of room rates, availability, room allocation, hotel policies for each of their selling dates.


  • Inventory Management:
  • Reservation Manager:
  • Reservation Manager:
  • Auto update for Reservation / Amendment / cancellation

Why do you need a Channel Manager?

If you have a small Bed & Breakfast or only a couple of apartments, you probably don't need a Channel Manager.
If you have more than that, or several room types, then you should really look into using one.

But if you have more than 10 rooms and you're not already using a Channel Manager, you're doing it wrong!
Why? Because it will help you send and synchronize your availability and rates in real times to more Online Travel Agencies than you could do it manually.

Some of the largest channel manager providers


MyAllocator, now an integral part of the Cloudbeds Suite of applications, also called Cloudbeds Channel Manager, is a standalone cloud-based Channel Manager designed to be easy to use. 

MyAllocator offers a 2-way XML connection to a huge list of OTA portals, pushing real-time updates to all of your channels and sending reservation information from each channel back to you.

MyAllocator, originally a budget Channel Manager built for Hostels, provides great integration with niche marketplaces for Hostels and Vacation Rental.


WuBook Channel Manager comes with an intuitive, yet simple control panel and offers high performance updates in a few seconds.

For each of your channels you can set closures, minimum stay restrictions and other parameters in a simple click.
The inventory you decide to offer online will be automatically stored in case of cancellation and immediately synced on all channels.


Wholesalers or bed banks




A bed bank (also called a wholesaler) is a B2B company that purchases rooms from accommodation providers in a bulk at a discounted, static price for exact dates and sells them to OTAs, travel agents, airlines, or tour operators.

Hotel distribution is a complex business with a baroque web of connections linking hotel room suppliers to hotel distributors which includes bed banks, hotel room wholesalers, hotel switches, online travel companies, metasearch engines as well as the big Global Distribution Systems (GDSs).

Hotel distributors such as bed banks and wholesalers play a pivotal role in linking accommodation supply to demand, exclusively with regards to disparate travel agents or niche tour operators. 


Hotelbeds operates a hotel distribution platform crack by travel agents, tour operators, airlines and loyalty programs to make hotel bookings for their customers. 

Centralization of documentation on the portal provides fast approach to our test and pot environments, which build up and reduces development and testing time—very important to our clients.


  • Advance Client Management
  • Reliable, Fast, Simpler Experience
  • Clear Metrics for appraisal 

Booking API:

Hotel APIs are a set of web services XMLs to approach the hotels / resorts / accommodations contents / deals worldwide. So if you are building an awesome hotel booking platform or an app and looking for a third party hotel APIs provider for hotel inventory 

  • Inquiry rooms
  • price and facilities,
  • Policies,

Cache API

Hotelbeds CacheAPI achieve in abbreviate the unified hotel portfolio in a single response under 300MB in size.
The Booking API afford developers a way to approach to all hotelbeds prices and availabilities as they are in an exact moment in time, so that they can be used for package travel or upload it to third party platforms. 

The API empowers users to manage the entire hotel booking process. Hotelbeds is a travel agency which provides a global hotel database for B2B partners.

Hotel content API

Hotelbeds Content API is fully customization and it contributes content to any level of detail. This API contributes full details to operate Booking API.

Content API has been designed to recapture all the details of the hotels available in Booking API. Content API contains several methods that grant you to access the details of the hotels as well as a list of destinations

The API provides all static hotel details that you should recapture and update regularly:

  • Hotel Descriptive Operations
  • Hotel Location Operations
  • Hotel Complementary Operations


WebBeds acts as an online intermediary between hotels and travel provider clients. WebBeds provides fast, simple access to global hotel room inventory to more than 20,000 clients constitute retail travel agents, corporate travel agents, wholesalers, tour operators and OTAs. 

WebBeds offers rooms at more than 250,000 hotels around the world. The bulk of hotel partners are small, independent hotels and we provide a substitute distribution channel for their rooms. 

The B2B market is highly disintegrate, with very few global players. The majority of B2B member having specialized local offerings and small market share. Ongoing industry unification represents powerful opportunity for WebBeds to gain share.

WebBeds multi-supply aggregation strategy

  • Considerable breadth and depth of hotel inventory
  • Global scale
  • Experienced management team 
  • Highly aggressive prices

Generally, their brand list is quite extraordinary 

  • Sunhotels
  • Totalstay
  • Umrahholidays
  • DOTW


HotelsPro, hotels API Integration a leading travel wholesaler provides an exhaustive online booking system through investment in cutting boundary technology.

HotelsPro Hotels XML API Integration is a partner to look for those who are searching for a solution in the travel industry that offers absolute online booking system with absurd hotel rates worldwide without any deposits, limits or permanent credit requirement nor any sign up or usage cost.

Cosmos and Coral make up our next generation API that gives you fast, seamless and authentic approach to search. 

Coral API

Coral is a searching and booking engine that amass and build up products from several hotel suppliers, grant clients to search and book the best available hotels at the best prices by API connectivity.

HotelsPro’s new generation search API Coral gives its customers the agile and seamless approach to a vast hotel inventory with decisive and detailed content.

Cosmos API

Cosmos is a universe of data that includes hotels, destinations and media content in a multi-language format. In order to afford an adequate solution to the travel industry Cosmos presents this data with an integrated hotel mapping system.


Travco Hotel XML Supplier concentrate is providing hotel settlement to the travel trade. By conspire with colossal numbers of international hotels Travco Hotel XML API Integration can offer a notable choice of worldwide hotel accommodation at the least rates.

Benefits provided by Travco based on online booking system:

  • Global 24/7 access to their inventory
  • Book hotels within 5 seconds
  • View in 9 different languages
  • Advanced search facilities
  • Detailed and independent hotel information


Bonotel, a leading aggregator and wholesale distributor of branded and boutique luxury hotel rooms cater to the high end audience and have exclusive luxurious properties as a part of their inventories

This site uses cookies and other tracking technologies to assist you in your capability to search and book reservations.
Bonotel hotel API integration can pull data which can be used for power letting and business brilliance purpose. Integrating API also boost in creating space for remote storage for your business. 


  • Hotel Availability
  • Hotel booking, and cancellation
  • Static and dynamic content

Connectivity and mapping providers


Hotel mapping is basic for both OTAs and suppliers. It enables OTAs to provide the best offerings available by mapping data from numerous sources. 

Online Travel Agent sources their hotel data from various channels like bigger online travel agents, global distribution systems, and bed banks. 


The hotel mapping tool unleashes the power of machine learning to exactly map hotel content.

With UNICA available, travel agencies no longer commitment to worry about duplicate hotels display up on their website. With your best selling inventory identified, you see an overall uptick in your conversion rates.

Alliance Reservations Network

Alliance’s hotel aggregator is connected to most hotel suppliers, and has mapped each supplier’s inventory to its own master database. Hotel booking engines powered by Alliance do not return duplicate listings.

Alliance’s hotel aggregator also commonly cleans it database to make sure that any changes to an appropriate hotel’s information are updated across all its inventory. 


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