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Cruise API
Book Cruises Online in an Easy Manner with Our Best in Class Cruise API Integration Services

Cruise API - Reach Endless Cruise Suppliers

Through our API solution, we have developed a platform that offers travel agents the opportunity to establish a strong relationship with cruise suppliers.

Cruise is one of the fastest and luxurious travel products in today’s world. Estimates claim nearly 25 Million passengers are currently expected to cruise each year and this number is growing rapidly and revenue estimates from Cruise Industry worldwide.

For agents dealing with luxury travel, in particular, Cruise is the most useful option. Cruises are a common demand for luxury travel packages and are quite popular. There are now various kinds of cruises on offer. Cruise API Integration Services ensure that you have a diverse range of Cruise Services connected with your Travel Portal

. Travelopro is a well-known brand to offering best in class Cruise API Integration for travel agents by which they can book cruises online in an easy manner. Our cruise API is available in the latest technology and gives you access to multiple services. It delivers real productivity and booking quality benefits through eliminating time-consuming phone reservations and providing a complete desk-based cruise reservation and information system. Adding cruises to your services will help you add significant value to your packages.

Which ultimately allows you to bring in revenue and profits. By implementing Cruise API integrations, you get easy and transparent access to thousands of products in a click.

Get Advantage Of Our Remarkable Cruise API

Travelopro is a market-leading travel technology company offering best in class Cruise API for travel agents by which they can book cruises online in an easy manner.

The API offers a user-friendly format and a comprehensive inventory of cruise suppliers to travel agents and tour operators in the form of cruise XML.

Our API provides an interface that connects cruise suppliers and online travel agencies where online travel agents can view their real-time inventory and availability through cruise booking software. Our Cruise API is best for networking shipping activities at different retail locations, dealers, or branch offices.

Cruise API integration services are like any other normal API services where we need either XML or JSON API integration. Compared to Flights, Hotels, and Cars the API for cruises are difficult to obtain, due to its low availability of suppliers. Our cruise booking capabilities provide our partners with the full strength of our marketplace for every transaction.

Our real-time intelligence and distribution expertise bring your unique brand offering to your audience quickly and effectively. Integrated with our Cruise API provides you with access to more than 30,000 routes.

Travelopro APIs Are Designed To Make Your Business Flourish

Travelopro Cruise API is available in the latest technology and gives you access to multiple services. Our technology allows your programmers to incorporate shipping functions directly into your business systems or e-commerce websites, making it more versatile.

Cruise API Integration Services ensure that you have a dynamic inventory for Cruise Services connected with your Travel Website. We launch a cruise booking engine system as one of the web services in the travel portal development itinerary apart from airline booking engine and hotel booking engine.

Flexible solutions allow agencies to choose between using Travelopro’s Cruise API to fuel their booking tool or utilizing our graphical user interface. Our platform can connect you to more cruise providers on the market than any other system.

Passenger and itinerary reservation data can be uploaded directly by agents through their back-office systems. Our cruise API is best for networking shipping activities at different retail locations, dealers, or branch offices. It is also a good solution for mailrooms in large corporations or campus environments.

Our software is more flexible by enabling your programmers to integrate shipping functionality directly into your business systems or e-commerce websites. We take further travel with the customization and leading technology. No matter the platform, we can help you sharpen your edge.

Travelopro takes your productivity to the next level, it allows you to increase cruise sales and save valuable time and energy while honing your online competitive edge. Our technology will boost the level of automation to your booking system.

We provide our customers with a wide range of internet-based solutions that allow you to create; B2C websites for selling cruises, B2B intranet applications for both employees and customers, or mobile apps. Our company structure - along with our in-depth knowledge means we can offer flexibility and an ability to react quickly to any user requirements.

Cruise APIs including the availability of sailing, the details of the schedule, rate code availability, category availability, cabin availability, dining availability, travel insurance selection, pricing, availability of special services, availability of packages, booking confirmation, booking modification, cancelation, and re-booking. Our broad range of services is the one-stop destination for your needs from shopping to booking.

With the integration of our Cruise API, the travel agency will boost the web presence of their business with no per booking and/or transaction fees, and effortless updates from all Cruise APIs. Our in-depth industry knowledge allows us not only to deliver great software but also excellent service and support.

Under such a competitive marketplace, reaching the targeted clients would require a reliable source, an online cruise booking engine would play a handy role for cruise operators to enter the large market segment and offer multiple available offers to attract the market.

Being a leading travel technology company, Travelopro specializes in developing cruise booking engine and API integration. We understand that cruise reservations are a basic requirement for anyone to travel abroad and thus ensure that the reservation engine gives your customers all the necessary choices.

Whether you're a travel agent or a tour and travel services company, our booking engine will help your clients find the best deal available. We offer a high-end cruise booking system with easy to use interface and robust architecture which allows for increased efficiency, reduced cost, and more sales in a lesser period.

We also built cruise booking engines for small and medium-sized travel agents to help them easily sell the services on the web. Cruise Reservation System helps travel agencies and companies to maintain bookings, fare codes, dashboards, and taxes, etc.

With this system, the travel portal gets automatic assign rate cards, codes and you can set the travel payment schedules with tax arranges.

Travelopro provides a next-generation cruise booking system designed to address the current and emerging needs of the cruise & travel industries. We have developed Booking Software for Cruises that can easily online book the cruises.

We provide a comprehensive set of cruise reservation and cruise management solutions that enables end-to-end processes (from planning to operational accounting) of cruise companies. This cruise booking system to make travel agency job easier and your business more efficient.

With our integrated Cruise Booking Engine, you can give your clients more booking options. Keeping you competitive with other online travel agencies. Our Cruise API Integration helps global businesses to improve the ratio of the Cruise reservation.

The Cruise Booking Engine was developed to automate every aspect of the cruise booking process. Our cruise booking engine includes the industry’s leading cruise suppliers, featuring their cruise ship and cabin descriptions along with cabin photos, ship images, and deck plans, making the booking process as smooth as possible for your clients.

The Cruise Booking Engine is connected directly to the cruise lines so rest assured that your clients are getting the most accurate availability and pricing. Once activated, the Cruise Booking Engine’s headers, will inherit the same “look and feel” as your website, giving users a seamless online experience.

Along with your website, the Cruise Booking Engine is also mobile responsive. So, your clients can make bookings on the go from any mobile device.

Travelopro Cruise Reservation System helps cruise companies and travel agencies manage multiple bookings, inventory levels, fare codes, taxes, and channel partners through one dashboard custom made for the cruise industry.

This exclusive cruise reservation system posses comprehensive cruise management and online reporting with relevant information regarding summary, sales, profit, vendors, insurance, and margins, etc. With the help of our Cruise Reservation System, one can easily manage their services properly by investing a little effort.

The major aim of such software engines is to reduce the overhead of ticket booking, status checking, and other travel-related information.

In cruise booking engine, we have an ample amount of cruise line, cruise descriptions, and lines which is linked with rich content and media like photos, ship images, and attire plan to help in the shopping.

With the cruise reservation system, all information on availability, different deck rates, arrangements under one roof and adventure can be made available to travelers.

Take a look at Travelopro services then give a boost to your portal sites with our niche services and get the offers from our offer crate. We also provide different screen access to your portal like mobile, desktop and tablet, etc.

Designed to increase revenues while it automates processes, the Travelopro Cruise Reservation System reduces the amount of time and effort required to complete a cruise booking.


  • Automatically assign rate cards and fare codes to channel partners/travel portals via the cruise reservation system.
  • Set tax rates, discount limits and payment schedules.
  • Using the cruise booking system - deliver the same in desired templates with brand letterheads as per the cruise guidelines.
  • Integrate payment gateway links for one-click payments and download payment receipts.
  • Through our cruise booking system manage fares across quickly, take an informed decision where to add or discount price.
  • Enable/disable ticket codes on a dashboard, allocate them around, and enable date range.
  • Map all your leads from the website based on the advertising campaigns, offers and several other sources like website forms, chat inquiries, facebook, twitter, etc through the cruise booking software.
  • Our real-time chat feature with CRM integration will ensure that no inquiries are missed out and conversions happen quickly.
  • Using the rich API structure of the cruise booking software easily integrate all your online travel agents and manage rates, inventory centrally.
  • We help you manage multiple channel partners from a single interface. Offer them custom rates, allocate inventory, revenue channelization, and do a lot more.
  • Integrate your multiple sources of bookings through our cruise booking engine, stay updated with each guest conversation for a hassle-free reservation and support system.
  • Manage and serve multiple reservation requests from multiple sources on the cruise booking engine for travel agents and serve them efficiently.
  • Use the cruise booking engine for travel agents to integrate multiple sources of inquiry at once.
  • It offers fantastic Omni-channel support for websites, booking portals, live chat, and call center.
  • As soon as emails/calls/chats received from customers on the cruise booking engine – it is automatically assigned based on the priority tickets for faster query resolution.
  • It provides analytics on multiple business functions such as marketing campaign performance, revenue analysis, call center productivity, and more.



As the travel industry pivots towards convergence, cruise companies continually face the need to be more differentiated, customer-focused, flexible, and intelligent to be ‘total vacation providers.’ This requires smart technology. At Travelopro, we strive for innovation that can enable cruise companies to provide a tailored experience capable of adapting to their customers’ expectations. Our comprehensive set of solutions that enables end-to-end processes (from planning to operational accounting) of Travel Companies. Our flexible and versatile platform meets the end-to-end requirements of a travel company, especially those of travel intermediaries. In line with our deep conviction that there exist significant opportunities to redefine how the cruise industry services its customers, the vision of Travelopro has been coined as “Redefining Travel Business”. In an era of travel convergence, where different constituents of the travel ecosystem are throwing up solutions that appear to be highly similar, cruise companies require several market-leading capabilities for differentiation. This requires smarter technology with Travelopro at its core. Bring more to your clients by showcasing your special rates, deck plans and rich images. Our simple graphical user interface – plus the ability to compare up to three cruises at a time – provide each stakeholder with visibility and consistency, ensuring that agents find the perfect cruise for each traveler.

Travelopro knows that one size doesn’t fit all, that’s why we work with you to determine the best solution to meet your specific marketing, content and distribution needs. Achieving a higher level of visibility is key to the success of your business. Our solutions make intelligent use of technology to solve the various complexities and challenges that travel and hospitality companies face and assist you in meeting your business goals by providing you with the opportunity to promote and sell your inventory to travel agencies and consumers throughout the world. Customized for your company, our solutions will add flexibility and productivity to your business operations and help you offer superior customer experience. Our leverages frontline technologies to develop standard and custom software solutions and tailor them to the specific needs of our customers. Travelopro’s leisure team will assist you in making the most of our innovative technologies and expand your distribution revenue potential. Our sophisticated technology enables you to streamline your business operations, create new channels of sales and improve the experience of your customers. Travelopro is at the core of the travel industry worldwide. Our people, our technology and innovation are dedicated to working to shape the future of travel for our customers and partners.


Travelopro is one of the leading travel technology company in the industry and offers a host of web-based solutions to the travel agent community. We have the expertise with our advanced and state-of-the-art solutions to take our customers to the next level of perfection while improving their business performance. The ability to innovate and apply technical expertise, together with our strong commitment to the success of our customers, has given us a competitive edge in delivering complete end-to-end solutions that meet a wide range of business and technological needs. We are inspired by the latest trends in technology and are committed to providing our clients with the best possible services. Through creative and user-friendly platforms designed by Travelopro, we inspire to bridge the gap between our clients and millions of users across the world. We constantly strengthen our skills and technical expertise and work with a high level of integrity. Our focus on emerging trends in online business as well as in the technical spheres has empowered us to deliver the most innovative solutions. We provide our customers with cutting-edge technology, which enables them to make their presence felt in the revolutionary e-Business industry. Our clients are mid- and large-sized travel businesses as well as ventured travel startups from all parts of the world.

Travelopro uses leading-edge technology to provide innovative, complete and tailor-made solutions for travel agencies, tour operators, travel wholesalers, online travel agents, DMC´s and other travel professionals. Our sophisticated technology empowers you to streamline your business operations, enable new sales channels and optimize your customer's experience. Our long term industry experience combined with excellent technological skills empowers us to provide you smart and cost-effective online marketing solutions focused on your business objectives and your target market. We are constantly working on integrating the latest technologies and updates and new ways to ensure that when you use our service, you are always ahead of the market. Rest assured, you will always be able to rely on a simple and safe travel agency software. We are committed to achieving high levels of customer satisfaction by providing quality, cost-effective and timely solutions. We are passionate about building top quality products for our customers. For us, the most important goal is to build an honest relationship with our clients. Employ our expertise and years of experience in these two industries and let us help you develop a long term effective business strategy. We will evaluate your business needs and present you with optimum tailor-made solutions that will help you to streamline your business, uncover new sales opportunities, build brand awareness, generate more revenue and grow your business.


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