How Do I Integrate Flight API Into My Flight Website

How do I integrate flight API into my flight website?




David Abraham
asked Oct 20, 2020

By integrating Flight API into your online travel portal, you can provide your B2C customers and agents the ability to book flight tickets online using real-time fares and availability. Flight API directly connect you to all the data you need to create an innovative website or android or IOS app. Your travellers will be able to take the benefits of the best fares on flights from global suppliers.

Travelopro Flight API is the most comprehensive aggregated solution for managing distribution for all of the world’s LCCs and GDS airlines. Our Flight API integration allows you to include an inventory of third parties on your website. Our Flight API enables airlines with its huge distribution network and gives significant cost savings.

Steps involved in integration of Flight API:

Supplier Selection: When choosing a supplier, carry out thorough research to ensure that you choose the supplier that is best suited to your travel agency, based on your region, their rates, availability, requirements, etc.

Signing the Contract & API Documentation: You need to sign an API contract with them once you have selected the supplier(s) that you want to contract with. A supplier may provide multiple APIs for different modules, as mentioned in the previous point. All modules you choose are covered by a single contract, but the APIs will be separate. The API documentation contains all the technical details of the API and what is included in the API, such as the different rules, parameters, and services.

Assessment of the API document and Development: Each API requires a different connector and mapping with the booking engine, so if you have multiple APIs, your technology partner will have to build multiple connectors, that will obviously take longer than building a single connector.

Certification and Integration: When the connector is ready, it will need to be certified by the supplier, to ensure compliance with the supplier’s guidelines. Once the certification has been completed, the supplier will provide you with the credential to access their live feeds that can be used to make your bookings.

Post Integration: If the integration is complete and assuming your site is online, the clients can start seeing the real-time prices and availability of the products you also implemented when they make a search.