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As per the requirements, integrates the client's travel portal with tools such as weather widget, Google maps and various information sources providing the latest travel news, trip advice and travel guides which will help travelers in planning their trip accurately while making the travel portal more attractive and informative to customers.

Booking API integration grants vacation rental owners high-quality features to connect their listing with other OTAs and import/export rates, availability, reservations and more. is the best marketplace where hotel owners can promote and market their rooms to all guests and customers all around the world. Many of them are using the services of and already became the best online hotel reservation services in the world. This has raised some people to consider developing an app like to develop their business.

Just like an app, developing a similar app like needs to pay a higher development cost. There are many factors that affect the development cost to develop an app like A similar app like should be almost 100% similar to the original development cost and also gets higher.

Developing an app is not that easy. If you know the techniques in developing it is not that difficult to develop an app like

Perhaps, professional app developers are ready to develop a similar app like the Booking app. Using your own Booking right on your device allowing in checking the bookings as often would be awesome. Then why late.

The Affiliate Partner Program gives you the unique opportunity to connect your business to the world’s most recognized online accommodation booking platform.

As a partner, you integrate your customer-facing products into your website and in return, earn a favorable commission for each booking made through it. constantly optimizes and innovates your products to ensure they offer a seamless experience and do exactly what they need to do to maximize bookings.

With many years of industry experience with continuous data-backed insights to provide you the services, products, and support you need to grow your business. That’s why they offer the tools, visibility, and round-the-clock support you might not get on your own.

Innovative features and tools: We regularly test new features on our website to make sure you get enough bookings from the right guests – without increasing your workload. We listen to your feedback and continually develop our products to improve your experience of using them, including the Extranet and Pulse app.

Data at your fingertips:  Our products, tools, and services give you in-depth insights into your property’s performance. You can compare with your competitive set, measure up against industry benchmarks, and plan strategies to take your business to the next level.

Support when you need it:  Our customer service team is here to help you and your guests 24/7. We offer both phone assistance and a dedicated messaging system in 43 languages, as well as this platform (Partner Help), which is full of FAQs, manuals, and step-by-step guides.

We Turn Our Global Audience Into Your Guests

We don’t mean to brag, but we’re proud to be the world’s number one accommodation site for bookings. More than 1.5 million rooms are booked on every single day. With such a large customer base, we can help you reach a wide audience of potential guests from around the world – meaning you have access to entirely new markets, all in one place.

Expert online marketing promotes your property on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to ensure you’re seen by huge numbers of potential guests in 40 languages. We also promote your property to travelers planning trips through our 15,500+ affiliate partners. And, of course, we market your property directly to customers, personalizing their user experience to help them find the right accommodations – and to help you get the right guests.

Continuous innovation that brings in more business By running over 1,000 experiments on our website site every day, we offer travelers worldwide a seamless, localized experience. This also benefits your business because we present your property in a way that attracts the most guests and lets you set expectations by providing details about your property, location, amenities, and nearby attractions. You also get a steady income thanks to a simple and easy process where bookings are instantly confirmed.

Verified guest reviews We have a dedicated team that verifies guest reviews to make sure they’re legitimate. These trustworthy reviews add to your credibility and influence other potential guests to choose your property. Reviews also provide insights that can help you improve your guests’ experience.

How does payment work between us? works with a commission-based model, which means you pay us a set percentage of each reservation made through our website. Info on the exact commission you pay is shown at the “Agreement” stage of the registration process.

What does it offer?

Here are the common features that make it comfortable for the visitors to find the stay at their destination.

Search filters: 

  • While you scroll the page, the search filters let you find more details anytime. You can find a destination, best deals, and many more for your travel using all the different search filters
  • It specifies each and everything in detail that you require like facilities you expect, number of stars, your budget, type of lodging. It makes it very easy to find your place by these abundant filters.
  • It provides you with an incredible choice, whether you stay in a luxury beach resort, apartment provides you with a breadth of choice and amazing diversity – all at once i.e. one shot.

Search through maps:

  • It allows visitors to search directly through maps and shows all listings of availability of the loading area. So they can scroll to the destination and also zoom to find available places on the map only.

Front end submission:

  • The best feature is the usability of this website, it is the ease at the businesses that can join and get their place listed. An owner can join the website and start allowing bookings for his hostel through the best booking platform. With this feature, the visitors can get more and more options and the owner can get more opportunities in getting their hotel booked.

Low rates:

  • It provides you with the best available rates at low. So that you can rest that you are getting a great deal.

Instant confirmation:

  • Every reservation is confirmed instantly, once you find your stay within a few clicks it’s done.

Secure booking:

  • With a secured platform, it facilitates hundreds of thousands of transactions every day and works to the highest standards to guarantee privacy.

Reservation fees:

  • It doesn’t charge you or add your administrative charges or any booking fees. And in many cases, your booking can be canceled free of charge.

24/7 support:

  • Whether you are already enjoying the trip or just booked, the customer experience team is on hands to receive your call and answer the queries in more than 40 languages. Connectivity APIs - Sync Calendars, Reservations And Rates With Your Website And External Channels




The Connectivity APIs enable Connectivity Partners to send and retrieve data for properties listed on They can manage room availability, reservations, prices, and many other things — all using their own systems. This enables them to build a one-stop-shop for their connected properties, allowing property owners to easily manage their information on multiple websites.

Available APIs

The Connectivity APIs offer a number of specialized functions, divided into these categories:

Content: Create properties, rooms, rates, and policies, and link this information together for the website.

Rates & Availability: Load inventory counts, rates, and price availability restrictions (for specific room-rate combinations), per date, and/or date range combination.

Reservations: Retrieve reservations, modifications, and cancellations made on

Promotions: Create special promotions for certain date ranges and booker types.

Reporting: Report credit card problems, changes to reservations after check-in, and no-shows.

In addition to the specialized APIs, we also have a set of supporting APIs for retrieving general system information, such as accepted currency codes and room name

The Content API allows developers to build and maintain multiple listings on This API includes functions for uploading property photos and information about facilities and policies programmatically, which allows developers to push information for thousands of properties to Travelopro's system in a matter of hours. Extranet - Prepare Your Vacation Rental For Direct Booking


Hotel Bookings


The extranet is an administrative dashboard for your property. Once you log in, you’ll be able to access and update all the information displayed on your property page, including payment options and policies, rooms and rates, photos and descriptions, reviews, and more.  

You’ll also see a record of past and upcoming reservations, options for setting up deals, and improving your sales, as well as useful analytics that show how your property is performing on our site.

You can even use the extranet to set up message templates and schedule messages to be sent automatically to guests – making it easier and quicker to share important information.

And of course, you can contact us via the extranet 'Inbox’ tab if you have any questions – that’s also where we’ll share any important updates from our side.

How To Log In To The Extranet

You’ll be able to access the extranet using the login name and password combination you created during registration. To log in, simply:

  • Go to
  • Enter your email (login name) and password.
  • Set your preferred language and log in. Pulse App - Manage Your Property And Respond To Your Guests On The Go


Hotel Bookings


When managing a property, time is of the essence. Whether it's updating availability or responding to a guest, you often need to be working on the go. That’s why we developed Pulse, our partner app that allows you to always be on top of things.

You can use Pulse to respond to guests instantly, update your availability and reservation details, receive important updates, and more – and you can do it all from the palm of your hand.

Pulse is available in 43 languages, for iOS and Android, and is completely free of charge.

How Can You Benefit From The Pulse App?

Take Full Control Of Your Business:

  • Get real-time updates on new bookings, reviews, guest requests, and availability.

Fewer Cancellations And Higher Review Scores:

  • Our data shows that guests who receive faster responses to their requests tend to cancel less and leave better reviews.

Fill Your Rooms Quicker:

  • As you can easily update your room availability, you won’t miss out on any last-minute bookings

How Pulse Works

Never Miss An Important Update:

  • Stay on top of reservations, get real-time notifications, access guest details, and mark no shows.

Message Guests Anytime, Anywhere:

  • Pulse provides location and image sharing, message templates, and automatic replies – making it easier than ever to communicate with guests.

Manage Your Availability:

  • View and update your rates and availability to take advantage of guest demand and stay on top of last-minute changes

Easily Manage Multiple Properties: 

  • Your team can use your Pulse account and manage multiple properties with just one account. BookingSuite - Tools To Market And Manage Your Property


Hotel Bookings


BookingSuite is a division of, where partners can discover and evaluate a wide selection of trusted third-party hospitality apps, alongside solutions that are created by BookingSuite.

WebDirect: BookingSuite's WebDirect allows property owners to build an affordable, mobile-friendly property website within minutes. This easy-to-use website gives them.

RateIntelligence: RateIntelligence is a free rate-shopping tool by BookingSuit. This complimentary service helps property owners set competitive rates by using market data. 

Conclusion is a great affiliate tool, but to get some decent commission from it - you will need to work hard to send visitors to it. Increase your website traffic, provide more hotel-oriented content and eventually your commission will start to increase.  


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