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Empower Agents And Grow Your Business With Expedia Partner Solutions: Expedia Taap, Templates, And EPS Rapid API

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Expedia Partner Solutions for Travel Agencies

At Expedia partner solution, the B2B partnership brand of Expedia Group, Expedia mission is to create new opportunities and work relentlessly to fuel partners’ growth through unparalleled technology, travel supply and support services.

Competition in the OTA domain has never been accessible. Moreover, when the brand like Expedia which was once excellent in US market only develop itself with more travel contents and implemented a global approach by providing its contents for airline reservation system and hotel reservation system for each travel booking system website.

Key Facts

  • B2B partnership brand of Expedia Group
  • Enables partners to leverage Expedia Group inventory
  • Available via template or API

Features of Expedia

  • View the detailed description of the rooms
  • View price breakdown on a regular basis
  • View information related to penalty charges
  • Complete the process of booking the hotel
  • Send order request to the suppliers
  • Print the confirmation vouchers
  • Cancel hotel bookings
  • Accessible to integrate XML format with any website or online reservation system

Build Your Business with Expedia Group

Expedia Group powers travel to a valuable global audience of travel consumers, collaborating with the world’s leading consumer brands to provide incremental demand and direct bookings.  Travel agents have direct approach to one of the broadest selections of travel products and services on the world’s travel platform.

Entitle agents and grow your business with Expedia 

  • Find the cultivate match for your travelers by tapping into the same travel supply as on the Expedia B2C site
  • Receive intensive rates and last-minute availability that will keep your travelers coming back to you again, and again
  • Contribute a world-class booking experience for agents, from end-to-end

Expedia Partner Solutions




Energize travel booking solutions for thousands of partners, including top hotel, air and rental car companies; and leading consumer brands. A hotel reservation system development company which possess expertise in integrating the travel agency software with the Expedia API. 

The integration process would advantage to the development of a customized software as per the concern of the travel agency and help them in conducting a seamless operation. Expedia hotel API integration would carry travel agency the benefit of providing better customer experience for better business growth.

Expedia Group Solutions

Building meaningful media partnerships designed to reach Expedia Group’s highly committed global audience of travel consumers. When travel agent integrate travel inventory in their travel portal or travel website, customer can view hotel information like availability, pricing to make booking efficiently /cancellation in single platform.

At the present times hotel industry is treated to be the most profitable segment among the different categories associated with the travel industry. The number of travel companies operating their business about the Expedia business platform with open API has been increasing over the years.

Every travel business owner has been taking advantage of this opportunity to enlarge their business and provide their users with the best experience with the boost of travel technology development companies which offers such travel API integration. This Expedia hotel API integration empowers the capability to scale the business operation for the hotel companies.

Why Travel Agent want to integrate Expedia API?


Every Travel Agent want to integrate Expedia API for their travel portal to expand their travel business. Using this Expedia API XML Integration, Travel Agent get best portfolio of hotel (rates & availability) for their user from global supplier.

Expedia API simplify the process of managing property rates, opportunity, and bookings for travel agent and hoteliers. Also this Expedia XML API Integration boosts to promote properties in global platform to build capable position in global travel market & increase profits.

Using Expedia API, Travel agent can advance best customer experience in single platform. Our Professional team provide assistance in integration of Expedia API in website of travel agent with travel technology development corporations that allow fortunate Expedia API XML integration. Also we have strong and protected mapping with static data which will increase the volume of XML API integration.

Three main partnership solutions Expedia Group offers:

  • Expedia Travel Agent Affiliate Program aka agent tools
  • Template solutions
  • Rapid API

Expedia TAAP:




Empower Agents And Grow Your Business

With Expedia Travel Agent Affiliate Programme (Expedia TAAP) you gain access to a wide breadth of quality travel products, impressive rates, last-minute availability, and a world-class booking experience for agents. It’s a completely ready-to-use tool with no integration required – just register and you can be up and running and earning in a matter of days.

Expedia TAAP Debuts Advisor Incentive Program

The Expedia Travel Agent Affiliate Program (TAAP) is a division of Expedia committed to Travel Agents. TAAP is designed to give travel agents all the tools they required to provide the traveler with competitive and exhaustive products and pricing. The TAAP program works with Travel Agents, offering commissions, incentives, promotions, and technology all geared towards facilitating the exercise of travel agents. 

Expedia would like to offer you the opportunity to become a member of the industry's leading travel network. Earn consequential commissions with the Expedia Travel Agent Affiliate Programme (TAAP).

The Expedia Travel Agent Affiliate Program (TAAP) offers agents a deep breadth of quality travel products, aggressive rates and exciting availability. The ready-built platform is continually optimized to drive ease of use and deliver a world-class booking experience.

Expedia TAAP’s industry-leading technology, personalized service and approach to exclusive inventory and planning tools entitle agents and agency managers to grow their business.

Template solutions:


The Best Travel Agency Website Template

Travel agencies have special promotion needs because they rely so much on imagery to be able to draw tourists and travelers alike. These tours and travels website templates offer images that are contribute by no less than the best graphic artists, saving you the time and concern of looking for them on your own. 

All templates are readily built for your accessibility and are assured to be fully functional so viewers can explore the website completely.

What are the core modules of a travel agency website template?

  • Tour search and showcase
  • Catalogs (countries, hotels, resorts)
  • Communication (contact form, online customer service, forum)
  • Payment runway



Travelopro is a leading Travel Technology Company that affords XML API to Expedia EPS Rapid. Travelopro has XML API Integration with Expedia EPS Rapid. This Expedia EPS Rapid API Integration offers travel businesses with access to wide range of properties and competitive rate.

EPS Rapid is intuitive API that offers travel companies with approach to competitive rates and endless portfolio of Expedia Group properties. Expedia EPS Rapid is quick to integrate with, grant to customize hotel bookings and delivers fast bookings for hotel business.

XML API Integration with Expedia EPS Rapid who has advanced features such as Hold & Resume, Property Collect Deposits, Cross-Sell endorsement, Notifications, and EPS Conversations.

Expedia EPS Rapid XML API Integration with devoted assistance and standard updates relevant to authoritatively accomplished XML API. Expedia EPS Rapid XML API solutions for Hoteliers, travel management companies, hospitality professionals and online travel sites.

In addition to Expedia Group hotel supply of more than 500,000 diverse accommodations, certified technology partners will receive committed weekly tech support, and EPS’ partner services team will review the tech partner’s integration every year to make sure they continue to be optimized.

EPS Rapid is designed to make building your booking path intuitive and accessible




EPS Rapid API will provide you with all the data points you and your travelers will need to complete a property booking. You will have approach to region mappings, properties, rates and much more depending on the user experience you want to build. This page explains how our booking path works.

Expedia provides a range of technologies to suit different needs, powered by the talents of hundreds of engineers. Find out more about our products below or get in touch if you need help deceive which is best for your business.

Why Expedia?


Expedia Group is a global online travel platform that empowers business and leisure travelers to plan, book, and compliment their travel experiences. The company makes available an assortment of services provided by lodging properties, airlines, car rental companies, and cruise lines. 

Expedia competes with companies offering services to both convenience and corporate travelers. These challengers include travel agencies, tour operators, consolidators and wholesalers of travel products and services, travel metasearch websites, mobile travel applications, and social media websites. 


  • Expedia attempt online tools to boost travelers plan and book travel.
  • The Core Online Travel Agencies business achieve most of the company's revenue.

How Expedia Help?


This Expedia API gets the largest portfolio of unique inventories of flights, hotels, packages, cars, things to do and more.
To be part of the program, partners requires to be up to speed with Rapid, Expedia's latest API technology, to ensure they have most of the company’s content integrated at any given time and be adept to meet EPS launch requirements.

Expedia API in travel agent's travel portal which is best XML API Integration solution for travel agent because it's beneficial for their business using Expedia API Connection.



Expedia offers weekend gateways, vacation ideas and last-minute deals for travelers to plan holiday in their preferred destination and book everything they need; from best flight deals, to budget accommodations, things to do and sightseeing activity to convenient transfer services all with best pricing.

Expedia Rapid API to access the hotel inventory on your hotel booking platform and showcase 3 million worldwide inventories for hotels, villas, apartments, homestays through Expedia Rapid API. 

Expedia adapted to their latest API - EPS Rapid API to offer its clients access to over 700,000 hotels worldwide and content.
Expedia API which is comfortably integrated client's travel portal to maximize their business revenue.



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