MICE Solutions

Explore the most personalized, connected MICE solution that caters to your day-to-day operations.

MICE Solutions - A complete Group Booking Software for your tour agency

Manage groups like meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions, and MICE of any size with Travelopro. Fully customized and open for combinations of group services.

Travelopro is a leading MICE software development company across the world. We offer application building solutions for MICE solution Meetings and Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions. We deliver innovative solutions from creative development.

What are MICE Solutions?

MICE Solutions (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) allows the participants to engage completely in the event without the worry of managing the business travel. The software takes complete control of everything with all the necessary information about the trip.


Meetings are typically held in hotel conference rooms or at convention centers. They are single-day events that bring together a group of professionals to address a key challenge or set goals for the organization.


Incentives are travel rewards a company may provide in return for an excellent professional performance from individual employees, groups, or partners. A few days in a resort, hotel or popular hospitality venue at your company’s expense does wonders for employee loyalty.


Conferences take meetings to the next level and are designed for a large corporate group to share knowledge across several days. They often include not only key members of the organization but also guest speakers and the general public.


Exhibitions are essentially trading shows where an organization promotes its key products and services to the public. They are hyper-focused events that drum up business and help employees’ network and build lasting professional relationships.

Tour Operator Software is the most preferred tool here that travel professionals use to manage their entire tour cycle.

Tour software is specifically designed for Tour Operators, Incoming Agencies, DMCs, and MICE to better control their business. It is a comprehensive solution with the right set of features such as Complete Automation & Tracking, Live Analytics, Reports, and Upselling & Cross-selling.

Managing meetings and events is a tough task for corporates, but MICE software makes it an easy go with no hassle of keeping the bulk of data. Rather, one can innovate the meeting space to bring more value and accuracy to their business.

Travelopro ambition ensures success! Over the past few years, we have been implementing target-oriented and suitable solutions for our customers, which are adapted to their individual needs. We see ourselves as partners for their sustainable success and supervise the introduction, implementation, and further development of the software in the company.

When optimizing business processes, intelligent software solutions are particularly important. With Our MICE portal software, up to 70%-time savings can be achieved in comparison to non-systemically operated processes while maintaining a consistently high standard of service and quality and simultaneously reducing costs.

We develop a customized solution with the individual requirements of event acquisition in companies. Our software adapts to company processes and provides connections to customer-specific online booking tools and customer-internal systems (e.g., ERP).

Increase Market Share By Increasing Personalization

With the past few years in the industry, Travelopro has next-generation solutions and services that include digital traveler experiences, e-commerce, knowledge management, analytics, and GDS. We help MICE companies reduce costs, and deliver better customer satisfaction with personalization and digital transformation.

  • A better guest experience and maximum agent productivity
  • Lower operational costs with faster back-end processing
  • Improved profit margins with next-generation travel solutions
  • A larger market share
  • Increased recognition from the travel industry and brokers

As a pioneer in MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events), Travelopro Travel Booking Services leads the way in delivering high-quality services tailored to meet the objectives and budget requirements of our corporate clients.

We leverage our strong market presence, destination knowledge, and long-term alliances with airlines, hotels, travel partners, and key vendors internationally to create events of exceptional value for our clients.

Our Solution: MICE App

At Travelopro, we thought to bring a time-saving approach for the travelers with an intuitive MICE app. Those who have registered with us can use this app to simplify their travel booking. It reduces the manual efforts up to 90% with minimal chances of human errors.

Special Traits
  • Prior notifications for boarding time and sightseeing details,
  • SOS Emergency to update real-time location to the respective tour guide and group members,
  • Complete control of incentives and meetings,
  • Planning and implementation of Indoor, Outdoor, and Evening events,
  • Spans over Corporate tour booking, Gala-driven events, Product launches, and Sightseeing,
  • Online polling to ask event-related questions and get real-time feedback.
Our MICE Solutions Expertise

With our many years of expertise in MICE processes, we recognize individual customer needs and offer the right solutions. Based on our best-of-breed philosophy, we aim to find and integrate the right solution for every application. We see ourselves as a partner for sustainable success and support the introduction, implementation, and further development of the software in the company.

In addition, Our MICE Solutions system offers companies extensive online training, product presentations, and training courses to guarantee employees' long-term security in using our software solution.

MICE Services We Provide

Air ticketing, Hotel reservations with special corporate rates all over the world, all business travel arrangements, Group and FIT traveling to exhibitions and events, Implant services, Advisory Assistance for any MICE demand, Global Event & Congress Organization Management, Team Building and Corporate Training Programs, dedicated 24/7 support.

Ground Operations

Explore the most personalized, connected MICE solution that caters to your day-to-day operations. Simplify and streamline complex activities and day-to-day operations with:

  • Fulfillment services (Portal, F&B)
  • Air and hotel booking
  • Transfers and events
  • Compliance requirements
  • Infrastructure handling
Digital Meetings

Imagine a scenario where you’re able to organize a completely paperless meeting, customers can view papers in advance, make notes, and search for keywords within any meeting document on their tablet, iPhone or Android.

Your customers don’t need to cross-verify the latest version of documents. Travelopro does this for you. We offer:

  • Meeting planner dashboards
  • Rooms and inventory handling
  • Product implementation and support
  • Integration services
  • Business rule configuration and management
Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions

Deliver an end-to-end solution that includes every aspect of event management, travel, and accommodations.

Decrease costs and increase efficiency with:

  • Dashboards and analytics solutions
  • Integration services
  • Product development and costing

Deliver a one-stop-shop solution on a mobile platform. Customers can get event push notifications, and access meeting notes, documents, travel guides, interactive event booklets, emergency contact numbers, member contact details, a location map, and more.

  • Event-related applications
  • Fulfillment handling through mobile
  • Reporting and analytics

Get pre- and post-booking features, such as floor plan allocation, roster planning, budgeted and targeted sales figures, social media marketing and management, event staffing, and more.

  • Meeting planner services
  • Quotes and pricing
  • Group booking and service vouchers
  • Exception-handling algorithms
eCommerce and Distribution

You no longer need to shuffle between multiple systems—from your booking engine to your client payment system, for instance.

We automate all your mid-office and back-office business processes, and standardize them by implementing these solutions:

  • Channel management – portal, kiosk, and mobile
  • Traveler insights and analytics
  • UI/UX design and implementation
  • Booking engine for the meeting, conference, and distribution
  • GDS integration
  • Specialized solutions such as Sabre Red Apps
Why choose Travelopro for MICE travel solutions?

We are a pioneer in Corporate MICE travel solutions. We deliver MICE tourism solutions tailored to the specific needs of our corporate clients. We have a strong destination knowledge, market presence, and alliances with different hotels, airlines, vendors, and travel partners across the world.

This helps us in creating events of outstanding value for our varied list of clients. Our extensive local network and an experienced international team of travel experts help us in making our client's dreams come true.

We have a strong network that spans both the private and public sectors in different countries. We are MICE travel agents that have the capabilities of creating individual programs in different locations keeping in mind.

We are the best Corporate MICE event’s organizer. Our expertise in organizing these events and our continent-wide network allows us to plan and execute an event that meets your expectations and objectives.

We offer the complete MICE travel package. We customize each event based on your needs. You are kept informed about all the aspects so that you know what to expect when you finally reach the venue. Contact us today to learn more.