How Skyscanner Gets Its Suppliers

How Skyscanner gets its suppliers?




James John
asked Oct 20, 2020

Skyscanner is a large metasearch engine that offering a collection of fully free data APIs. Skyscanner provides online travel search services including flight, hotel, and car hire price comparison and other travel-related services to travellers throughout the world via our websites, apps, and other platforms.

In fact, Skyscanner is the only global metasearch to have been recognized by IATA with Tier 3 implementation of the New Distribution Capability (NDC) in addition to supporting platforms such as Amadeus.

Altogether that means Skyscanner offers carriers the ability to sell their fares to an audience of over 50 million unique monthly visitors, connecting to audiences and meeting travellers on an unrivalled range of channels and devices.

Skyscanner may provide you with flight forecasting information if you choose to sign up for price alerts. Skyscanner facilitates your bookings with Travel Providers.

Skyscanner is the world's travel search engine, saving you time and finding the best travel options wherever you want to go. Skyscanner provides travel solutions for the global travel industry.

Skyscanner has set up a dedicated portal to allow partners to fully understand how well they are performing in the market to help them improve and optimize their performance.

Skyscanner gets the prices from provider's travel agencies and airlines. Skyscanner services allowed customers to search for and compare flight prices globally.

Skyscanner gives airlines and OTAs an unrivalled opportunity to gain a deep view of their customer support performance, and they can improve their service provision, ultimately helping them enhance their offering to all their customers.

Skyscanner is best known as a flight aggregator and comparison site, as well as a space dominant player. Skyscanner is committed to enhancing the travel brands. Our introduction of flights helps you to highlight all ancillary products, increase awareness of your global brand, and achieve your full market potential. Usually, Skyscanner uses the API to connect with real-time flight quotes, directions, and date results.