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Tours and Attractions Mobile Applications: Best Practices And Examples of T&A Apps

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Today, Mobile applications now play an important role in every industry, and travel is no exception. Travelopro offers extensive travel mobile app solutions that will cover the entire range of your travel agency’s services to effortlessly reach out to end-users. 

The Internet provides tourists with huge possibilities for searching for interesting information and planning their activities. Travel application development has become a one-stop solution for its users as you don’t have to have different portals for car rentals, ticket booking, insurance, travel-related, etc. You get everything related to traveling at a single place. 

In fact, the tourism industry is using applications to achieve the next level of user engagement and business growth. Enhance your tourism business by having a mobile app for travel agencies. Travelopro offers travel app development services at affordable prices. The travel and tourism industry have increased significantly over the years. 

Engage your visitors with the leading mobile app platform for the tourism, heritage, and cultural sectors. At Travelopro we have dedicated developers who have built many successful applications.

How Mobile Apps Are Transforming Travel Industry




Mobile applications are much easier for customers to use on their mobile phone rather than accessing a website on their mobile phone. Travel companies are capitalising on this surge by recruiting mobile app development firms to create applications to extend their businesses. 

Mobile app development services have boosted a large number of travellers to opt for the services. Mobile apps really a perfect solution for users to get real-time information which they need anytime, anywhere in a most efficient manner, so the travel and tourism industry is also not an exception, rather it offers a wide range of benefits to the travel and tourism industry. 

One of the main reasons why travellers are getting into the mobile apps is it allows the user to make all their bookings under one roof. This means mobile apps help users to get all the arrangements like travel planning, hotel reservation, ticket booking, sightseeing, route mapping etc flawlessly at one place. 

Travelopro offers robust and scalable travel mobile application development services for iOS and android platform. With the Travel & Tourism applications, users can book their favourite destinations with just one click.

Tourist activity apps that provide intuitive, smooth, and appealing UX convince travellers to book and do it repeatedly. Travel & tourism industry apps offer personalized services that provide travel packages for different purposes. We deliver advanced solutions, end to end mobile development environments, quality assurance, dedicated teams, total transparency, and timely delivery to client satisfaction.





Today online marketing strategy and internet marketing have been one of the most dominant methods to improve the business efficiency and exposure. Travel Mobile Application industry has a high potential for development and optimisation of revenue.

Geolocation Tracking Services: 

It will help the travellers to track their location and find viable places nearby. They can wander about the new place without depending on any local guide or tour services. One of the best features of a travel map is that it also works offline. Developers need to make sure that the app can full-fill its core purpose even if the user isn’t connected with a nearby Wi-Fi to help in times of need. With the help of a location-based mobile app, you can target your customers in a more effective manner.

Weather forecasts and in-app language translators: Develop a travel app that integrates real-time weather forecasts. The app will alert users to the harsh conditions when designing their travel itinerary. They should even update the weather before they depart for sightseeing and schedule accordingly.

In-App Language Translator:

Language is always a problem while traveling overseas. Whether it’s communicating with the locals or buying something from a department store, an in-app translator can make your travel app users' lives so much simpler. Travel application development companies should definitely take this feature seriously if they want to stand out and offer a unique pitch for their app.

Itinerary Generator: 

The biggest challenge for tourists is to handle all the itinerary activities. Planning where to go first, and how to go forward with your journey, requires close consideration. Travel applications will help reduce consumers of this stress. This feature helps users to create a complete travel plan by just adding the location they want to visit. 

With this feature, admin can add existing tourist attractions or even add custom landmarks to generate a tour plan for users accordingly. Adding such a complex algorithm feature may sound difficult. Therefore, you need to get the help of professional travel app developers

Booking Services: 

One of the most important things about tourist mobile app booking features is that it must be effortless to use.  After deciding the destination, the user will look for their travel tickets and accommodation for the location. Here, they are looking for something affordable, secure, and reliable. 

Hence, you can integrate a booking system in your tourism app that allows users to compare prices, set reminders, and get reminders about any hotel deals and discounts. All the ranking travel apps provide booking services. And it is nice to have an inbuilt hotel and flight booking functionality with a loyalty program in it.

World Clock Time Converter:

This is a critical function that helps people to know the precise time of two separate time zones across the globe. Crossing time zones can create a lot of uncertainty for visitors when it comes to measuring the exact changes in time. It's an easy function for a travel app to have one. Users may find this feature very useful as it calculates the correct clock times for different time zones across the world.

Simple And Streamlined Transactions:

One of the biggest advantages offered by mobile applications to the tourism industry is that it has curtailed the process of paperwork. With the mobile applications, users can save the soft copies of airline or train tickets, hotel reservations, and other important documents within their smartphones unless carrying it all around the destination. 

The app is available on Android and iOS platforms and facilitates both online and offline access and works as a travel planner that allows customers to plan their schedule and scout places. Customers only have to sign in with their Google accounts to access its multiple features.

Activity Page


Travel industry can see scope in travel app development in a number of areas. Such as travel agencies, tourist transportation, destination apps, event businesses, local or sightseeing operations. 

The travel app development market is growing at a rapid pace. Traveling is always an innovative and learning experience. With modernized devices and tools in travel and tourism comes exceedingly useful for hotel tours, booking enabling information, no language barriers, as well as superior navigation.

Mobile applications are constantly changing many industries, and the travel industries are one which is impacted the most. Mobile apps are allowing for a much smoother travel experience between both the customer and the employee.

Theme Design: The best idea is to choose from the existing mobile app themes online from websites like Theme forest. The travel agency app design should be compatible and right fit with the kind of app you want.

Building The Homepage: The Home screen is the first thing users will see in your mobile app. It should tell everything your app is about and the features it offers

Build A Menu: The menu will contain all the options you want to show to your app users. Some options include Home, my account, offers, book a ride/hotel/ticket, Things to do, Maps, etc.

Adding The Content: Content is by far the most important thing on your travel app. You can create different categories of content, a blog, image gallery, pages, privacy terms, contact details, and more.

App Launch Screen And Compatibility: Whether you are making an Android app or an iOS one, you should consider the compatibility thing to make sure that your travel app fits all mobile screen sizes. Also, focus on building a relevant launch screen for the app.

Travel guides apps: With a mobile travel app guide, travellers receive access to local attractions, insider tips, events, and sights. After visiting a particular place, travellers can share their experiences with other app users by writing reviews and recommendations. You can give users even more value by integrating currency converters, offline maps, and text-to-speech features.

Mobile Apps have made all the process very simple and, users can access these apps at any time, from anywhere. With the introduction of mobile apps, the process and the formalities regarding traveling has been reduced. Mobile Applications offer you a one-stop approach to manage, book, or pay all your transactions in one platform, without worrying about paperwork or managing tickets. 

Ticket reservation




Travelopro is a professional travel application development company, we have the ability to offer technological solutions for the travel & tourism industry.

Our travel application development team understands the terms of the industry and helps you address the growing demand from users, partners, and suppliers.

We build all kinds of travel apps like navigation, ticket booking, ERP, CRM, virtual tour, etc. Travelopro can easily manage your ticketing and in-attraction bookings centrally to reduce queues, increase visitation, increase profit margins, and increased visibility of your business. Using Travelopro to book your tours and attractions is quick and simple.

Travelopro expertise in the travel industry entered into the travel mobile app development with a beautiful, cost-effective, top-notch, tailored, multi-lingual, multi-currency supported high ended mobile apps. Mobile apps became anywhere, anytime sources to run the purpose in the field of travel services. People are usually eager to get more and more discounts when they are traveling or planning a trip somewhere.





By integrating navigation and geolocation directly into your travel app, you’re keeping users engaged with your application rather than having to jump around to other navigation services.

We ensure that your navigation services allow for map downloads for offline use. According to statistics, 85% of all mobile users implement one or more navigation tools for assistance while traveling.

Navigation apps are extremely vital when a user is traveling to an unknown place. Travel applications developers are now trying to make the navigation apps work offline too. 

Developers need to make sure that the app can full-fill its core purpose even if the user isn’t connected with a nearby Wi-Fi to help in times of need.

Navigation and maps are very important features if you want to develop a travel app.

Navigation applications help users access their current location and places nearby, find the best routes, plan visits, and much more. It is essential as it helps customers to identify their current location and discover various nearby locations.

Navigation and Maps are essential every travel mobile app should have, irrespective of the basic purpose of that particular application. Travel applications allow users to do anything from booking hotels to arranging meetups to locating nearby landmarks or restaurants, etc. They use maps, GPS, and user data to help deliver the information and services the user requires 

Indoor Navigation: A navigation feature can also enhance many indoor experiences. Indoor navigation apps can locate items or places inside a facility, build routes for destinations, and send notifications to users. Indoor navigation has already been implemented by some airport apps. With navigation apps, drivers can find an easier way to their destination, check the situation on the road and report accidents. Engage your on-site guests and help them enhance their experience with an industry-leading mobile app.



Notifications are alerts or messages sent to the dashboard of an iOS or Android device.  When users download an app, they need to press ‘allow’ to receive the push notifications.  Push notifications can contain a message or URLs about special events and promotions.  Sending a message to the front of user’s phones keep their attention in real time.

Notifications are typically used to deliver product updates, reminders, personalized offers, and any information that’s integral to the functionality of the app and requires special attention, or needs to be actioned quickly. The only app that provides live government notifications and access to local national embassies plus great travel tools and information. 

Mobile apps can deliver real-time messaging and information through push notifications, in fact, mobile apps are increasingly being viewed as engagement platforms, given their ability to interact with consumers throughout the trip.

Flexible search filters

Search filters should help narrow the results according to user search priority Search options should be easy-to-access and visible. It indicates price on the map so you can choose the location and see the accommodation fees. The ‘advanced filters’ feature offers users a seamless experience to them while using the travel booking app.

Showcase the Best of Your Destination

Curate content about your destination through experience guides, eat/stay/play directories and social feeds to show visitors the best your location has to offer instead of relying on third parties and undependable information.

Quickly Communicate

Send engaging, actionable push messages with the click of a button to deliver event reminders, promote flash sales, or share local news. Keep your destination and reasons to return more top of mind with travellers.

Deep Linking 

Create smooth customer experiences using deep links that directly open a specific page within your app

Engage users with timely Alerts

Keep your users engaged even after they have booked their flight or hotels at your site. Share the best places to visit during their tour.

Crisp Notifications: The aim of sending the push notification to travellers is to ensure, they click. To do so, keep your push notification crisp, simple and clear. Keep the title and message clear. In travel push notifications, images create a great impact. Include beautiful images to capture the user’s attention. If long holidays are coming, send them a list of nearby destinations with images and emojis. The study shows that notification with emojis offers a higher open rate as compared to the notification without emojis.

Final Thoughts


Travelers are becoming more independent and less reliant on travel agents. Travel technology now helps millions of people book flights and hotel rooms and rent cars. People all over the world are comfortable planning entire trips using mobile devices. A user-friendly app interface that provides a quick connection to flight, hotel, tour, and car booking options is precisely what a modern-day traveller requires.

Improve the profitability of your travel company by engaging more effectively with your clients through a dedicated travel application Many web and mobile applications are capable of skimming the web for the best booking deals on flights, hotels, and rental cars. Travel & tourism industry has indeed lame without mobile apps. It plays a key role in increasing the traveller's experience.

We at Travelopro, a leading travel app development company possess a decided team of developers who have years of experience in building the best tourism apps. Mobile apps improve the travel experience of users. 

As travel mobile apps become more affordable and easier to build, more and more businesses in the travel industry are starting to capitalize on their convenience and cost-effectiveness. We specialize in catering high-tech mobility solutions for diverse industry verticals.


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