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Travel Agency Software: Choosing Tools For Booking, Accounting, Marketing, and Tour Building

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Every Tour Operator or Travel Agent needs the best Travel Agency Software with the best features and also it will be easily integrated with their system and maximize their booking.

Travelopro is the best travel portal development company globally. Travelopro as the best travel product fills the thrust of travel clients with the best-designed architecture. 

We are specialized in the field of technology serving huge customers with our travel agency software. 

Travel agency software is a Customized travel portal designed for the travel agencies to connect with multiple inventory vendors as all the topmost GDS integrations, millions of hotels and tour packages including cruise, car rentals API integrations which in turn serves almost all travel-related services.

Travelopro renowned travel agency software is encrypted with the latest technology which is evergreen and stagnant to the changing trends and we have a hardcore testing implementation for the product like functional testing at all levels of the software development life cycle using Agile and more traditional software. 

Travelopro serves all groups of clients as they can choose the API of choice for the integrations majorly with the top GDS integrations, etc. 

Travelopro with its advancements and enrichments paved the way into the global market with multiple currencies, multiple payment gateway integrations, multiple languages. etc. 

We assure you with a high ended security layer for all your transactions with extra care. Our travel agency software is amalgamated with the best providers of global inventory in Flight, Buses, Cruise, Car rentals with ease and experience. 

Travelopro has a bundle of packages to suit the travel booking agencies based on their interests and budget.

It is hard to find the Best Travel Agency Software which automates their marketing, sales, operations, and finances. Also, you think about what are the travel agency software for your travel portal in the travel industry and many more questions around you.

Booking And Reservation Software




You can’t overestimate the importance of online booking on your travel portal. Once set up, it’s bound to expand your revenue streams, opening your travel services to new customers.

Offers you more than just a booking platform and delivers a comprehensive line-up of automated search-and-book features, from travel product listings to invoice management and analytics.

  • Diversify your sales channels
  • Configure pricing dynamically
  • Grow your online audiences with 24/7 availability
  • Enhance cooperation with partners
  • Calculate markups and agent commissions automatically
  • Set up a centralized management of data on bookings and customers

Trawex: The Easiest Way To Start Your Online Travel Business

Trawex provides you the facility of making all kinds of booking at a single place. It allows you to make the booking from any corner of the world. This travel agency software provides web-based solutions for internet sales and along with this, it also provides client-based solutions. Your staff and call centers can use these solutions. Moreover, it provides you with the most advanced travel agency software solutions. Trawex software will boost your sales. It will enrich the customer database and the sub-agent network. This ticket management software doesn’t demand a big staff in an organization.

FlightsLogic: Faster Tailor-Made Itinerary Creation Starts

FlightsLogic provides travel agency software designed for the online travel and booking industry. The solution is appropriate for owners of hotels, vacation rentals, travel agencies, tour operations, rental cars. Travel agents can make use of travel software to create attractive itineraries that will have spectacular photos of destinations, positive reviews from customers, ratings of products and services, special deals and offers, and everything that can possibly attract a customer. When more and more customers are attracted to such itineraries, there are higher probabilities of generating more revenue for the business. Travel Agency Software comes with multiple benefits to the user. It streamlines the administration of the business and helps to generate higher revenue.

Lemax: Allows More Flight Bookings

This travel agency software enables you to book flights or products from third party suppliers. It helps you to manage customer profiles. This software also automates sales processes and marketing efforts. It eases your work by managing accounts. This helps you in gaining full insight into the travel business.

Traveltek: Much More Booking For Hotels

Traveltek enables agents to sell travel in the best way possible. It helps enable you to book tickets and hotels and other things in one transaction. This reduces the burden of jumping on many systems. Here, agents can optimize the sale and can mend the platform as per the needs of the business. No matter which country you are living in, you can have access to this software. This software is available in every language and currency. Besides, there is no need to install software and update it again and again. Furthermore, they serve travel agents, tour operators, Cruise specialists, airlines, and consortia.

Accounting Software




Accounting software will differ as per your database, services, and capabilities. It's better if you get it customized. It should suit your services and attributes because every company differs in its functioning and target customers are different so you should use and choose the software accordingly.

If you are operating in tours and travels space you would understand the pain of accounting various aspects of your business. There is many travel agency accounting software out there as if the accounting standards for travel agencies are different!

So first let’s look at what are the various aspects that need to be tracked in tours and travels business which will then lead us to features one should look for in a paid or free travel agency invoicing software.

A customer may come to a travel agent for:

  • Ticketing (air, road, train, ship, etc.)
  • Tour package booking
  • Travel insurance
  • Hotel booking
  • Sightseeing

iTours – The Smart Tours & Travels Accounting Software Offers Online Access To Complete Finances In Business

iTours is the smart travel accounting software that offers online access to complete finances in the business while you are traveling anywhere and anytime. It is the pioneering web-based accounting software for tour operators and travel agencies which provide all the functionalities that you need to manage the billing, invoicing, accounting, finance in a hassle-free manner. Be a pro in managing and expanding your business with the handy accounting management software. So, no more delays in invoicing or payments! Do it on-the-go with this easy-to-use mobile compatible accounting software that tour operators can take advantage of. Receive payments from your customers, franchisees, and agents. You can also pay your vendors, staff, and other day-to-day payments from a single login to the dashboard. Now tour operators only need to focus on their business, iTours ultimate tour accounting software will do the rest where integrity and accuracy matters!

FreshBooks: Accounting App for Travel Agencies That Offers Secure Online Payments

Manage your travel agency’s accounting on the go with the FreshBooks app. Send professional invoices from the road and check the status of payments. Track your billable hours with the app’s timer and import them into your invoices. You can even get notified of client comments and feedback and respond to them directly via the app. And since mobile updates are automatically synced with all your devices and desktops, you can work with the latest information even if you’re out of the office. Expense tracking is also a snap with the FreshBooks app. Take photos of your receipts and add important details. FreshBooks will automatically add the expense to your account. FreshBooks supports secure online credit card payments, too. Charge for a new booking and send invoices via the app to the client’s email. The client can then securely pay their bill with a couple of clicks. The FreshBooks app will notify you as soon as the invoice is paid.

TravelWorks: Create Professional Invoices In A Standardized Format, Efficiently Automate Your Operations, And Maintain Reliable Accounting.

With TravelWorks, you can generate invoices always presented in the same way in one click. You can easily define your invoice template with personalized messages for your travel agency. TravelWorks system was built to enable you to identify at any time your accounts payable and accounts receivable within your travel agency. Bank reconciliations are carried out very easily and financial statements are quickly produced. General Ledger automatically adjusts and accounting reports can be generated in a few clicks. Your travel agency is dealing with an external accountant; how wonderful it is for him to be able to consult your data without having to travel to your location! Your up-to-date accounting allows him to quickly identify files that require additional screening and to close accounting periods without wasting time in transportation. Less work for your accountant means more money in your travel agency's pockets!

CRM Software




A travel CRM needs to manage different parts of the tour. This includes ticket booking management, travel coordination, accommodation, daily plan management, etc. Instead of individually managing these tasks on a different basis, the travel CRM software lets you combine these different tasks on a single platform.

The travel CRM software can oversee the entire pipeline of different activities and upcoming bookings. Travel CRM allows you to streamline your marketing activities and generate the maximum number of bookings

Zoho: Drive Now And Discover How Travel Agency CRM 

Created specifically for the needs of travel agencies on award-winning Zoho CRM, Travel Agency CRM delivers outstanding value with an astounding array of features for a fraction of the cost of any comparable industry system. Capture leads from a variety of sources viz. website, landing pages, email, phone, chat. Handle all aspects of a trip including quotes, invoices, passengers, revenue, cost, vendors, vendor reservations, and vouchers. Preloaded with 40+ standard reports and dashboards. Can easily be further customized as per requirement. Travel agencies around the globe are using Zoho Travel Agency CRM to scale their businesses! Opt for our No-Obligation Test Drive now and discover how Travel Agency CRM can give your business an edge over your competitors!

helloGTX: Supercharge Your Sales, Marketing, And Service

helloGTX is more than a CRM and offers explosive GROWTH. Its integrated tools help you to manage customers, leads, itineraries, invoicing, suppliers, websites, landing pages, promotional mailers, campaigns, and more such things in a few clicks. Double your Campaign Leads Conversions with a unique approach of helloGTX automated workflow that allows quick engagement, lead qualification, and higher sales. Grow your business faster by nurturing and monitoring every lead till its closure, generate beautiful itineraries with strong follow-ups, and customer profiling that helps in building better customer relationships. The platform is built on the principle of simplicity. We understand that today's users have limited time for manual "updates". Hence, helloGTX lead management works via automation where possible and the system pushes alerts and notifications at its own.

DxTravela: Get Your Online Travel Brand Began Today

DxTravela, an undertaking of DxMinds Technologies is a travel portal development company for thousands of travel agents/agencies over the world. We are focused on giving inventive technologies with effective accessible Internet booking engines to assist you to make your travel company the primary preferences of travelers. Technology has entered and changed each industry; travel is no exemption. Nowadays, your clients, in general, tend to look for more alternatives. On the off chance that you are yet to do Online Marketing with your business, you are really making a triumphant ground for your rivals who may have already gone online. We collaborate with our clients to offer the best travel technology solutions, such as B2B, B2C and B2B2C, Travel API/XML Integration, GDS Integration, Tour CMS, Hotel Extranet, and some more.

Tour Building




If you’re someone who loves travel, meticulous planning and helping others have great experiences, consider becoming a travel agent and starting your own business.

Becoming a travel agent can be fairly inexpensive, as business ventures go, and you can often get away with limited staff and little upfront cost.

That being said, success largely depends on finding the right niche in a fiercely competitive market, given the rise in online direct to consumer travel booking sites. So, if you want to be successful, you’ll want to focus a lot of your effort into your market research, branding, and marketing. You’ll need to know who needs your services—your target market—and what they’ll be willing to pay. 

If this sounds right up your alley, keep reading. I’ve interviewed several founders of successful travel agencies for their advice on everything you need to get started, and I’ve also included plenty of links and resources to help you work through the process of starting your own travel business.

  • Create a plan for your travel business
  • Conduct market research and find your niche
  • Develop a brand as a travel agent
  • Deal with the legal side
  • Determine your funding strategy
  • Choose a location and hire employees
  • Market and launch your travel business

Tourwriter: Data-Driven Insights Fit For All Budgets

Tourwriter have been developing Tourwriter for over 15 years so that tour operators, travel agencies, and DMC’s like yourself can rest assured knowing you get itinerary software that’s reliable, powerful, and multifunctional. Before creating tour operator software, we were in the travel industry ourselves. We understand just how many things you juggle on a daily basis; from completing bookings, quotes, and itineraries, through to managing your accounting, back-office processes, and reporting…being a tour operator is no small feat! That’s why our founders were inspired to create an end-to-end software solution that helps with the heavy lifting by automating and managing those otherwise time-consuming tasks.

Special Features Of The Customized Travel Portal /travel Agency Software By Travelopro Are:

  • Business to Customers-Users and Guest
  • Dynamic roles for office administration
  • Online bookings Offline bookings
  • Admin Management
  • Deposit Management System
  • Commission Management System
  • Dashboard Management
  • Booking Reports
  • Cancellation ReportsA/C statement log
  • Assigning markup
  • Assigning of convenience
  • Sales and Commission reports
  • Pax Report
  • Manage Dynamic Pages
  • Promo code Management
  • Notifications and offers
  • Enquires/Feedback
  • Advertisement Boards

Words Of Advice: Final Tips From Entrepreneurs Who Have Started Successful Travel Businesses

We searched for quite some time to find an underwriter that would provide us with general liability insurance, due to the number of risks involved in adventure travel…This is a tricky product when it comes to insurance, but it’s obviously a very important piece of the pie.

From the beginning, we have built up relationships with various individuals to help recruit staff for the villas used during our vacations. This varies from local cooks to tour guides to drivers. The little touches along the way, from booking flights for guests to getting the transport back to the airport, all adds up as every little bit helps to create the perfect experience for my guests. It’s important that your business partners share your values. 



Travel industry has been one of the major progressive industries when we are speaking about technology and has continuously shown that it will keep on delivering the best technology available to those who work in the industry. Companies such as Travelopro assist the industry in solving unsolved problems by developing innovative solutions.


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