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Travel Disruption Management: Tech Opportunities in the Travel Industry

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Operating in a volatile environment, airlines are today influenced by several of external factors that impact their business – either on the ground or in the air. Maximum weather conditions, natural disasters, mechanical problems, labour issues, industrial action, air traffic congestion, security alerts and other disruptions can not only damage an airline’s brand value but also generate unexpected costs. It is mainly the number of airline delays and cancellations.

Disruption Management


Disruption Management


As a simple explanation, disruption is a part of development that enhances or replaces an outdated product or service or overturns traditional business models. Tourism is one of the major industries affected by continuous disruption taking place in the world in various areas of the travel industry on daily basis. In the past few years, the travel industry has experienced its equitable share of disruption.

How Companies Address the Disruption Challenge?


Traveler determination has expanded preferences have derive, while technologies have advanced and new companies and models have dramatically changed the way we think about and conduct the business of travel.

The tour operators and travel agents are being challenged by emerging competitors that have embraced technology-enabled innovations, including aspects that are associated with the collaborative or sharing economy A various of suppliers across the supply chain are now easy to form a direct connection with customers through platform websites, thereby providing tech-savvy tourists with the capacity to create customized trips. Incumbent tour operators and travel agents are now competing with emerging entrants that are responsive to customer needs because of their digital expertise. 

A travel disruption is an event beyond your control that has impacted your travel plans, or has acceptable cause to impact your travel plans. Travel disruptions contain those caused by airport strikes, bad weather. 

Interruptions relating to a travelling accomplice experiencing a medical emergency, such as require booking a room for the night while waiting for them to get out of hospital may be covered by travel insurance.

Effects of Disruption on Travel and Tourism Industry




As the different provider categories have become less clarify and as barriers to entry have fallen, tour service suppliers must consider the contemporary tourism ‘ecosystem’ when formulating strategies. Between the declining consumer demand for standardized tour products, there is an immediate need to consider changing tourist habits or tastes when introducing new in-destination options. In exploring the evolving features of the inbound tourism ecosystem, can be addressed only through ‘Innovation’, with distinguishing characteristics of developing innovative tour service and experiences. It determines how tour suppliers respond to competitor actions, or embrace these features themselves. 

New approaches, enabled by exponential technologies and liberalizing public policies, are reducing barriers to entry on a global scale. New entrants can quickly scale businesses that once took incumbents decades to build. As a result, competition in many markets is increasing, and product life cycles are compressing. The environment is ripe for disruptive entrants—whether black swans, unicorns, or merely a swarm of upstarts—wielding new approaches with the power to interrupt the best-laid plans, predictions, and forecasts and the potential to unseat corporate giants. 

Travel Disruption Management Tools


Flight disruption management tools like Know as Delay and Flight Stats are geared toward the passenger.  Uses predictive analytics to alert travelers ahead of flight delays and offers a dashboard so travel managers can spot predicted disruptions across their travel populations and can explore flight alternatives for those at risk. Free bird handles rebooking; travel managers determine which travelers need protection, and when those travelers experience disruptions, the service offers flight alternatives and lets travelers rebook. Travel Management Companies increasingly are partnering with these providers and might offer them as an extra service.

Airlines are becoming more sophisticated with revenue management technology and long-running travel management standards like advanced booking policies do not always produce the best fares. Airfare management technology of the past several years enables travel buyers to keep advance purchase policies but also benefit when airfares go down over time.
While flight ratings provide some insight into historic performance on the route, travel disruptions are always possible. For their own part, airlines have become more proactive in managing delays, offering fee-free waivers so travelers can change their flights. However, these waivers can be difficult to track, as the various airlines publish them multiple times per day. Travel Management Companies receive the information, but travelers also likely receive them directly through email, airline apps and other communication lines from carriers.


Managing disruption is key to success in travel industry




The income generated by the tourism industry is a major contributor for its GDP growth. Disruptive trends created across various sectors of the travel and tourism industry such as destination marketing, airlines, hotels, tour operators etc pose a major challenge for travel agents, tour operators and related stakeholders. 

For all players in the travel industry it is imperative to find the correct and apt strategy to face these challenges created by disruption. The ability to identify, assess and develop sustainable tourism strategy for disruption through innovation and embracing the challenges would be the key to success of tourism industry.

Having so much power in terms of directing traffic, targeted advertising and data collection, airlines, hotels and travel agents are going to have to work harder than ever before, possibly seeking collaboration with peers or even with the big players themselves. New business models will need to be explored, and working with, instead of against may be the best way forward for ambitious startups.

Mobility Solutions for Disruption Management to (Enabling Customer satisfaction through real time and personalized notifications)


Managing expectations and empowering the passenger has become key in today’s world and the one communication channel that presents an opportunity to airlines and airports in such a situation is the mobile device – whether that is a smartphone or a tablet. The channel allows the airlines to interact directly with and track down individual passengers, which is an important first step towards minimizing the impact of disruption.

Personalized feed for high priority customers ensures develops customer loyalty. For example, a message can be sent to a frequent flyer providing free lounge access or a restaurant discount during disruptions.

In a recent study,85% of the travelers need the airlines to share multiple rebooking options with them. The passengers can be sent rebooking notifications on their mobile with flight options filtered one through their previous buying patterns, flight durations, by airline departure times or by prices.

Travel management software for agents to avoid the ripple effect or minimize its consequences




A travel management software guides the travel agents maintain and serve their customers better and more efficiently. Leads are consolidated from various channels and stored in on unified inbox, this way you can always keep track of the incoming leads and assign agents to attend the leads. 

Travelopro CRM can easily adapt to the travel industry and transform it into a Travel CRM system. Simplifies the workload of your travel agents by automating repetitive tasks and by giving them access to relevant customer information that they can use to improve customer relations. A Travel agency CRM software helps in sending custom itineraries straightly from the CRM, improves efficiency, converting queries to leads, make your team of travel agents more productive and saves a lot of time and resources.

Develops the speed of your enquiry management as the travel CRM can additionally help in lead qualification and lead scoring while ensuring that you never lose any of the leads from websites, booking engines, calls, emails, billboards, print media, social media and travel appearance. Travel agency management software enables you actively track all of your enquiries and monitor them through each stage of the sales funnel till it gets converted. This provides you with valuable insights that will help in improving the productivity of your workforce. The travel CRM arrange your guests and profiles them as individuals, agents or corporate entities so that you can server them accordingly. 
In conclusion, travel CRM software is well assembling to handle the travel industry.

Implementation of a Flight Recommendation Engine


The invention expresses a system and method to rebook passengers using an airline reservation system. Information about a flight disruption event like a delayed or cancelled flight is received from many sources such as Airline Reservation System Hotel Reservations Business rules and airline policies and communication platforms. 

The passengers are prioritized based on the booking conditions for each passenger such as class of service frequent-flyer program status type of passenger passengers requiring special handling. There after rebooking is set for the affected passengers based on defined business rules set out by the airlines such as passenger class origin and destination pair airline availability ticketing agreements among airlines and re booking module selects an airline and respective class of booking as per policies laid down by such airline.

Efficient and User-Friendly Hotel Reservation Software




Using an online booking engine, travelers can easily make a reservation and organize an entire trip in one sitting. Therefore, this simple booking system streams the process for you and your guests. It’s also vital for increasing exposure and gets you on the road to more bookings!

Hotel booking system is a convenient way for travelers to research and book their holidays or work trips. As well as bookings, you can browse travel websites and look for hotels, flights, car rental, guided tours, attractions, and more…

For example, hotel booking system will display your rates and availability in real-time. In that case, guests can select their dates and finalize the reservation. Other features will come with real-time data travel spend, track travelers online and enforce business policy.

How to Find the Best Travel Agency Management Software?


In the contemporary era, each travel agent wants to find the best travel management software built with innovative technology for their business to simplify the travel management process and maximize travel bookings.

What is Travel Management Software?


Travel Management Software is travel system to plan, book and manage travel, track and report travel expenses, automate travel policy and travel invoice management for travel agent and travel agency to improve travel management and increase revenue.

Let’s find out which is the best travel management software for travel business ?


Travelopro is Best Travel Management Software Company introduce best travel management software for travel agent, travel agency and travel management company to plan and book travel, manage travel expense, automate policy to improve business processes and maximize revenues.

Travelopro develops customized travel technology solutions based on client needs to improve their business process and manage their travel activity. It also helps to increase online tour travel booking and get more profit which is really beneficial for travel agents and tour operators. Travel Technology changes the way how customer can search, use and get travel-related information. 

Travel Technology Company expands the proficiency of travel business task, automate travel process and improves the client experience by providing advanced travel technology solutions including Travel Booking Engine, Customized Travel Software and Third Party API integrations for access to rich travel content of hotels, flights, etc to provide personalized travel services and user-friendly search and book functionality for your customers.

How Travel Management Software help Travel Agent to grow travel business?


Innovative Travel technology has the ability to improve business processes and customer interaction. It helps travel agents to manage tours for travelers such as hotel booking, flight tracking systems, and reviewing travelling experiences. It will help tour operators and travel agents to enhance brand visibility of their business and boost their business sales.

Travelopro Travel Management Software comes with the best features and benefits for the travel agent business. Our travel professionals have great expertise in travel management and continue to update travel policy according to travel business requirements.

Key features of Travel Management Software


  • Easily integrate in online portal
  • Multiple Point of Sale
  • Track and Reporting Travel Expense
  • Travel Policy for hotel & flight booking
  • Automate Travel policy
  • Automatic travel alerts
  • Plan and Manage travel itinerary
  • Travel itinerary customization
  • Back office system
  • Auto Cancellation
  • Easy Documentation
  • Google & Mobile Map integration
  • Calendar and scheduling feature
  • Customer Support and communication

By choosing Travelopro Travel Management Software, you can develop user-friendly business flow and improve customer’s travel process.    

Travelopro Travel Management Software benefits

  • Streamlined travel processes
  • Cost-effective
  • Automate Email communication
  • Content Management
  • Third-party integration
  • Add new travel products and services
  • Reduces travel expenses
  • Generates business travel data
  • Increase profitability

Disruption management is all about customer experience


Flight disruption is defined as situations where a scheduled flight is cancelled, or delayed for two hours or more, within 48 hours of the original scheduled departure time. As of today, these disruptions are far away to be solved due to reputation of the incidents (airport constrains, weather, etc.). Therefore, decisions need to be taken to close the gap between the uncertainty of these incidents and the scheduled plan.

The small window for error in the flight schedules can cause disruptions to have multiple delays propagated further down in the flight schedule. Understanding these events (predictability, duration and impact) is the key step in the disruption management process. Elements disrupted and its propagation along the network. For a customer, a disruption corresponds to any change to the itinerary planned or the vacation package purchased. In a time when personalization is paramount, airlines are considering only the big picture in terms of disruptions but the aviation business, in general, continue categorizing passenger under two main groups: business and leisure. 

Delays are usually a consequence of ATC restrictions, strikes or crew limitations on which has little control, although tactic cancellations were sometimes made due to resource concerns of the overall network. Airlines mitigate delays by introducing buffer in scheduling, resolving minor interruption with no cost to airline but generally longer travel time of customers; however, based on the interviews, no operational resources are employed to tackle structural failure in the network.

When a delay is informed within two hours prior to the departure time, extra airline staff will be present in the airport to manage the situation, otherwise the communication department will handle the rapport with affected customers.


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