Should I Build A Channel Manager (Travel Portal)

Should I build a channel manager (travel portal)?




Lisi Mariam
asked Oct 20, 2020

Channel manager is your portal to the extended distribution network. You need to develop a vast, diverse distribution network filled with a variety of Online Travel Agents (OTA) to increase your bookings through your distribution channel.

Channel manager is the engine that drives the inventory on OTA's, Hotels connect with channel manager- which, in essence, work with multiple OTA's, it saves hotels the time and manpower to update all OTA individually.

Channel managers have been set up to help hoteliers negotiate a new market without losing guests or revenue – in fact, channel managers will significantly increase the hotel's capacity to gain bookings and boost profits.

Your channel manager controls all the bookings made on the OTAs, and so the information is automatically registered on your PMS. No need to manually register all reservations made on OTAs and handled by the channel manager, they will be replicated on your dashboard and notified by email.

When you make the most out of your channel manager, you will increase your bookings, boost the revenue at your B&B, find new target customers, and increase your brand recognition around the world. The channel manager is the key to unlocking hotel industry success in many ways.

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