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Bed Banks: Comparing Connectivity, Travel Ancillaries, Accommodation, of HotelsPro, Travco, WebBeds, Bonotel, and Hotelbeds

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Bed bank empowers online wholesalers and travel suppliers to approach their invincible content via XML interface for integration into their reservation system or website. 

Bed bank is amazingly flexible and this empower you to characterize the data you need to be shown, making it simple to consolidate information from different providers and distribute travel content & information according to your way. 

Bed bank provides considerable support to their wholesaler so that they can focus on their distribution.  

Bed bank contribute the time-saving function for all users, various currency options, a assortment of payment options, the ability to create staff login, hotels vouchers, and many more services.

What is a bed bank




A bed bank is a company that brokers appropriate rates with hoteliers. They act as a wholesaler, marketing rooms to consumers on favor of the accommodation provider. A few bed banks are linked to tour operators, airlines or travel agents, whilst others are independent businesses

Hotel distribution is a complex business with a convoluted web of connections linking hotel room suppliers to hotel distributors which includes bed banks, hotel room wholesalers, hotel switches, online travel companies, metasearch engines as well as the big Global Distribution Systems (GDSs). 

Meanwhile, the expansive hotel distribution business is a complex network of suppliers and intermediaries. Due to brutal competition, properties have to supplement direct sales with several intermediaries to boost the reach of their brand. 

What does it offer agents?

The website enables agents to book, amend and cancel accommodation. It also enables agents to filter results by criteria such as free kids and early-booking discounts. 

5 Key insights a bed bank require optimizing their business

  • Reduce timeouts
  • Regulate inventory with demand
  • Revenue per search request
  • Accurately manage profit margins
  • Build up response times

How bed banks create value

  • Access
  • Quality
  • Service
  • Profit



Hotels XML API Integration

HotelsPro designed to be more available and user-friendly in order to give a seamless user experience in various languages and currencies.

Travel management companies having both customers and agents, can contribute a broad range of hotel contents through hotelspro API integration. Hotelspro booking API grant customers to search and book hotels with ease through your hotel booking engine itself.


To achieve this, an API will be provided to allow various types of client systems to integrate with the HotelsPro Platform to Search & Booking Engine system using defined set of published specific JSON messages by using the JSON Schema standards.


  • Checking availability
  • Provisioning
  • Booking
  • Cancellation
  • Checking status of a booking
  • Getting list of bookings

Coral API

HotelsPro’s second generation Search & Booking Engine Platform available to registered clients through a JSON based Application Programming Interface (API) by describing existing data formats, API communication structures, methods and testing procedures.

Cosmos API

Cosmos is a hotel mapping and expressive content delivery system. A technology solution aimed to intention the inconsistent distribution of hotel content across major hotel content providers. 

Travel is a multi-channel industry expanding at a rapid pace not only for the distribution of descriptive hotel content but also for sourcing of hotel rates and inventory as well.

Travel ancillaries

Hotelspro API integration framework experts provide comprehensive support during hotelspro hotel API integration and live certification. They let you advantage the ready codes and libraries to complete the integration sooner than normal.


  • Facility of booking different travel services and fancy bookings from a single website. The different exercise includes sightseeing, transfers, tours, attraction, event tickets etc. 
  • The hotelspro XML integration is laden with the various payment options. 
  • Contribute the option of offering the negotiated lowest rate for every hotel that is a part of the system


Accommodation types include:

  • Budget hotels
  • Hostels
  • Beach hotels (resorts)
  • Small town hotels, and
  • Luxury hotels.





Book your Hotel

Travco is a leading hotel wholesaler. Its basic business focus is supplying hotel accommodation to the travel trade through B2B agent or travco xml / travco API. 

By cooperating with thousands of international hotels, travco is adept to offer an outstanding selection of global hotel accommodation at the lowest rates. 


Online Booking System

Online Booking Engine is a cost-effective and decisive online reservations solution that eliminates intermediaries and grant hoteliers to sell their inventory directly to the guests. 

Hotels with an active booking engine and an advanced booking solution for packages and stay enhancement, transforming it into a real-time sales engine.

  • Multi-lingual & multi-currency
  • Creative, intuitive and responsive
  • Accessible customization
  • Choice of templates


XML API Integration is basically a source of connection which acts as interpreter between customer and supplier permitting great formats or programming languages.

Embedding XML API Integration into your travel website can produce flexible and modernize form, without doing bigger investment in costly and sophisticated design plans.



The Biggest B2B Player Globally 

In Webbeds, 12,000+ global destinations for global travel trade partners. These include boutique luxury lodges, guest-houses, global hotel chains as well as city-center and resort land via trade-only websites or via connectivity with WebBeds API.


Customers can approach the company’s huge inventory of accommodation, via market-leading, trade-only websites or via simple and seamless, platform-to-platform, API connectivity.

Travel ancillaries

The clients can book hotels in 5 seconds through WebBeds’ leading online hotel reservation system or sell its unfired product range through its branded website via XML / API interface.

  • Airport transfers
  • Restaurants
  • Passes to top attraction
  • Sightseeing tours


WebBeds’ provides Booking platform and connectivity to suit the requirements of broad -ranging portfolio of travel trade customer includes small independent travel agencies, online travel agents, travel management companies, tour operators, airlines, consortia and much more.

Why WebBeds?

  • Global Distribution Network
  • Fastest Growing B2B Provider
  • Multi-platform distribution tools
  • 24/7 support in local language.
  • User-friendly Supplier Extranets



Travel Company Insights

When a travel agency or a travel management company integrates bonotel hotel API it boosts in improving site devotion and conversion rate. This is accomplished by providing the current data along with the currency report.

An effective travel agency business will manage social presence and the customer database for loyal purpose and also for the purpose of marketing Integration of the right API helps in running a more holistic database.


Bonotel's change to the cloud has more than fulfilled expectations on a number of levels, both in terms of operational performance and distribution capabilities. The cloud platform gives them the business agility they need.

Hotel API 

Online hotel booking system that is suitable for all types of accommodations including 5-star hotels, boutique hotels, Home stays, B&B's, Serviced apartments. With simple dashboard agents can get the Instant acceptance via Higher Conversion Ratio along with Detailed Reports. 

It allows you via (Direct Agent Login) to have complete control over your hotel rates and hotel/rooms inventory from a single window. And connected with multiple XML, API and third party hotel suppliers for fetching the worldwide content.

Data API

Operating a travel or hotel website or application can be a baffle task. Savvy travelers want everything from hotel reviews to price comparisons, photos of rooms, and booking functions at their fingertips. Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, can help developers create the best applications to help them out.

Empower users to search for available hotel accommodations, obtain price quotes and reservation terms, and complete and manage bookings. This API provides functionality for customers to approach management, pricing, commissions, currency exchange, and more.

Travel ancillaries

Bonotel's platform already handles hundreds of millions of online transactions every day and that number is consistently growing. To accommodate their extraordinary growth with infrastructure flexibility. 


Accommodation types include:

  • Luxury hotels
  • Resorts
  • Lodges





Accommodation and Destination Service 

Hotelbeds Group’s aggressive plans for growth, three dedicated regional Sales & Sourcing roles for Ancillary Bank have been introduced to assure the company is optimizing cross-selling opportunities generated through its diverse and global bedbank client base of more than 60,000 travel intermediaries. 

HotelExtras, provides in-destination and in-origin distribution of ancillary products to hospitality industry partners, mainly accommodation suppliers, cruise lines, activity providers, tourism boards and other in-destination points of sale.


They are companies that contract hotel beds in extent in order to resell them. One of their purposes is to help tour operators sell their surplus

Hotel Booking API

Hotel API is web service providing online functionality of seeking and booking hotels. These Hotel API manage rates, availability and assortment of accommodations allow you to offer client with best options for their ideal stay in a particular city. 

Hotel content API

Content API contains several methods that grant you to obtain the details of the hotels as well as a list of destinations, and countries.

In order to understand the importance of the Content API it's decisive to understand that the information returned by Aptitude is classified into two categories:

  • Immobile information: information not directly related to the booking process - comments, descriptions, hotel pictures and address information...
  • Effective information: information related to the booking process that can change at any time: prices, availability dates, cancellation policies, and fees...

Cache API

Cache API grants massive access to all our prices and availabilities providing a snapshot of an exact moment in time, so it can be used for package travel or to upload into third-party platforms. 

The aspiration of Cache API is to provide access to HotelBeds information on products, prices, and inventory.
Travel ancillaries

Dedicated regional Sales & Sourcing roles will establish cross-selling to the 60,000 travel intermediaries using the Group’s bed bank platform. Completion of integration of Holidays and GTA ancillary units into Group develop number of products available.

Configuration parameters:

  • Credentials/API Key and valid IP
  • External chains Available
  • Destination List
  • Hotels Included and Excluded
  • Classification Codes


  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Hostels
  • Apartments
  • Villas
  • B & Bs, and
  • Boutique hotels

The real value of the bed bank distribution model


There are few true two-sided B2B marketplaces in travel that fully enlist buyers and sellers, often pairing sources of supply and demand that would otherwise have no awareness of, or approach to, one another. 

There are countless methods available to consumers searching accommodation. If they are familiar with a specific brand or property, they may choose to book directly.

An optimized bed bank satisfies many require, but one of its most important roles is creating TRUST. The travel sellers rely on the bed bank to host a portfolio of capable hotel inventory that is accurately described and fairly priced.

How bed banks work?


Bed banks are specialized B2B platforms that contract supply from partners and make it available to client travel seller organizations that aggregate travel demand from a variety of sources.

As a result, the bed bank business model creates a strong network effect, where the marketplace becomes more productive and efficient as it increases the number of supply partners and clients growing demand. 

When properly executed, the combination of the B2B wholesale business processes and advanced technology connections offer a neutral global marketplace, designed for maximum benefit to both the hotel partners and travel seller clients.


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