How to integrate Galileo GDS API with a travel website?

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How to integrate Galileo GDS API with a travel website?




asked Oct 15, 2020

In order to address the ever-increasing ecosystem of various online booking systems, there are global consolidators that aggregate global travel data from various airlines, hotel providers, and car rental providers. A system that aggregates and distributes travel-related data to end travel management companies is called the GDS System / Global Distribution System.

During the development of travel portal software for your travel/tourism business, Galileo GDS API integration with your travel website is essential for your online travel agency to have access to a vast array of flights, hotels, tour packages, and so on.

Galileo GDS API integration allows the customers to access large inventories on one platform instead of going to different sites to make various bookings. It is also absolutely important to add GDS/API to your travel portal to bring in and retain your customers.

The Galileo GDS system can be used to book hotel rooms, flight tickets, cruises, and rental cars. Integrating the Galileo GDS System would help you minimize the company's operating costs by reducing the workload and rising efficiency.

A travel portal or online flight booking system integrated with the Galileo GDS API can cater to all kinds of travel requirements, such as hotel reservations, flight bookings, travel packages, car rental bookings, and transfer arrangements.

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Listed below are the features of Galileo's API:

  • Agents to book flights, sell rooms, book rental cars, and hotel accommodation.
  • A user-friendly and modified Computer reservation system
  • Automated payment gateways with secure payment options
  • Displays real-time seats, room, and price availability
  • Filter search queries for arrival and departure time
  • Galileo comes with the advantage of viewing flight fares;
  • Find flights with the name of city or airport
  • Galileo facilitates the quest for round-trip flights
  • Ticket verification with a ticket number, tourist name, and also air carrier
  • The cancellation of air tickets is enabled
  • Frequent Flyer can be used
  • On-time and dedicated support services for clients