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What is Rail API and how it impacts Travel Agencies?

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Technology is the modern-day fuel of the rail network, helping build a world-class transportation system that moves the economy forward. 

Railways are seen as a low-cost alternative to air and road travel, and in several countries, a leading mode of transportation. Rail offers a cost-efficient way to move goods in large quantities. 

Railway Industry is full of smart ideas, ingenious innovation devised to enhance, grow, and strengthen the rail mode today and for the future.

Travelopro rail is superior to this transformation by bringing passenger rail technology solutions that connect rail to the rest of the travel industry. Connect your inventory to travel agencies worldwide. 

Our Rail API is a single point of access to shopping, booking, and servicing for all major rail operators around Europe. Get complete control of rail systems, fares, and inventory that you want to make available.

Our Rail API brings you content from around the world. So, you can provide your customers with rail and coach, anywhere their travels may take them.

This API provides access to a massive collection of Trains and Stations data that includes features such as Train Live status, PNR status, and more. With this Rail API, you'll have access to necessary details on your own. This involves fares that vary across a number of variations.

Rail API features include:

  • Group booking
  • Ticketing and fulfillment options
  • Reservation opportunities
  • Extensive search
  • Seat maps
  • Fare alternatives
  • Service choices
  • Payment gateway
  • Post-booking activities
  • Multi-language and multi-currency support

Rail Booking API: Seamlessly Connect to the World


Rail API


As the world and tourism, rail industries become more connected, it’s significant to be working with the best up-to-date Rail API sourcing the right data, and delivering the greatest value to your customers.

Travelopro is a leading Rail API Provider for an online travel portal that helps travel agents in the efficient management of online booking services via their online travel portal using our travel API. Through Travelopro Rail API, you can build your goodwill as an esteemed travel service provider providing end-to-end services. 

Our Rail APIs directly connect you to all the information you need to build a state-of-the-art website or app. Your clients will be able to take benefit from the best deal on rail from anywhere they are in the world - either as three independent travel solutions or integrated together.

By integrating the Rail API of a payment gateway, the travelers would be able to make secure payments online using their credit card or debit card. There are various payment gateways available and your travel technology partner might help in choosing the right one.

Travelopro Rail API is among the largest aggregators of rail content. It provides a connection to major European rail companies through a single XML API. We provide Rail API that will make your task simpler as it allows you to access rail data without interruption and you can focus on delivering excellent services to your customers.

Aside from that, for user convenience, it can be accessed through three channels that we introduced: API solution, Agency desktop (complete search automation, PNR, back-office and report feature included), and Internet Booking Engine (web-based agency login portal for integration with booking management systems).

Our Rail API empowers the rail system to connect to the global digital market through a single connection. Our platform enables rail companies to sell more tickets in two ways. 

Train Booking System is a travel program that provides all the essential facilities to its clients when they are ready to schedule any trip. The goal of the web application "Train Booking System" is to provide data to tourists who want to visit different locations and to know the distance between specific locations, etc.

Whether the end-users are large or small, they are all unique. They have specific needs, unique preferences, and special origins. In order to stay competitive across the globe, you need to examine and fulfill what your customers are looking for.

Our comprehensive set of solutions lets you provide your customers and business travelers with access to the best fares, content, and resources you need to handle their travel needs.


  • Cost-effective solution
  • Up to date database to allow the updated schedule of trains.
  • Faster response without delay.
  • Our Rail API easy to implement and easy to use.
  • Our Rail API simplifies your day-to-day activities
  • Your portal become more intelligent with our Rail API
  • Insights available to analyze will help you to grow your business.

Get our Rail API to Boost Sales


Rail API


Increase your sales opportunities. Travelopro allows you to demonstrate your full rail offer through a single API.

Increase International Sales: Reach travelers worldwide and get new customers

Higher Control: Get complete control over your rail products and after-sales conditions, including refund and exchange. 

Enhance Customer Experience: Real-time changes in price and availability provide your customer's access to the best available train booking offer.

Ancillary Revenues: Combine rail travel with any other travel service and easily boost it to your customers.

Global Connection: Use a single API to connect to travel agencies in 180 countries and grow internationally.

Easy Implementation: Easy rail API buildup that eliminates unnecessary costs.

Single Access Point: Get our rail API and connect to domestic and international markets, opening opportunities for added revenues through multiple sales channels.

Instant Response: Our rail API cache technology enables direct access to aggregated rail content with millisecond response times.

Easy Set Up and Flexible Integration: Provides complete information with inventory & all major rail content information and gives you fast & bug-free online reservations. It is quite simple to set up & have a flexible integration.

Secure Payments: Use payment gateway API integration to tackle the complex requirements and challenges of travel sector payment processing.

Security: Improve data protection solutions to keep all customer data secure and safe and prevent data breaches.

Real-Time Updates and different payment modes: Customers can make fast transactions that boost sales and increase revenue.

Excellent Content: One integration to access all key European exclusive Rail Content

Harness the Full Potential of Your Rail API Technology

Rail journeys are fast-moving becoming the travel option of choice for travelers around the world. Travelers demanding the best journey options need to be well-informed about the advantages of traveling by rail. 

Our platform assists rail providers to sell more tickets in two ways. First, we make sure rail content is presented as a relevant travel option for agency experts, corporate customers, and consumers to help increase your reach and unlock demand from business and leisure travelers. Second, we show rail services in a way that specifically appeals to travel buyers to help expand your revenue potential.

Travelopro delivers the best results by imparting Eurail content that is completely tailored to the needs of our customers. We work with businesses across Europe and globally, offering real-time access to rail fares and information through online platforms that help to bring competitive advantages.

Travelopro Rail API connects your rail offering to the travel ecosystem. As an end-to-end service provider, we introduce state-of-the-art technologies that provide valuable data and insights, enabling you to make the right decisions at the right time. 

Our rail API works side by side with your existing systems, allowing you to track and manage the train services, fares, and inventory you wish to make available. 

We give integrated solutions specifically designed for rail travel. Our team of the highly experienced organizer is an industry expert. We provide Rail API that will make it easy for you to access rail information without interruption and you can focus on delivering excellent services to your customers. 

Our Rail API helps travel agents to find all the best rail travel options in one place. Make it simple for them to provide the best deal to consumers in the shortest time possible. You maintain complete control of the rail distribution platforms, fares, and inventory you want to make available, and we take care of the rest.

We deliver flexible and scalable rail technology solutions to potential rail travel both today and in the future. Our vast variety of solutions helps you meet and serve your customers by accessing the resources you need to handle every touchpoint along the journey.

Through corporate travel management companies, leisure operators, and international agencies to train operators, content aggregators, and system integrators, our customers appreciate our ability to simplify the complexities of European rail fares and to consolidate booking data aligned to their market ambitions.

This industry-leading functionality-including mobile and e-ticket-is produced across self-booking tools and API platforms, designed to meet unique needs.

  • Book trains for any station, class, or train type
  • Check the PNR status of your ticket
  • Find trains between stations, fares, and seat availability of different classes in trains
  • Choose Source and Destination cities, Date of the journey, then click the “Search” button
  • Manage your ticket - download, cancel your tickets effortlessly

Flourish Your Business with Our Railway Reservation System


Railway Reservation System


Journey by train has its own glory and charm and train reservation is no more a hassle these days. We customize our product as per the client's need. Our online reservation software is best suited for any kind of railroad reservation system.

Railway Reservation System is a complex online distributed transaction web-based on a client-server architecture. The outstanding features of the software involve allowing users from anywhere to do a booking for a journey in any train in any class from anywhere to anywhere; handling reservation, modifications cancellation/refunds.

Our railway reservation system facilitates the passengers to enquire about the trains available in accordance with source and destination, booking and cancellation of tickets, enquire about the status of the booked ticket, etc. Online reservation has made the procedure for the reservation of seats very much simpler than ever before. 

Our focus is to design and develop a database providing the records of different trains, train status, and passengers. The track record of the train incorporates its number, name, source, destination, and days on which it is available, although the record of train status includes dates for which tickets can be booked, the total number of seats available, and a number of seats already booked. Passengers can book their tickets for the train in which seats are available.

It is the computerized system of reserving the seats of train seats in advance. It is mainly used for long routes. There is also a design of the database of the railway reservation system depend on the relational model. 

Our railway reservation software system is low-cost, extremely advanced, and yet easy to manage for all travel operators. Customers will be able to book and pay for tickets via the website. This empowers travel agents to make online reservations with the major rail operators worldwide.

Our railway booking system also produces online internet bookings for direct/ indirect customers, agents, and trade partners. The solution facilitated direct users to search the train arrival and departure schedule and for different available tickets or passes to book online for their travel plan by train.

Travelopro develops powerful software solutions for railway companies to help these companies replace their dated sales and distribution components. Over a demand, Travelopro has garnered extensive knowledge of the rail industry by working with an array of operators across the globe. Our experience in the rail industry means that endless features are already included out-of-the-box.

Travelopro offers the next generation rail reservation, operations, and distribution management system for rail providers. We have built the world's most leading and intuitive rail operations system to manage services, schedules, inventory, fares, and fare rules enabling rail providers to enhance customer service.

The railway reservations module enables progressive functionality to search & book, manage customer profiles, discounts and promotions, seat maps, automatic email, and SMS notifications, and social network integrations. You also have the ability to develop ancillary revenue by packaging rail with other travel products.

What is really special about our train booking program is that it helps agents to have a better view of the seats available and to schedule their bookings for other customers accordingly. Cancelation details are also made accessible to them by a single click.

Train Booking Engine offered by Travelopro also has a reservation module with enhanced functionality such as search, booking, promotions, deals, discounts, and customer profile. As well, there are seat maps, SMS and e-mail notifications, negotiated product management, social network integrations, etc. available through our rail software.

Generally, this train booking platform is an edge for all those who are looking for ease and convenience when booking train tickets to different locations. And for businesses or travel agencies that are looking for responsive and reliable solutions to enhance their business, our train booking engine is a better option!

Various options for train operations can be used by this app, including inventory, schedules, rules for enhancing customer service, and fares. There's also an option for train booking agencies to expand their revenues through websites, train stations, and call centers, besides XML connectivity, travel corporations, and agents.

Our cutting-edge train booking platform will allow you to make online payments in a secure and hassle-free manner.

B2B Train Booking Software

Train Booking software is a boon for all rail ticketing agents and other associates as it offers secure and scalable solutions for all.

Expand your revenue by selling directly from your website with the help of our B2B Train Booking Software. Our portal characteristic software is the best B2B website that allows fast and simple online booking of rail tickets.

It offers the agents an exact explanation of the number of seats available, cancellation list, and power to help to book against the cancellations instantly.

This system is an online web application system that offers complete business control in the hands of rail booking agents who can book tickets for their customers online.

B2C Railway Ticket Booking Software

This software is a reliable online rail reservation system. It will allow the customer to search for ticket availability and make online reservations. This B2C platform also lets customers use a secure payment gateway integrated into the portal to pay for their tickets.

Our reservation system is connected to a scale of train consolidators and aggregators to provide you the ability to find suppliers that are well-tailored to your needs.

This cutting-edge web application software framework offers the ideal forum for online rail ticket bookings on the internet. It lets customers directly book and access tickets, determines train arrival and departure details in line with their travel plans. 

You will be able to provide your customers with great travel deals, including flights, hotels, transfers, and sightseeing, by integrating the Travelopro Rail Booking system.

Final Thoughts

Technology trends keep on to change our brand image as customers expand their presence in the industry. As such, the right approach forward is to attract and transform new, constantly connected, and self-sufficient passengers.

Rail technology is pervasive, the industry is on the edge of an exciting new era of innovation and maintain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced global economy.

Rail plays an essential role in driving sustainable economic growth, providing access for passengers into and between the major economic centers, and fulfilling a vital position in the supply chain to get goods to market. 

The rail industry is going through a period of remarkable change. Rising customer expectations, passenger rail deregulation, and a huge travel choice are generating a new competitive landscape for the rail industry.

Railways are highly competitive to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, raise profits, connect with travelers in real-time, and cater to personalized service with the right technologies, all of which result in more satisfied customers and higher profitability.

The essential feature of Travelopro Rail Booking API Integration is that this mode is not as followed as train lines to flights or hotels. But it's reliable, though. Other necessary specifications of the technology are data protection, extensibility, and maintenance. All of these features are involved in this web app.

The main goal of the implementation of the rail API is to provide all the details needed by users. Agile development is essential because the user has to get the information without a complex search process. With our technological initiative, you can reach a highly developed market and have a simple travel experience to help you compete with global brands.


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