Hajj And Umrah Software

Hajj And Umrah Software

The Hajj, now and again spelled Haj, is the yearly journey to Mecca that Muslims are relied upon to make at any rate once in their lifetime. The word Hajj is an Arabic word, signifying 'to intend a journey'. 

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam – the others are shahadah (declaration of faith); salat (daily prayer); zakat (giving of alms); sawm (fasting in Ramadan).

“Labayk Allahuma Labayk Labayk. La shareeka laka Labayk. Innal hamda wannimata laka wal mulk.  La shareeka Lak” 

      “-Here I am at your service, oh Lord, here I am – here I am. No partner do you have.  Here I am. Truly, the praise and the favor are yours, and the dominion. No partner do you have.”

 It is compulsory for Muslim adults go on Hajj at any rate, once in their lifetime. They should be of the sound personality, physically and monetarily equipped for undertaking the adventure. The individuals who complete the journey can add the title ‘Hajji’ to their names. 

The journey must occur during the long stretch of Dhu al Hijjah, the most recent month of the Islamic schedule. The rituals of Hajj are performed from the eighth to the twelfth of Dhu al Hijjah. As the Islamic schedule depends on the lunar year, the date changes in the Gregorian schedule every year, and is 10 to 11 days sooner than the former year. Consistently around 2 to 3 million individuals from over the world accumulate in Mecca for the Hajj. It is the greatest single get-together of people on the planet. The ceremonies performed at Hajj today were set up by the Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) be that as it may, in view of the Qur'an, they can be followed back to the Prophet Ibrahim, (alaihis salaam), likewise alluded to in English as Abraham. 

Muslims accept that Ibrahim (alaihis salaam) was requested by Allah to leave his wife Hajar and his child Ismail alone in the desert of old Mecca. Looking for water, Hajar urgently ran multiple times between the two slopes of Safa and Marwah however discovered none. Returning in hopelessness to Ismail, she saw the infant scratching the ground with his leg and a drinking fountain sprang forward at the site. This is the Well of Zamzam in the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca. Travelers visit the well while performing Hajj or the Umrah journey to drink its water.

A lot of travel agencies, tour operators, travel corporates and other players who make arrangements for Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage for Muslim especially with seasonal offers and affordable fares. Travelopro provides travel software for these agents, tour operators, and travel corporates and others with the utmost quality and ease of usage without any complications. By using the software, clients can book flights, hotels, and even the entire Hajj packages with top services.

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Don’t trust just any Hajj organizer you find online. Book with an authorized agency to avoid fraud. For protection against fraud, pay with a credit card instead of a debit card or bank transfer. We are providing easy and secure payment systems with the most secured software. Get as many details as you can about the Hajj package, such as Makkah hotel names and the number of people who will share a room. Inquire about included meals, in-country transportation. We provide car rental systems to fulfill your journey between the locations in your itinerary. You can go through all the facilities we provide and better to book through a single portal system like us. Enquire about all the best service providing hotels through the world’s best GDS provider Travelopro and book as per your convenience. 

But booking Makkah travel isn’t just about logistics and physical comforts. Read online reviews to find agencies that can cater to your spiritual needs as well. Consider group dynamics to make sure your companions have like-minded spirits.

As the Hajj is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and can be strenuous, it is important to stay in a comfortable hotel. When booking your Hajj trip, consider staying at 5-star hotels in Makkah and nearby places through our hotel reservation systems. 

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Why Travelopro in Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage?

Travelopro is a travel portal development company that can help you set up the right presence of webpage. OTAs are basically a marketplace of Hotels where the properties owners list and sell their website while on the other hand, the marketplace owner charges a commission on their website. OTA, in general, is represented by large travel agencies who are selling travel products from across the globe. Such OTA is either connected to the GDS system or individual airlines for a long time. Travel startups who want to start this online business incompetent to all the large travel management companies can build their own online reservation system with any travel product with the help of our company. A solid business plan is essential for succeeding as a travel agent. The more work you put into planning your business, the better your chances are for success. Investors will also be more likely to smile upon you if you have an attractive, well-thought-out plan in place.

So all these are about Travelopro which help the agencies for becoming the top among the travel industry by providing timely service, quality, and building relationship.

Our airline reservations software is a customer-facing reservation system that airline customers use to book flights. Airlines leverage our applications to handle all of their booking-related tasks and streamline the reservations process. Our airline reservations systems take into account multiple factors when managing the flight-booking process, including available inventory (seats available), airline schedules, and tax rates. All of these are factored in when calculating flight prices at the time of purchase. Our airline employees use airline reservations software to manage the entire reservations process, which can be complicated, and airline customers use the application to book tickets.

Airline reservations software systems typically come as part of a larger set of aviation software. At the very minimum, these systems interface with global distribution systems (GDS) and individual airline distribution systems. We work with many top travel aggregators, global distribution systems, channel managers and DMCs. We can ensure the quality deliverables and rapid turnaround to build and deliver scalable travel portals and booking engines, with clear attention to technology‚ agile methodology and transformation.

We are using several software systems to book flights, hotels, and cars. That software will provide you the best services than any other online. During the pilgrimage, the first processes will the booking of flights, hotels, and cars. We have a 24/7 online booking portal that provides you the best flights which have affordable fares, suitable hotels to book rooms, and a car rental system for in-country transportation. Through our Galileo API and flight booking system, domestic & international ticket booking of our Web-based application will be linked to the Galileo flight reservation system. It is used to fetch the online inventory on Air Tickets from the backend and to publish it on the front-end of the application in GUI format. Hotel Booking System in Our Application will search on the Hotels from the Galileo GDS system of Galileo Hotel and will find out the lowest tariffs available with hotels. On the selection of a particular hotel, it will be redirected to the payment gateway for payment processing. A car booking facility in our application will search the Galileo GDS and will find out the best possible option available in a particular city as per the search by the user.

According to the client requirement, we are providing global holiday packages driven by CMS and will be connected through the payment gateway. We can book our bus through our application. It will search the Galileo API of Bus and will find out the best possible option available in a particular city as per the search by the user. Forex (Foreign Money Exchange): This is an application that will be designed for the admin to put the latest rates of currencies, on what price they can purchase and sale, etc. It can be processed through the payment gateway if somebody wants to make the payment through credit card. Payment Gateway Integration is through the online payment gateway and it will be integrated to make the online payments by the customer.

Online Payment can be through Credit Card or the Net Banking System. On SMS Gateway, SMS API will be incorporated to send the SMS to the client at the time of confirmation of booking or PNR creation. The login facility will be given to the agents to add funds in their accounts with a certain cutoff limit. By logging in on the portal, within the cut off limits and deposit amount agents can book the Air tickets and hotel deals. And if they will reach their cutoff limit, they will not be able to book tickets and rooms from their deposit account. Then they can book by using their credit cards. Agents will get the different options i.e. to create sub-users, check different types of reports of bookings, check the booking status, can cancel the booking (if available with API), can check the vouchers and Invoices, and commission generated. Some of the features regarding Galileo Global Distribution System are: Travel agents can book and issue the tickets directly; Galileo paved its way in the fields of airlines, hotels, cars, tourism, cruise, etc., serves tourism agents, travel companies, tour operators, hospitality agents, etc., and Galileo has developed an online search tool called ASK travel port where registered users can go and find out the answers to their frequently asked questions and queries.

Galileo Airline Reservation System aggregates all the possible travel contents for transfers, hotels, flights, and sightseeing and shares the information to all the web portals for single access through their proprietary APIs or web services. End users can search and book all the travel content by searching and making payments online. Because of the automated systems and processes, the majority of fulfillment activities can be done easily using the system. While diminishing the time spent on document getting done with, ticketing and invoicing it empowers you to concentrate on worth extra benefits and extending the business.

This is a 24/7 available system and can access any time you need. Galileo Airline Reservation System can be accessed by anyone at any point in time to book the tickets. With Galileo GDS, the efficient of the travel enterprises will certainly improve. Real-time access to inventories can mark your success story for the long term by reducing the operation cost and an increase in revenues will undoubtedly help you to expand your reach for your channels of choice with solutions.  An Increase in efficiency and maximum point of sales will exceptionally boost the visibility of reaching a global community and travel buyers. Through Galileo API / Galileo XML to fetch the online inventory on Air Tickets, a web-based airline reservation application will be connected to Galileo GDS. 

The process of online bookings has many advantages to pilgrimages. It saves time effort for travelers and travel agencies during the service. There are no more attractions on traditional practices like visiting travel agencies and making flight booking and other related inquiries. Leading agencies are searching for travel portal development with GDS Amadeus and APIs to arrange B2B and B2C portals with online booking engines.

Features of Hajj and Umrah booking software

  • Flight booking with ongoing stock everything being equal
  • Dynamic modules for markup, commission, discount, and retraction
  • Best Fares and Best Commissions industry-wide
  • Highlight whole hajj bundle on your movement entry
  • Budgetary exchange module where you can see every monetary sign in a few arrangements
  • Naturally relegate spaces for guests dependent on the solicitation, age, nationality and mahram data
  • Readymade online travel item conveyed inside 7-10 business days
  • Detailing Module
  • Free 5 sorts of help
  • Flight booking with ongoing stock everything being equal

Expand your business through Online Reservation System

  • Global Reach

  • Full Coverage

  • Easy Connection

  • Corporate Bookings

  • Mobile-Friendly

Benefits of Travelopro:

  • Multiple hotel wholesalers connected-250000+ Hotels
  • Multiple GDS and non-GDS flight resources
  • Worldwide car hire providers
  • Data mapping and standardization
  • Robust financial control
  • Per-user/supplier marks up control
  • Multilingual system multi-channel sale operation
  • Multi-currency
  • Plug n’ play solution- work from day one
  • Cloud Hosting