What is travel insurance

What is travel insurance

Travel insurance is a type of insurance that is intended to cover the costs and losses associated with traveling. It is basically designed to cover trip cancellation, flight accident, medical expenses, lost luggage and many other losses incurred while traveling either domestically or abroad. Travel insurance is a safety net that you can purchase to help you to protect your travel investment in case of unexpected events that have a negative impact on your travel plan. It provides financial protection for unexpected events that impact a traveler's trip.

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The most common risks that are covered by travel insurance plans are given below

#1 Medical or Accident cover

This cover helps you pay for the medical and out-of-pocket costs that you may incur after an accidental injury. It includes emergency treatment, hospital stays and other costs you may face, such as transportation and lodging needs.

#2 Flight cancellation or delay

From unpredictable weather conditions to technical glitches, there can be many reasons for a flight delay. This cover allows you to reclaim all your costs if: Your flight is delayed or canceled and the airline doesn't rebook you on an alternative flight within 24 hours or giving you a refund.

#3 Lost baggage

Travel insurance protects you from numerous emergencies including total loss or delay in checked-in baggage. The insurer compensates you for a total loss of checked-in baggage caused by the airline as per your policy. Thus, you can be assured that you are not a loss.

#4 Personal liability

Personal Liability insurance is about financial protection, for you and your family. It covers the insured against legal liability for bodily injury or property damage to third parties on account of an accident occurring anytime during the trip or within the policy period.

Some of the basic points why we need travel insurance

  • It protects the expense of your trip if you have a travel delay or need cancellation.
  • It protects from expensive medical bills in case you are injured or become ill while traveling.
  • Offset added expenses due to travel delay or lot, delayed or damaged luggage.

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Some key benefits of travel insurance

  • Trip delay
  • Personal accident
  • Medical evacuation
  • Checked-In baggage delay
  • Hospitalization expenses
  • Financial emergence allowance
  • Trip cancellation & interruption