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Every project we take on starts with the aim of being our 'best yet', so you can be assured that our attention to detail and high quality work is present in every job we craft. We want our customers to be as excited and proud of the end product as we are, and we strive towards that goal every day.


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Whatever your Business requirement, Travelopro offers completely managed best fit travel technology solution.

image  Features of our online travel booking system

Generate more bookings & delight travelers through a powerful mobile engagement platform

With TraveloPro’s online Platform you can grow your revenues, streamline your operations and extend your digital reach
  • Configure credit limit and deposits
  • Multilingual travel websites
  • Add offline travel bookings
  • Distribute white labels
  • Dynamic fare caching
  • Commissions and markup control
  • Advanced Reports
  • Manage multiple branches
  • Sub Agents can create and manage multiple branches and users
  • Optional cross selling platform
  • SMS gateway
  • Multi currency transactions for agents and suppliers
  • Business intelligence reports
  • Online travel booking engine
  • Multiple sales channels - B2B, B2B2B, B2B2C
  • Centralised mid-office
  • Ability to connect multiple GDS, LCC, and third party APIs
  • Complete Reservation Management
  • Travel Agent Management
  • Transactional Accounting
  • Accounting System Integration
  • Comprehensive system to manage rates, discounts and allocation
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Multiple Supplier APIs
  • Add direct contracts
  • Redistribution API

Online Consultation App Development - Kick-Start with our Top-Notch Consultation Marketplace Development

Get the most comprehensive and customized online consultation app development solution allowing you to deliver instant virtual guidance to your customers.




Online Consultation App Development


Travelopro is leading a wide range of Online Consultation App Development Company, we provide consultation app development services for Healthcare, Education, Meditation, Fitness, Astrology, and Legal Services.

Travelopro offers complete Online consultation development services as well as eCommerce Solutions. Our decade of industry expertise, as well as thousands of satisfied and successful clients, give us ample reason to consider ourselves one of the leading providers of web business consulting services.

We also deploy amazing mobile apps for a wide range of clients from different niches. Additionally, we choose to approach any project from a client’s perspective because it’s your patients who will be ultimately using the app. 

We are agile, future-oriented, as well as provide clients a bird-eye view of the problem to help them solve it most efficiently. Our leading e-commerce consultants and business analysts have extensive experience and understand every aspect of running an online business. 

With our apps, you can book your doctor appointments online, get remote healthcare services, keep track of your medical records, and much more. We are focusing on making remote consultation the new normal. Our apps help you to monitor your physical activities and keep track of your vitals.

Travelopro is a one-stop shop for digital marketing, design, development, and eCommerce solutions. We assist you in determining the best strategic planning solution for your needs. 

Our experts provide end-to-end online consultation app development services to help you accelerate your company growth and maximize the selling power of your online business.

Our expert team with years of experience in mobile application development services helps us deliver products with high quality. We at Travelopro develop beautiful mobile applications that delight our customers and never fail them. The apps from our consultation app development company are known for their user-centric approach and brilliant user experience.

Our team has a history of delivering world-class products at the right time with the best performance. With our online marketplace industry continuously growing, our developers work efficiently to keep up with it. We promise you a pleasant experience working with us along with a smart product.

We complete detailed research of your targeted markets, competitors with similar business models, their marketing strategies and deliver a report that will help you to understand the market and insights of your online marketplace.

Create the right strategies to increase the profitability and productivity of your business. To be profitable, an e-commerce store must not only have an appealing and easy-to-use website but must also be supported by marketing activities that bring customers to shop and convert them into potential customers or buyers.

We utilize our industry experience to provide you with 360-degree e-commerce solutions that will help your business thrive in the e-commerce space.

If you are planning to restructure or re-platform your current e-commerce websites, or if you want to integrate mobile channels, or if this is your first venture into eCommerce and you are looking for some new profitable ideas and consultation, Travelopro will guide you through your eCommerce business model and development plan of application development.

Our specialized eCommerce consulting team is highly efficient in creating the complete project strategies to implement them on a real-time scenario basis. Our team can provide you with reliable data about an e-commerce process.

We take extraordinary steps while offering our best online consulting services, as we guide you in technology consulting, market entry consulting, Operational consulting, Business optimization consulting, and more.

Based on your specific business needs, our experts will provide you with a detailed workflow analysis, a thoughtful implementation plan, and various levels of customization. Your challenges become our priority, and we have several ideas and solutions, as well as best-practice methodologies, to ensure your business achieves measurable results.

Travelopro has built a reputation for providing a comprehensive range of business consulting and delivery solutions to companies in the new start-up, retail, corporate, manufacturing, finance, and retailer and distributor sectors. We collaborate with our clients to drive growth and innovation by leveraging the key business objectives.

We are a team of the world’s best business consultants; our consultants are extremely trained for every field of business operations from beginning the planning till the launch.


How Does It Work?


As the consultation market is growing exponentially, having an online consulting marketplace is a lucrative one. Travelopro is the turnkey solution that allows entrepreneurs to build their own online consultation marketplace. 

The doctor booking app development is one of the best examples of on-demand solutions that facilitates the users to have health-related consultation from experts. The following section represents the working of the doctor appointment app.


Select The services 


  • Once login at Doctor Appointment App, users can smoothly choose the service or consultation, including appointment, online consultation, teleconsultation, or home visit. 


Consult A Specialist


  • A person can choose a specialist on the app for consultation. Multiple filters for searching the desired specialist. Here you will be connected with a doctor via video call.


Appointment Scheduling


  • It is one of the finest features of a doctor on-demand app where a user can schedule the appointment with a click for them or for family members in the desired time slot. 


Digital Prescription


  • Users will receive the digital prescription after consultation, and they can also share it with the chemist digitally or take print-out.




  • Multiple payment modes to facilitate the user best.


Rating & Feedback


A patient or attendant can rate or review the services and write feedback about the doctor and consultation.

The software can be easily tailored to the personal needs of any consulting service and additional functionalities can be added as required. Currently serving a huge clientele, the software is in high demand because of the following features:


Features of Our Online Consultation Development




Business owners often find themselves in a quandary over which features to include in their online consultation platform. Below listed are some of the most pertinent features for increased growth and better client engagement.

Advanced Search: The search functionality in the online consultation platform allows the clients to search for the consultants by filling in their preferences without browsing all the consultants. Providing a seamless user experience to the users, search functionality also increases their time on your platform.

Multiple Payment Gateways: Not finding their preferred payment gateway, several users may abandon the website and switch to any other platform. Multiple payment gateways on the platform make it easy for the users to make and receive payments, that too in their preferred currency.

Audio/Video Chat: Having the potential to bring both parties in close contact, this feature is actually an asset to the online consultation platform. Consultants and clients can communicate remotely in real-time over a secured network. It elevates the quality of consultation as the consultant can easily interpret the client’s problem and communicate the consultation effectively.

Session Scheduling: In situations that require an increased number of consultation bookings, an online consultation platform should have the ability to plan and schedule appointments. It helps consultants to manage their time efficiently and offer on-time consultations to their clients.

File-Sharing: This is another great feature that lets clients share their reports and statistics seamlessly to take the consultation further. The file-sharing feature should be secured as one is free to share all the confidential reports over the platform.

Text Chat: Instant chat between the consultant and client saves a lot of time and helps both parties to offer/get immediate consultation right from their home before, during, or after a session.


Online Consultation Solution for all Industries


Doctors: Serve complete health plans for the needed families.

Lawyers: Eases the legal consultations between the parties.

Dieticians: Serve complete health plans for the needed families.

Fitness Trainers: Enrich people with the perfect fitness training solution.

Astrologers: Use your power of astrology with this platform to aware people.

Tutors: Provide educational classes to the students at your convenience.

Yoga Experts: Turn your yoga classes into virtual mode and wash the stress off of your clients.


Business Models, We Support


Online Marketplaces


  • Your own platform to connect various specialists with customers around the globe.


Standalone Consultation App


  • Your own fully customized app to take your business towards success.




  • Different professionals with diverse niches serving clients can provide clients with an unparalleled experience.


How Much Does it Cost to Develop an On-demand Consultation App Development?


The cost of developing an On-demands consultation app depends on some of the factors like:

  • App development and designing

  • Technology (Android, IOS or both)

  • Features and functionality 

  • The experience of the developers.


Other Industries We Serve


Our on-demand Services have the entire package that will ensure your branded app stands out among others. We deliver high-quality on-demand applications with premium features at reasonable rates for potential enterprises or innovative start-ups.

We implement advanced technologies to develop a smart solution with personalized services for different verticals. Our experienced team has abundant knowledge from conceptualization to post-development to ensure success. 


Why Choose Us for Online Consultation App?




For developing any mobile app, in-depth knowledge and expertise are required that you will find with us. We have a team of talented developers who have delivered several apps based on the booking app ideas.


On-time Project Delivery


  • We never hesitate to go the extra mile to deliver the project on time. Travelopro has a proven track record in delivering the app on time.


Unique Development Process


  • Our unique development process makes us a leading doctor appointment booking app solutions provider. With us, you will have a trustable product.


Experienced Developers


  • Our professionals have practical experience in transforming app ideas into reality. So, if you are looking for a doctor booking app, we are here to assist you with the same.


Latest Tech Stack


  • Our developers practically use the latest tech stack for developing doctor app solutions. It ensures fine working and is advantageous for all the stakeholders.


Focused Approach


  • We always focus on developing & delivering innovative solutions to businesses/enterprises, so they must have the best experience of app development services.


Benefits of Our Consultation App Development


On-demand apps serve useful for both the patients and the doctors to interact with each other in a hassle-free manner.


Personalized Healthcare


  • The patients can be assured of receiving personalized healthcare with the doctor on-demand service app.


Instant Service and Scheduling


  • The users can receive instant services and ease of scheduling the desired appointments with the doctors of their choice.


Ease of Booking Appointments


  • The app offers the ease of booking appointments to the patients for receiving high-end medical services.


Ease of Use


  • The dynamic app comes with interactive features offering overall ease of use to both the patients and the doctors.


Live Video Feature


  • The interactive live video feature of the doctor appointment app Android enhances the overall experience of the users.


Secure Payments


  • The patients can be assured of making payments through the secure payment gateway of the app.

Get your travel business online

If there is one thing you do today, get your travel business online. Everyone are talking of going online. Provide yourself and your agents with their own B2B/B2C booking engine. Travelopro platform consist of many components assembled to get your one stop travel software and travel technology, to automate travel business process and configured in many ways to meet your business goals. Here's what you'll get (its affordable, easy and profitable).
  • Hotels

  • Flight

  • Forex

  • Business

  • Cruise

  • Buses

  • Rails

  • Holidays

  • Cars

  • Destination

  • Sigts

  • Visa

  • Insurance

Fetaures of Online Reservation System:

  • Fast and Flexible booking engine
  • Secure, scalable and robust reservation architecture
  • Fully customized booking engine
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • User friendly interface
  • Integrated Payment Gateway
  • Multi-language support

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Powered by our Industry Leading Travel Technology – Including complete inventory and Global Fares –
Travelopro gives you the highest quality travel technology solution to power your brand.