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How Hotel Mapping Tools Work

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Hotel mapping tool unleashes the power of machine learning to specifically map hotel content. The travel profession faces a common problem of inconsistent hotel listings and a lot of hotel providers are trying to manage and resolve it. Hotel distribution market is so large and complex, and data is not displayed properly on the website.

Travelopro hotel mapping tools algorithm is completely agnostic to the source of the hotel content and also provides the best-opinionated content to further enhance the user experience. When Online Travel Agents (OTAs) combine all their data they end up with duplicating content and customers see the same hotels on their websites multiple times which leads to confusion. 

Mapping plays an extremely important role in Hotel. Hotel Mapping is a method of aggregating hotel properties from varied sources in an organized manner to avoid confusion and duplication in hotels found on a website. It guides you to take control of the integration process by hotel mapping. Mapping is the foundation stone of the whole integration process.

What Is Hotel Mapping?




Hotel Mapping is an excellent solution that adapts to the client's needs. It can be done manually but that can be extremely time consuming and complicated. Most OTAs choose a hotel aggregating API is used to accomplish the work with ease. This helps travel businesses to achieve a good customer experience from their users by aiming to prevent end-user from booking the wrong hotel.

Online Travel Agent (OTA) source their hotel data from multiple channels like bigger online travel agents, global distribution systems, and bed banks. The data gathered is also inconsistent with multiple conflicting lists of hotels. This is because each channel has its own collection of hotel listings and then another platform has a similar data set of identical listings

How To Integrate Hotel Content Mapping?




As we mentioned, manually fixing inconsistencies when it comes to Room and Hotel mapping is immensely difficult. Online travel agents end up with tons of duplicate hotels and rooms on their website which indirectly leads to confused customers. Hotel Mapping tools help to consolidate and attain control over hotel content.

Travelopro provides your customers with the best-opinionated hotel content ever available to make a purchase decision. By going beyond mapping just the available hotel data, algorithms continuously map available hotel content attributes including images, amenities, geo-location details, and more to enrich the customers’ user experience. Travelopro optimize your hotel booking, maximize your commission, minimize your costs, and deploy the latest technology without ant development costs.

Hotel mapping providers

Today all of the mapping solutions are AI-powered very few use manual data processing. Inventory of Hotel Mapping in this industry's multi-supplier environment is not an option, it's a must. Mapping is a hotel data reflection process from our end to the client end. Some have access to their property databases and allow for exporting the files with IDs to be matched later, while the other solutions automatically map existing OTA’s inventory with inventories coming from different suppliers (GDSs, bed banks, etc.)

Trawex: Accurate Hotel Mapping to Increase Your Bookings

Hotel mapping is vital to both OTAs and suppliers. It enables OTAs to make the best possible offerings by mapping data from a wide range of sources. Automated mapping also ensures that suppliers distribute their inventory with confidence, knowing that they have maximized exposure.

Maximize your sales capacity with accurate and standardized search results powered by Trawex's integrated hotel and room mapping. Use automated mapping to speed up results, minimize errors, and update your hotel inventory within 24 hours.

Trawex offers the world’s first real-time hotel mapping and Destinations mapping system. Hotels can be mapped between several suppliers using their Hotel mapping software. Their supply Enjoyable integrated travel content from your suppliers with unique IDs for both destinations and hotels.

  • Built-in travel content from the suppliers
  • Permanently updated travel information
  • Database maintenance and enhancements
  • Reliable and accurate search results
  • Best available price discounts
  • Distinctive records
  • Reduced traffic and response time of the booking platform/ selling interface

GIATA- Boost Your Booking Engine with The World’s Largest Hotel and Mapping Database

GIATA, the world’s largest hotel database, announces today's strategic cooperation with the solutions, the booking engine company that offers more than 500 connections for travel agencies and tour operators. 

It offers a unified booking engine without duplicates including all of GIATA’s uniquely identified 655,000 properties. The partnership significantly increases the content value proposition for our clients, who can now apply GIATA’s de-duped hotel database including 45 million supplier mappings and relating hotel content within GIATA solutions. This co-operation boosts its ability to serve each customer with the most relevant travel services details and content.

GIATA data and distribution solutions are used by thousands of OTAs, travel agencies, portals, tour operators, DMCs, and hotels to manage their own in-house databases. Hotel mapping is used for internal administration and communication with your suppliers and sales partners as well as for booking processing. 

GIATA’s multilingual hotel database provides standardized and consistent texts for more than 330,000 hotels in 24 languages and hotel factsheets for many more numerous hotels. This integration would allow your clients with multiple hotel API suppliers to leverage GIATA’s hotel mapping and de-duplication service Multi-Codes to showcase unique hotel content to their customers across multiple sales channels.

Room Type Mapping

Room mapping is a process of identifying room level data through multiple parameters, detecting which room listings are the same, and discarding duplicate results. It is achieved to display rooms accurately meanwhile sorting them by various filters according to the user’s preference. GIATA’s Room Type Mapping works across multiple inventory sources from GDSs, Bed Banks, Wholesalers, DMCs, and more Products.

Room Type Mapping is accessed via a highly performant API where supplier room names are categorized, grouped and standardized using the following key attributes:

  • Room Type
  • Class
  • View
  • Features (e.g. Balcony)
  • Bed Type
  • Number of Bedrooms

Gimmonix: Streamlined Supplier Integration

Gimmonix also offers business intelligence tools. Gimmonix is a technology company that helps travel businesses increase their revenue and improve their productivity through automated mapping technology, API connectivity, and profit optimization tools. Gimmonix pushes the limits of technology to help travel businesses minimize duplication and maximize performance with its cutting-edge, web-based products. 

Gimmonix is a rapidly growing technology company spearheading the latest in hotel supplier aggregation and distribution technology, providing aggregation and optimization services to its partners in the travel space. Gimmonix suite of products includes:

  • Travolutionary – Aggregation and hotel APIs distribution
  • Mapping. Works – Hotel and room level mapping
  • Reservation. Works – Booking funnel optimization

DataBindR: Powerful Hotel Mapping And Room Mapping Made Easy!

DataBindR is a cloud mapping provider that uses machine learning and natural language processing. They offer two solutions for hotel data mapping: HotelMappR and RoomBindR.

DataBindR is an Accommodation Mapping as services focused on Hotel and Room validation using Machine Learning Anyone in the travel industry that sells hotels from their catalogue, either directly contracted or from other suppliers knows the hassle behind mapping (also called matching) these items together. HotelBindr and HotelMappR allow your business to fully map your Hotel Portfolio while cutting costs.


HotelMappR is perfect if you publish an online event. It focused to deliver the best value, quality, and superior customer service. So, for an ultimate and intimate traveling experience, you can always trust MappR Hotels. It connects the HotelMappR platform to your event business, automates attendee hotel booking and effortlessly reclaims the commission from your attendees' hotel stays. 


Room mapping is a process of identifying room level data through multiple parameters, detecting which room listings are the same, and discarding duplicate results. It is carried out to display rooms accurately meanwhile sorting them by various filters according to the customers need. For better customer experience, it is crucial to identify categories uniquely across multiple providers along with Room type, Description, Room ID, amenities, Bed type, Policy and much more. Room Mapping facilitates the various combinations of room type, conditions and types of board available per hotel, without duplicates (prioritising the results by price). In this way, it increases the conversion ratio.

Clarifi - Real-Time Hotel Mapping

Clarifi, a real-time hotel mapping and content-delivery system that delivers data for about one million properties worldwide. Clarifi solves Hotel Mapping problem across suppliers with accuracy and delivers mapped content with quality. Clarifi allows you to generate and test new ideas, and understand market themes and opportunities-in order to create actionable investment signals on the fly. Clarifi offering enables clients to seamlessly incorporate proprietary and third-party data. 

Clarifi Features:

  • Good quality image
  • QC Routine checks
  • Multi-lingual 
  • Enhance user-experience
  • Pre-integrates suppliers
  • Stay-up-to-date with clarifi's content
  • Reports and notifications with system alerts

Clarifi the world's first real-time hotel mapping and descriptive content delivery system. A patent-pending travel technology solution designed to solve the inconsistent distribution of hotel content across the travel industry. Clarifi is the only content syndication system that standardizes the distribution of such vast numbers of descriptive and illustrative hotel content such as star ratings, accommodations, geocodes, names, products, descriptions, images, nearby attractions, and static content with 99.5% accuracy of mappings.

Juniper Unique Hotel: An Integrated Booking Engine Solution With Mapping Opportunities

Juniper Unique Hotel allows you to offer hotel results without duplicates and prioritize by Price or Supplier. It optimizes the results of accommodation searches, offering all room and board type combinations without duplicates.

Juniper Booking Engine's module helps to avoid duplicating accommodations from different XML Suppliers in search results, and prioritizes them by price or supplier. Juniper Unique Hotel, allows you to offer Hotel results without duplicates and prioritize them by price or supplier. With Unique Hotel you'll get an extensive worldwide hotel database.

Juniper is a travel solutions provider from Spain that offers services for OTAs, hotels, DMCs, and wholesalers alike. Booking engine connects to the source database via XML and maps the content. Juniper Booking Engine is connected to over 300 suppliers. 

Travelopro Hotel Mapping Solution- Bespoke Mapping Solutions

Hotel mapping is important for both OTAs and suppliers. It allows OTAs to provide the best offerings possible by mapping data from numerous sources. Hotel mapping service for OTAs, meta-search engines, wholesalers, and other travel platforms. Our hotel mapping is used for internal management and communication with your suppliers and sales partners as well as for booking processing. 

Hotel mapping is the process by which a hotel aggregator identifies each service provider listing for a given hotel as being for the same hotel. The aggregator then matches the listing of each supplier to its master listing (for the Grand Hotel, in the example below) and determines the best title, description, pictures, and address spelling to be displayed in a hotel booking to an end-user who is looking for that hotel.

Hotel Mapping Modules handles all necessary hotel details: 

  • Quick Mapping Results: Updated content to customers with mapping results in under 24 hours. 
  • Automatic De-duplication: improve customer experience and boost conversation rates 100% de-duplication. 
  • Code Fixes: Increase sales with automatic inactive code replacement.
  • Error Reduction: Eliminate costly mapping errors and booking mistakes caused by manual mapping with 99.9% accuracy. 
  • Enriched Data: Create the best user experience to drive bookings with automatic data enrichment. 
  • User Control: Eliminate 3rd party dependencies, control your data sources and mapping frequency. 
  • Reporting: Access current and past mappings as well as reports for full visibility into the process.

dcs plus: Unique IDs for Both Destinations and Hotels

dcs plus– the newest version of the Travel booking system-brings all the great features and functionalities of a robust travel reservation system encased in a completely redesigned interface. This travel content aggregation platform allows for easy booking and distribution of any type of travel service: flight, car, insurance, hotel, cruise, activity, as well as travel packages.

Having the database fully and accurately mapped means you can offer your client the newest content and the best deals available on the market. A database that is not correctly cleaned and continuously mapped may cause you to miss your suppliers' latest additions, book hotels that are wrongly allocated, and increase the response time of your engine. 

Hotel mapping refers to joining into a single record, a hotel that exists in one or more supplier systems with a unique ID. Using a complete and integrated database with unique identification for destinations and hotels, Content Mapping service allows you to enjoy the content from the world's most important providers.

Why Is Hotel Mapping Important?




Hotels need to be mapped when a hotel booking engine offers inventory from multiple suppliers. Suppliers—like wholesalers, Online Travel Agents (OTA), and Global Distribution Systems (GDS)—can have contracts with the same hotel as other suppliers, but in their distribution systems they have different information on that hotel.

A fully mapped database with no duplicates:

The data collected from the suppliers is modified using an advanced matching algorithm, assisted and verified through manual input, eradicating duplicates and creating unique IDs for both destinations and hotels. 

Permanent updates and improvements:

Hotel mapping tool includes also maintenance of the database, by performing regular updates and improvements. This means that all new getaways and hotels that appear in the supplier’s systems and also the latest changes, will be offered in our platform. 

Optimized results and increased performance of the selling platform

Using our hotel mapping service, the client will be able to search among unique results from several suppliers, sort out these results by price, category etc. and easily find the best available price offer in its own selling interface (B2B or B2C)


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