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Dynamic Packaging Solutions for Online Booking Engines: Building One-Stop Shop for Travel Experience

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Dynamic packaging has been introduced as an innovative technology permits for the automated online configuration and assembling of packaged travel products for individual customers. 

Presently travelers must visit manually multiple independent websites to plan their trip, register their personal information multiple times, spend hours or days waiting for response or confirmation, and make multiple payments by credit card. Consumers are discouraged with the lack of functionality. They are demanding the ability to create, manage and update itineraries. With dynamic packaging technology, travelers can develop customized trips that combine customer preferences with flights, car rentals, hotel, and leisure activities in a single price.

A dynamic packaging application allows consumers or travel agents to develop trip components. These systems allow the customer to specify a set of preferences for a vacation, for example a five-day stay at the Madeira island, and dynamically access and query a set of information sources to asset component such as air fares, car rental, and leisure activities in real time.

Types of Dynamic Packaging


Dynamic Packaging


1. Static Packaging – A package with fixed components defined by suppliers, for which component prices do not change based on customer input or business rules (itinerary dates may be flexible but the component options are fixed).

2. Semi-Dynamic Packages – A static package with swappable fixed components (i.e., the component prices do not change based on customer input or business rules, but overall price may change based on customer substitution of different fixed components, e.g., hotel or room type, or activities). This package is dynamic in one sense as the price will change based on customer choice of individual components, but static in that the individual component prices do not change based on business rules. 

3. Dynamic Pricing – A package for which the overall price is affected by price
Changes in components based on business rules (e.g., the combination of package elements, the value of the customer to the retailer, or the mark-up target of the intermediary).

4. Dynamic Packaging – A package for which the overall price and component prices change based on business rules (e.g., the combination of package elements, the value of the customer to the supplier, packager or intermediary).

How Dynamic Packaging Is Beneficial For Travel Business?




Dynamic packaging is basically combination of multiple services like hotel and flight, flight and car, hotel and car, flight, hotel and car. It dynamically bring the combination of respective service and traveling can book the simultaneously. It’s given real time rate of different services allowing traveller to choose. Dynamic packaging save time of traveller and save money of booking multi services in one go. 

Global Distribution System GDS is a great switch connecting several CRSs. A GDS integrates tourism information about airlines, hotels, car rentals, cruises, and other travel products. It is used almost entirely by travel agents. The airline industry initiated the GDS concept in the 1960s. As with CRSs, the goal was to keep track of airline schedules, avail-ability, fares, and related services. 

Dynamic packaging facilitates the travelers to create their own package of flights, accommodation, and car rental in lieu of buying a pre-defined package. The customer can pick, select and design his/her own ideal holiday. It’ll be not the tour operator but the customer who selected the beach where she’d sunbathe, the hotel she’d stay and the flight she’d fly to her destination. With dynamic packaging, the travel agent or the tour operator can offer a tailor-made holiday package which best suits the traveler’s needs and tastes.

Which Are Best Features Of Dynamic Packaging?




Dynamic packages are mainly sold online. The huge margins and high sale price endear this novel travel product to travel agents and tour operators. Many of them are busy getting travel technology companies to develop travel software with dynamic packaging of flights and hotels.

Travel software with dynamic packaging of flights and hotels need to dynamically source inventories of flights, accommodation and car rental components for the package in real-time. The software also has to dynamically synthesize the customer’s option into packages and give the total price. Individual prices are not informed to the customer, but, anyway, they’ll be less than when they are bought as one component.

Travel software with dynamic packaging of flights and hotels will offer the travel agent or the tour operator an inventory management system, mark-up engine with business rules and a ticket issuing and resolution system. With such great software, you can offer dynamic packages to your customers direct from your website. An experienced travel technology company can design your system and deliver a workable dynamic package solution for travel retailers.

Travel agency software with dynamic packaging of flights and hotels empowers travel retailers to package several travel products in real-time and sell it in one transaction across multiple distribution channels. With such sophisticated software, travel agents can deal with both internal and externally sourced products (air, hotel, activities, transfers, cruises, etc) for packaging.

Who Offers Best Dynamic Packaging System?


Travelopro, World’s leading online travel company, contains a profound belief of Indian customer’s travel desires and preferences. It offers Holiday Packages Deals across the world, a job into various segments of travelers. Whereas the dynamic or customized Domestic Holiday Packages offer customers a choice to produce and style their vacation, Holiday Packages for Family have a pre-designed itinerary; therefore guaranteeing there’s one thing to delight that the vacation desires of each reasonably someone.

Why Travel Agent use Dynamic Packaging System?


Dynamic Packaging

Travelopro offers best Dynamic Packaging System with powerful dynamic packaging software solution for tour operators enabling their customers to build customized package with hotels, flights, car rental and other travel services instead of purchasing a pre-defined package.

Travelopro have team of experienced developers who develop best Dynamic Packaging System, Dynamic Packaging Software, with advanced Dynamic Packaging Engine that come with which help travel agents or tour operator to manage inventory, define business rules, set prices and markup and build package as per customer requirements.

Dynamic Packaging provides a wide range of travel services including flight, hotel, transfer, and other travel services that can be reserved together as one tour or vacation package.

Dynamic Packaging System is complete Dynamic Packaging Software comes with advanced Dynamic Packaging Engine which helps to identify business rules that are applied to customer at time of booking so it becomes easy to add mark-up and dynamically package flight, hotel and other service in one vacation package. 

Dynamic Packaging System empowers tour operators and travel agents to store travel inventory of flight, hotel, tour, transfer, car rental and other travel solutions and dynamically combine it together into one tour or vacation package as per customer requirements.

Dynamic Packaging comes with advanced feature of XML API Integration which allow travel agent to get inventory of flights, hotels, etc from global travel suppliers and combine it with their inventory to build dynamic packages of multiple services such as hotels, flights, tours, transfers.

Advantages of Dynamic Packaging


Dynamic Packaging


  • Flexibility is one of the key advantages to creating and Building your own holiday. 
  • Traditional package holidays may only offer set durations with restricted departure dates, whereas there are no such restrictions when designing and building your own holiday. 
  • The same flexibility applies to your budget, by booking separate travel components (flights, accommodation, transfers, car rental and excursions) travellers can decide to apportion their budgets accordingly, say between flights and accommodation.

Whilst some travellers may prefer to pay more for good flight times and to fly with a (full-frills) schedule airline and are prepared to pay more for this convenience, others may choose to fly with a low-cost budget airline and allocate more of their budget to increase the grade or standard of accommodation.


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