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  • Online travel booking engine
  • Multiple sales channels - B2B, B2B2B, B2B2C
  • Centralised mid-office
  • Ability to connect multiple GDS, LCC, and third party APIs
  • Complete Reservation Management
  • Travel Agent Management
  • Transactional Accounting
  • Accounting System Integration
  • Comprehensive system to manage rates, discounts and allocation
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Multiple Supplier APIs
  • Add direct contracts
  • Redistribution API

Create A Travel Website - Complete Guide for Creating a Travel Booking Website

The Perfect Platform To Create A Website For Travel


Travel Agency Website


What Is A Travel Website?


First, let’s get to basics. What does a travel website really do? A travel site can really entail a few things, which would include:


  • Provide content (newsletter, blog or hybrid of both)

  • Create a Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • Provide travel products through an e-commerce website

  • Service-based website to help land clients (like consulting or a travel agency)


A travel website really seeks one goal. Helping other people find answers. Expedia helps people book their travel plans through airfare, hotels, and more.

Meanwhile, a travel blog like Travelopro, helps people find answers about cities before they start their journey. This is what travel and tourism websites used to do, but then blogging came along and people could provide their first-hand perspectives.

If you help people, you will find success. If you’ve traveled the world, you will indeed have some perspective of the pain points associated with traveling.

Try to solve that answer and you will find success.


Pros and Cons of Building a Travel Website


Travel Agency website for Tours & Travels


There are some pros and cons to building a website in the travel niche.


Pros of Building a Travel Website


  • You unlock travel opportunities, which could result in discounted or free travel

  • Unlimited income potential, you simply don’t know where it could possibly take you

  • Opportunity to network with other travel enthusiasts

  • If you really love travel, building a website is doing something you love… You’ll never have to “work” a day in your life


Cons of Building a Travel Website


  • Could result in lost time for little gain

  • You could lose a little bit of money if it doesn’t all work out

  • At the end of the day, building a travel website has much more to gain than to lose.


How to Create Travel Agency Website (Step-by-Step)


Steps to Create A Travel Website


Creating a website for your tour company is an important step to gaining customers and awareness about your brand. Travelers often discover new tour operators online, and they want to be able to learn about you and what you do, check out what your experiences you have on offer, and book!

The main reason for creating a Travel Agency Website is to reach out to the maximum number of customers. Let me help you a little bit and make your work easier and handful. In this article, we will tell you "Why and How to Create a Travel Website."

Travel Agencies' audience is worldwide and what is a better way to reach out to their potential customers except for A Best Travel Agency Website? No matter what, if you don't have a good website, then it means you are far behind from your competitors.

As a small travel operator, you know that your website is your shop window to the world!

Gone are the days of glossy sales brochures and direct mail leaflets.

The Internet is where customers find travel operators, inquire about tours, and book their travel experiences.

To succeed as a small travel operator, you need to have a beautiful website that is functional, informative, and provides a seamless customer journey.

It also needs to work across multiple devices, especially on mobile.


Why You Need To Create A Travel Agency Website.


Why you need a Travel Website


Here are some of the core reasons "Why You Need to Create A Travel Agency Website."


A travel agency is one of such businesses that require a user-friendly website but it's very important to understand Why You Need to Create a Travel Agency Website?

While deciding to plan for travel every traveler looks up to the internet for information. So, think to yourself whether it is okay or not to own a good user-friendly website that serves their potential visitors with all of the information they want for? 


   1Attract and grab new clients: 


When you succeed in making yourself available on the internet, an eye-catching website helps you to grab the attention of new clients. Your website is the reason for capturing the maximum number of customers.


     2. Find and book tours easily: 


An easy to find and fast tour booking service puts extra value on the website because your targeted audiences are not just Young People who are up to date with the latest trends but work seamlessly for all.


    3Delivers your full services to your customers: 


Your attractive and appealing website can efficiently deliver and introduce all of your available services to your customers. Therefore, it is your term to deliver the full services you offer and summarize all the requirements of any traveling plan.


   4Help to create a brand image and value: 


Most of the customer's surf online before they make their contact with any travel agency. When they find you on the internet, your customers feel more comfortable and confident. These are increased brand values and much more.


    524/7 interaction & service: 

24/7 service is a great advantage having a website because the traditional approach of visiting an office for making any travel plans is now officially over. Now, you will be able to serve your customers 24/7 with any information they need.


    6Customer feedback gets Improved website: 


Customer feedback undoubtedly improves the service as well as the website; also, you will have the advantage to improve your business accordingly. More feedback means a more improved website and more customer retention.


   7Easy distribution of new offers: 


A website is a great source to learn about a new traveling place and new offers from any travel agency. You can offer exclusive offers and advertise your agency through the website freely, effectively, and strategically without any difficulty and troubles.


What’s The Cost Of Building A Travel Website?


Whats the Cost of building a Travel Website


With the growing competition in the market, the importance of building an outstanding online presence is undeniable. Are you wondering, how to create a website for a travel agency? Do you want to calculate your budget in advance? Read on to find the answers on website solutions depending on the size of your travel business.

The travel portal development cost is something that can create destruction among the young entrepreneurs since many can charge you unnecessarily. Hence, when you go out to hire the best travel portal development company in India, you must have a certain basic idea about travel portal development costs.

This can land you in a better space since it would enable you to evaluate each quotation with ease.

So, We will give you each and every service for which you should be charged in making a travel website.


Here you go:


1. Quality of service does determine the cost to make a travel website:


Cost to make a travel website depends a lot on the kind of company you are hiring, and its quality of service. Yes, this is very much the factor since it depends on a lot of projects that the company has handled. The more quality of a number of projects that the company has handled, the more quality the company would have.

So, even it costs you a little extra for a travel portal solution. You should go to them.


2. Depends what you should go for GDS or API:


Well, there are two systems that you can use in a travel portal software that can be GDS or API. You can use any of them as per your budget.

GDS comes in a little costly budget, whereas, API comes in a fairly budget. But GDS is more of an indigenous network that tends to work better.

On the other hand, if you are on a budget, travel portal software with API is the best suitable system for you.

So, this does influence travel portal development costs to a great extent.


3. Security of travel portal:


If you want your travel portal secured from all kinds of threats and mischievous behavior, then you have to make sure that the security of the travel portal is maintained. This would prevent anyone from stealing any kind of data from the site.

And to enable such a system, a travel portal development company needs to enable captcha and 3d verification code. Obviously, you would be charged for that.


4. Secured payment gateway:


The secured payment gateway also influences travel portal development costs to a great extent. And you should always go for it since an online travel agency website deals with a lot of transactions online. Ignoring it, and keeping opening can cost you big time over here.

Hence, you have to make sure that the payment gateway is secured and people can do the transaction without any hassle.


5. Fast and responsive site:


A travel portal has to be fast and responsive, especially in this day and age, when people are looking for fast browsing and access.

This needs the special skill set on the part of developers, hence, it is supposed to influence travel portal development cost. And one is charged according to that.


6. Well-structured website:


Since the travel portal is an online forum then you have to make sure that the structure of the website is maintained while being developed. Yes, well-structured websites tend to do well in online marketing, and most of your potential users would thrive online.

Hence, you have to make sure that the travel website is well structured so that people find it useful.


Why Travelopro Is The Best Choice For Your Website?


Create a website easily.


  • With Travelopro, you are able to easily create your own professional website without technical knowledge.

  • Total creative freedom.

  • Release your creativity to give your projects the best and develop your online presence. We take care of the rest!

  • Start your website quickly.

  • With a few clicks, you publish your website, add all our functionalities to create the website of your dreams.

  • Our team is at your side to succeed.

  • Our team is totally available to quickly help you when you need it.


What Features Make For A Great Website?


Regardless of the website platform or technology, there are a few best practice features that make a travel website great:

The travel booking portal requires a lot of attention in terms of functionality. There are various options depending on the purpose. But some of the features are almost a must-have for any travel project.


Listings management. 


  • With the thousands of offers changing in real-time mode, a travel booking website requires an algorithm to manage all the inquiries. This includes tracking if the option is still available, if the price is suitable, etc. From the technical point of view, this might imply working with API or web crawling services.


Currency converter. 


  • This plugin makes your international clients feel much more comfortable. If they know what amount of their currency they actually have to pay, the decision to make a purchase comes way easier.


Payment collection. 


  • If users can make purchases straight through your website, you need to expect to incorporate several payment methods (e.g., Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, etc.). Some might work better than others for various clients.


Booking confirmation. 


  • There are various booking plugins for this feature, but sometimes they fail to actually connect with the service provider. So, you may want to test the options first and see what works best. Or develop your own customized solution.


Map integration. 


  • Though the regular Google maps are right at hand, it’s still way easier to click on the same web site than to go somewhere else. Re-shifting attention of the client to check where the place to travel actually is may rob you of the deal. Foresee your own map integration to keep the customer involved as long as possible.


Price tracker. 


  • Some travel booking decisions are very spontaneous. And they mostly come from a good sale of tourism companies. So, add a price tracker to your project and you will be able to offer the lowest prices and discounts in real-time mode.


Trip planner. 


  • This plugin (or a separately developed feature) helps your clients to construct complicated routes. Once they get involved in the process on your web site, the possibility of making the purchase rises manifold.




  • Help your customers quickly find what they are searching for. Install various filters to easy the choice making.

  • And there are additional options like the weather forecast, client reviews, rankings, videos, etc. You might not need all the features you could think of for an MVP. Choose the basics to start with.

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