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TTC Travel Mart is the first independent and neutral B2B table top in indonesia

TTC Travel Mart - Brings People Together To Promote Inbound, Outbound and Domestic Tourism in unique.

Travel Mart offers unlimited opportunities for everyone to explore the market and publicize their destination/ product/ organization at one place.

TTC Travel Mart is held twice a year. This year, this independent tourist exchange was held in Jakarta City and Surabaya City. In Jakarta, it was held in the month of March at Redtop Hotel, Pecenongan, Jakarta. Then the second event took place at JW Marriot Surabaya. This year a total of 65 sellers from Indonesia also took part. They offer the potential of business to business (B2B) transactions for various destinations such as Bali, Yogyakarta, Labuan Bajo, Medan, and others. Foreign sellers tried to attract blessings from sellers and buyers who were present there. Jakarta - Currently, tourism trends to various regions and abroad have begun to cherish the people of Indonesia. This has triggered a lot of exhibitions titled travel fair or travel mart. One of them has just been held on Monday (5/3/2018) then TTC Travel Mart held a tourism exhibition at the Redtop Hotel. This year, the TTC Travel Mart in Jakarta was held at the Redtop Hotel on Monday (05/03/2018) and in Surabaya today Wednesday (07/03/2018) at the JW Marriott Hotel. "The graphic exhibitors also continued to grow positively. In 2017, in the TTC Travel Mart report book, there were 150 sellers and 642 buyers in Jakarta. Then for those in the city of Surabaya, East Java, there were 122 sellers and 249 buyers, "Tedjo Iskandar said. TTC Travel Mart Founder.

TTC specialized in managing tourism and helping business to grow by providing business networks

TTC Travel Mart give chances for domestic and overseas tourism providers to meet and create potential tourism product and package. The Redtop Hotel & Convention Center in Central Jakarta hosts the Tiara Tunggal Cemerlang (TTC), TravelMart, on Monday. Over 150 travel agents reportedly participated in this year's biannual event. ( Nugrahani). Held at the Redtop Hotel & Convention Center in Central Jakarta, the participants reportedly came from all over Indonesia as well as around the globe including Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Turkey, China, Thailand, the Philippines, India, Australia, the Netherlands, and United Arab Emirates. Through a buyer-meet-seller structure, the travel mart is using an informal table-top formation to provide more freedom for buyers to interact and negotiate with sellers without having to make any appointments or to negotiate in a restricted time limit. "The Indonesian economy is in good condition, otherwise they might not come to Indonesia to sell their country's products. But in the future, they will prioritize domestic tourists. With 10 new destinations, and grieving for Lombok, believes there is still a lot of potential for Indonesian domestic tourists, "Tedjo Iskandar.

TTC Travel Mart is the place to share the networking, new destinations and the latest trend in global tourism. TTC Travel Mart give chances for domestic and overseas tourism providers to meet and create potential tourism product and package. TTC is a Jakarta-based hub for the travel and hospitality industry. TTC specialized in managing tourism and hospitality events and training and development for human resources in those industries. In the event, the TTC Travel Market is the seller is generally from overseas to meet with buyers from Indonesia who sell tour packages to the community with very varied types of packages. TTC Travel Mart was also considered as the right place to introduce Indonesian tourism, because most of the sellers involved, came from abroad, such as Australia, Korea, Japan, Europe, and Turkey. Over 150 travel agents participated in this year's Tiara Tunggal Cemerlang (TTC) Travel Mart, a biannual independent business-to-business (B2B) outbound travel event.

The event will provide an excellent opportunity to the exhibitors to spread information about their growth of tourism and related industry.

Tedjo Iskandar as the founder of TTC Travel Mart, when met at the Redtop Hotel in Jakarta on Monday (25/2) said that the travel mart is hoped that tourism actors from various countries can stay in touch with each other, update products and also tell each country’s potential so that able to revive tourism throughout the country. “I certainly see and realize so much potential for tourism into Indonesia and also outside Indonesia that it is necessary to always be developed together with other tourism actors,” Tedjo explained. TTC Travel Mart's initiator Tedjo Iskandar, who is the owner and director of TTC Destination Networking, said the event wanted to become the place where travel agents from all over the world were able to exchange business information and build networks with each other. Tedjo Iskandar, as the Founder of the TTC Travel Mart, said, the business meeting of tourism businesses was attended by 140 participants. 140 participants of the tourism actors from within and outside the country, ranging from travel agents to the hospitality industry. TTC Travel Mart offers business to business concepts for buyers and sellers without the need for agreements or time limits in negotiations. According to Tedjo, the meaning is very positive. Indonesia is a good market. Economically also good. And it also means that the purchasing power of Indonesians to travel abroad is quite good.

According to Tedjo Iskandar, TTC Travel Mart Founder, said, entering the 28th year of the TTC Travel Mart, experienced positive growth. So, the amount of increase this year reached 10 percent compared to the previous year, "said Tedjo Iskandar, Founder of TTC Travel Mart, through a press release received by, Wednesday (7/3/2018). Tedjo added, there were 176 participants of the TTC Travel Mart in Jakarta. But in total there were 186 because there were also those who took part in the TTC Travel Mart at JW Marriott, Surabaya, East Java. "Compared to last year we experienced an increase. The amount is up to 10 percent (Sellers) or around 20 sellers, "he continued. This, Tedjo said, means that it is very positive that Indonesia is a good market. Economically also good. And it also means that the purchasing power of Indonesians to travel abroad is quite good. "Nevertheless, Indonesia's market share is still too large. So even though there is such behavior and there is a decreasing behavior in how to buy tour packages out, but there is still a large market share for travel agents who sell abroad. "Tedjo concluded.

TTC Travel Mart give chance for domestic and overseas tourism provide to meet and create potential tourism product and packages.

TTC Travel Mart is routinely held twice a year to welcome school holidays, Eid holidays and year-end holidays. This time is the 27th consecutive time for 14 years. The interesting thing about each event and has become a characteristic of TTC Travel Mart is that it is independent and always conceptualized a tabletop with free appointments. This effort was made so that the business to business (BTOB) meeting was a maximum success. "To optimize, I always suggest many times that the seller is more pro-active to follow up on the results of the cooperation that was agreed from the beginning. So that the benefits of participating in this tour are more optimal, "Tedjo concluded. "The implementation of the TTC Travel Mart in these two places is expected to contribute to increasing tourist visits and increasing the business network of travel agencies," said TTC Travel Mart Tedjo Iskandar. By continuing to carry the characteristics of a travel mart by TTC Indonesia, the meeting between sellers-buyers at the TTC Travel Mart Signature is not determined by the duration as in the tabletop. The development of Indonesian tourism at this time, increasingly shows that existing products can be directed to any market segmentation.

Many Representative in Indonesia is participating at TTC Travel Mart in three major cities in Indonesia, namely Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali in the months of March respectively. Taking part in the event, representative promotes tourism and its latest development to the trade partners in Indonesia, especially the travel agents/buyers from those three cities in this B2B travel mart. Through this event, travel trade representatives from all over the world are able to meet and encourage Indonesian buyers to create unique packages for the needs of the Indonesian market. Indonesia is a key potential source market for travel and tourism will continue to explore more international source markets to diversify a market portfolio. In 2011, TTC Travel Mart welcomed over 220,000 Indonesian visitors, a growth of 5.7%. In the first two months of 2012, visitors from Indonesia registered an increase of 6.9%. There are 527 travel agents and 679 visitors participating in this year's TTC travel mart. Among them, 276 agents are from Jakarta, 145 from Surabaya, 67 from Bali and 39 from other cities. The number of participating sellers has increased by 20% compared to last year.

Large population, positive economic growth and the ability to purchase power to travel abroad is large, making Indonesia a "tempting" market share for tour operators abroad. This fact causes many exhibitions with headlines such as travel fairs and / or travel marts in big cities in Indonesia. Especially Jakarta and Surabya. One of them is TTC Travel Mart. Every year, TTC Travel Mart always holds two events in two different cities, namely Jakarta and Surabaya. However, there is something that must be underlined. Currently, there are patterns or behaviors that attract prospective tourists when they decide to buy a tour package abroad. Namely through exhibitions and browsing on online travel. Seeing that need, TTC Indonesia as the organizer of the TTC Travel Mart which has been implementing it for 18 years, held this event called the TTC Travel Mart Signature at Redtop Hotel Jakarta. Participants 36 sellers from Indonesia and abroad. And buyers in attendance were 416 people. This thematic travel mart focuses on providers of lifestyle travel needs such as hotels and resorts, operators of outdoor activities, tour boat operators including yachts, Wi-Fi rental providers and so on.

TTC is the Only Independent & Neutral B2B Travel Mart in Indonesia. It's regularly organized twice a year since 2005. Most of the tour packages sold at the event are for the long-haul market, which includes far-flung destinations that require day-long flights. TTC Travel Mart was held in Jakarta in the month of March. Indonesia seems to be a nice and beautiful destination for foreign tourists. A total of 136 sellers from abroad such as Asia, Asia Pacific, America to Europe ‘seduce’ buyers from Indonesia to visit the country in a tourist exchange event titled TTC Travel Mart. The business meeting of the tourism actors was attended by domestic and foreign tourism actors, starting from the travel agent to the hospitality industry, taking place at the Red Top Hotel in Jakarta. However, there is currently a pattern or behavior attracting potential tourists when they decide to buy a tour package abroad. Namely through exhibitions and browsing on online travel. "For millennials, they are more comfortable browsing through the internet. But not a few are still looking for tour packages through exhibitions, "he added. This habit turns out to influence the behavior of how to look for tour packages for overseas tours. And also influential to participants who will take part in tourist exhibitions. In terms, participants took the travel mart down to 20 percent. "Surely this international-scale TTC Travel Mart should be supported. How not, travel agents from various cities and parts of the world are present at this event. Of course, this is an opportunity for local sellers to exchange information about tourism, which is dedicated to the development of tourism in South Sulawesi, "he explained. The TTC Travel Mart has proven to produce profitable business transactions so that both the company and its tourism people take advantage of this event for learning activities from foreign sellers.

TTC Travel Mart is an event twice a year which is always eagerly awaited by tourism businesses both at home and abroad. The 31st exhibition was held carrying the concept of business to business that presents more than 130 business people. Most tourism businesses come from outside Indonesia. They bring a variety of tourism potential of each country to be distributed to tourism actors in Indonesia. Likewise, vice versa Indonesia also contributes by offering a variety of beautiful tourism destinations. This event is a place to showcase the various potentials of each country so as to generate tourism in all countries including Indonesia. TTC Travel Mart will also be present in Medan on 11 September. While tourist promotion agencies from Asian cities and countries were also present including Tourism Boards Korea, Macau, Penang, Philippines, Okinawa, Sarawak. They met with buyers (buyers) from Bali, Balikpapan, Bandung, Bintan, Lombok, Manado, Medan, Semarang, Surabaya, Banjarmasin and from other cities throughout Indonesia including Papua. "Foreign participants generally take part in activities simultaneously in two cities because their activities take place in marathons in Jakarta and Medan. While some Indonesian buyers do not participate in selling in Medan. From Bandung, for example, sending at least 43 travel agents in the tourism market, while from Regional Sumatra there were 98 agents while from Medan alone there were 85 travel agents. "

TTC (Tourism Training Center) Travel Mart is the only independent Travel Mart that is routinely held twice a year. In the history of its implementation, TTC Travel Mart received positive responses from travel agent partners in various cities in Indonesia supported by many supporting countries. The concept of B2B (business to business) within the framework of "Buyer Meet Seller" with informal tabletop formations offered by TTC, gives freedom for buyers to visit sellers without requiring agreements or time limits in negotiations. TTC Travel Mart Signature designed for everyone that focuses on the resort, outdoor activities, unique signature activities, and destination. There are many interesting things from TTC every year, the most interesting thing is actually Om Tedjo himself, he is so friendly with travel friends both in Indonesia and abroad and always brings atmosphere into a good friendship. At the TTC event, they deserve to give thumbs up Om Tedjo has brought together Domestic & International Tourism Business actors with TTC independently. This habit turns out to influence the behavior of how to look for tour packages for overseas tours. And also influential to participants who will take part in tourist exhibitions. Participants in the travel mart fell by 20 percent.

TTC Travel Mart is back to carry out international-level tourist exchanges by presenting overseas product sellers and buyers of tour package products. Through his hard struggle as a tour leader (TL), then the countries in the world were successfully captured. Even now as a practitioner and motivator for traveling, Tedjo is able to print hundreds of TL abroad. At present, TTC Travel Mart has taken place 26 times in Jakarta, 18 times in Surabaya, 7 times in Medan, and 2 times in Makassar. "I make it twice a year, in the first quarter and third quarter," Tedjo said. The Tedjo team to organize a TTC Travel Mart is also not many, only four people. It was D-day before he asked the children and his wife for help. Although only a mini team, the effectiveness of this activity has been proven to bring business to buyers and sellers.

A number of travel agency names are seen for the first time following the "tourist market" such as Abatera Tourism from Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Orient Mice from Uzbekistan. In addition, there is the name of a travel agency that has frequently participated in similar events such as Andalan Usaha Cermerlang travel agency and Tour Horas from within the country. Being a matchmaker for buyers and sellers turned out to be the right decision. Starting from 16 tables, TTC Travel continues to grow until it has sold 190 tables and brought in hundreds of buyers from home and abroad. They are inviting new destinations for participation, new attractions, new NTOs, etc. They are combining now with some presentations in Jakarta for promoting new destinations and programs. With the experiences of handling the previous TTC Travel Marts - they are confident to deliver you the beneficial results.

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