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Rail Booking APIs: How to Sell Train Tickets from GDSs, Tech Providers, and Global Railway Carriers

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Your rail journeys are quickly becoming a travel choice for travellers all over the world. Passengers finding the right travel opportunities need to be more advised about the advantages of travelling by train. Online travel agencies definitely need useful rail bookings on their websites. API allows access to a huge collection of Trains and Stations data the includes features like Train Live status, PNR status, and much more. 

Travelopro delivering passenger rail technology solutions that connect railways with the rest of the travel marketplace. We provide modular and flexible rail booking API to power rail travel today and in the future. Increasing customer expectations, passenger rail deregulation, and a wider travel choice are creating a new competitive landscape for the rail industry.

Rail Booking API allows any Railway to connect their inventory, pricing, rules, and ticketing capability to a single platform for easy multi-use distribution options. B2B platform that allows travel companies to sell international rail passes and tickets in real-time through websites. We provide innovative railway software technology that connects you to travel agencies worldwide and adapts to your railway’s needs to meet the traveller's expectations.

Rail APIs from GDSs: Access to all main rail carriers




A Global Distribution System or GDS System is an aggregator of travel data that serves Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and booking websites. Our Rail APIs deliver critical information such as order tracking and drive details.

Amadeus API

Amadeus GDS is the basic tool for serving our corporate customers, and the rail contents and functionalities are easily incorporated into the existing logical framework of the Amadeus PNR. Amadeus dedicated rail business unit integrates and aggregates rail content in order to simplify the distribution of rail tickets. Travel Agents using Amadeus can book both high-speed train providers and local services, with bookings fully integrated into the Amadeus PNR and into mid- and back-office systems. Amadeus offers technology solutions to the rail industry. Amadeus is the perfect partner for this as it has one of the most well-developed rail portfolios in the industry today.

  • In Inventory Management
  • Reservation process
  • PNR Generation
  • Passenger Profiling

Sabre API

Sabre GDS system is implemented by enormous travel agents, rail carriers. Sabre GDS system is the association among the travel services users and marketers. Sabre Rail provides competitive rail content solutions around the world. Rail services offer a wide variety of functionality, including: PNR merge back, ticketing, invoicing, itinerary tools and back office integration. All content and the full suite of features available through Sabre Rail graphical interface are also accessible through standardized Sabre Rail APIs

  • Rail schedules and availability
  • Train and connection search
  • Ticketing and travel documents generation
  • Railcards purchasing
  • Cancellation
  • Reservations search by passenger/travel data
  • Reports
  • Seat maps

Travelport API

Travelport Universal API is one SOAP/XML API with multiple services, and transactions. Travelport API that aggregates content from various channels including GDS, low cost-carriers, and high-speed rail operators. Rail content is available through the Rail Content Hub or a Travelport System based on each Rail carrier's agreement. Each Rail API-connected carrier is unique. Travelport standardizes features, but there may be modifications to the specification depending on the capacities of the carrier.

  • Train search and seat availability
  • Ancillary services
  • Optimal connections with flights
  • Air-rail booking via a single ticket
  • Fares
  • Travel time


Rail Booking API Suppliers: Complete Travel Technology Solution




Travel does not require airlines of its own but other modes of transport, of which railways and trains are an important part. Trains are a convenient way to travel and provide a completely new experience compared to cars. And you will certainly have plenty of clients requesting for train bookings.

With this list of Suppliers of the Railway & Train API, you will have first-hand access to important information. It includes fares ranging across a number of variations. Some examples are special and standard, ticketing options such as e-tickets, choices in reservations, services required including meals and seat preferences. 

Find below railway suppliers with XML API integration services, suitable for online travel businesses wishes to sell train tickets with their other products.

Trawex Rail API

Trawex API enables access to a huge collection of Trains and Station data the includes features like Train Live status, PNR status, and much more. Trawex Rail Booking API allows access to a huge collection of Trains and Stations data for travel agents and operators. Trawex Rail API will make your task easy as it can access railways data without interruptions and you can concentrate to provide excellent services to your customers. Trawex has developed a comprehensive B2C online ticket booking software designed to manage rail ticket bookings. 

  • Railways API quickly responds to your queries
  • 100% Compliance with all the terms and conditions of this IRCTC
  • Train Search and seat availability
  • Our database is regularly updated to reflect new changes in train timetable and timing

TravelFusion Rail API

TravelFusion features over 200 low-cost carriers, full-service carriers and rail operators as well. TravelFusion is a single source for access to shopping, booking & servicing all the major rail operators across Europe, North America (including Canada) and China. It facilitates the connection between travel suppliers and Online Travel Agents, as well as Travel Search.

  • Simple to Use
  • Unrivalled Content
  • Smart Search
  • Superior Conversion
  • Seamless Payment

Travel Boutique Online

TBO offers travel agents across India an opportunity to become an IRCTC-authorized travel agent and get their own IRCTC approved rail license. With more than 150+ API customers across the worldwide, IRCTC integration, 45 offices across India, and 24/7 customer support, there are plenty of reasons as to why TBO is one of the most service providers in the industry. TBO offering its consumers some of the most attractive deals in terms of both pricing and inventory. 

The opportunity comes with a lot of exciting benefits for the travel agents that include:

  • Your Agency details will be displayed in IRCTC website
  • Unmatchable Rail Activation Charges
  • Special Activation Charges for purchasing Bulk Rail ID
  • Activation within hours
  • Attractive Rail Commission
  • Instant Refund
  • Unlimited Rail Ticket
  • USB Token

Omio Affiliate API

Omio is a unique travel platform that enables travellers to compare and book journeys by train according to their personal travel needs. They offer a wide range of connections, unique content, and high-conversion rates. Omio is a travel booking platform that simplifies the travel-planning process by providing customers with the best options. Omio helps travellers search and compare train tickets for European trips.

  • Search and booking engine
  • APIs search
  • Fares comparing
  • Well-built train matching
  • Multi-language support
  • Search widget toll
  • Banners and assets integration

Qunar Train API

Qunar’s users will be able to search and book rail tickets to thousands of European destinations, through the integration, including small towns and villages as well as major cities and tourism hubs. Our new partnership with Qunar will provide us with the opportunity to highlight new European destinations to this rapidly growing market.

The content inside covers:

  • Search
  • Reservation
  • Billing and payment
  • Order tracking
  • Refund.

Save A Train

Save A Train is an Israeli start-up that aims to simplify and digitize rail ticketing in Europe, making it more efficient and financially attractive. Save A Train has developed a rail ticketing technology and is the backbone of rail distribution worldwide (GDS). Technology supports the sale of European train tickets and has established contracts with Canadian, and many other national railway companies. The company's solution includes features such as dynamic ticket pricing, a caching system for rail and white-label solutions, and other data-related rail maintenance applications. They have developed algorithms to show the best prices for B2B and B2B2c clients. Rail transport is the most environmentally friendly way of traveling. Save A Train digitizes the entire rail ticketing area. We have products for consumers and businesses, ranging from application programming interfaces (APIs) to white labels and meta-searches.

Ctrip/ is a leading provider of travel services for hotel accommodation, ticketing, packaged tours, and corporate travel management in China. It is the largest online provider of accommodation and transport tickets in China in terms of the volume of transactions. Ctrip enables business and leisure travellers to make informed and cost-effective bookings. It also helps clients to book holiday packages and sightseeing tours. In addition, Ctrip, through its corporate travel management services, helps corporate clients effectively manage their travel needs.

  • The platform gives access to many tools for partnering travel agencies, such as:
  • Deep links – for creating customizable clickable links
  • Data Feed – for sourcing data on various destinations and itineraries
  • Banner – for responsive and static banners of various products
  • Search Box – integrated tool to look for products from your OTA’s website
  • B2B platform – for tracking commission and distribution
  • Multi-language and multi-currency support.

Direct integration to major rail carriers: cheap and tech-demanding



Travel API Integration is a set of web services to access travel content from various sources like GDS, consolidators, wholesalers, LCCs, and direct connect. Travel APIs allow your customer to search/book flights, cars and hotel. Travel agencies integrate third party flight and hotel APIs into their booking portals in order to have access to the best travel deals. APIs make it easier for the business traveller to receive update communications about their plans as well as receive money- and time-saving deals and plan itineraries.

North-American Railway Carriers

The North American rail transport system has a high level of geographical specialization with large rail carriers servicing substantial regional markets.

Amtrak Railways 

Amtrak will pay base commission only to Amtrak National Account Partner Travel Agencies. Amtrak Rail Agent provides professionals in the travel trade with easy access to the railroads network. Amtrak runs passengers24/7 on over 300 trains daily. Amtrak provides rail transportation for passengers throughout the United States. Amtrak strives to deliver a high quality, safe, on-time rail passenger service that exceeds customer expectations. Amtrak Rail Agent is a platform that gives access to a wide array of OTA management tools. 

The program’s functionality includes:

  • Preliminary reservation
  • Reservation management instruments
  • Trip planning tools
  • Payment processing
  • Amtrak eTicketing option
  • Sales reporting tools

Alaska Railroads

The Alaska Railroad operates a number of different trains, and most offer visitors different onboard service options. The Alaska Railroad is your ticket to Alaska adventure. In the summer, multiple trains depart daily from Anchorage. The Alaska Railroad stretches 470 miles from the Southcentral town of Seward on the Kenai Peninsula to the northern city of Fairbanks in Alaska's Interior.

Alaska railorads includes the following features: 

  • Train routes availability
  • Group tour reservations
  • Stops and activities in all destination’s tours
  • Sightseeing packages

VIA Rail Canada

VIA Rail is also accelerating a previously established comprehensive program for the inspection. VIA Rail operates intercity, regional and transcontinental trains linking over 400 communities across Canada. VIA operates intercity and regional, and safely transports nearly four million passengers annually. Via Rails negotiates distribution through different channels, providing data access individually.

European Railway Carriers

Rail operators drive trains, manage passengers, collect fares and handle goods. Europe is blanketed by railroads. European railway companies operating both inside and outside country borders number in the dozens. To consolidate management efforts, they often form railway alliance.

Deutsche Bahn API

The Deutsche Bahn API is a rest API. Deutsche Bahn is one of the world's leading passenger and logistics companies and operates in 130 countries. The Deutsche Bahn API is not currently available on the Rapid API marketplace. DB supports the API format. The project documentation and access itself is available through GitHub. The API responses are formatted in JSON-files. The APIs provide such options as:

  • Ticket reservations
  • Ticket booking
  • Station name retrieval
  • Listing of all connections between two stations for a particular day
  • Listing of possible connections between two stations on a regular basis


France’s national railway network, SNCF, has opened up its API, offering developers real-time data on rail lines, stops, delays, emergency maintenance and more. API features real-time data on rail lines, stops, delays, and emergency maintenance to complement the scheduled data. The SNCF API is built on Navitia, an open source tool developed by Kisio Digital, for creating apps and services in several different fields.

NS International API portal

The web-service for travel recommendations can be used to employ the NS Travel planner for a train journey from one station to another.

The NS API currently features the following services:

  • Prices
  • Current departure times
  • Disruptions and engineering work
  • The station list, with all stations in the Netherlands including Geodata
  • Travel recommendations from station to station

UK National Rail Enquiries

National Rail Enquiries lets you plan, book and keep up to date with all your train travel in one easy app. UK National Rail (NR) is the trading name licensed for use by the Rail Delivery Group, an unincorporated association whose membership consists of the passenger train operating companies (TOCs) of England, Scotland, and Wales. It supports such formats as SOAP, Push, and JSON messages. It provides real-time and static data on station facilities. The data access requires registration on the National Rail data portal.

It provides information on:

•    Schedule and schedule changes
•    Real-time arrival and departure predictions
•    Platform numbers
•    Delay estimates
•    Train cancellations

Asian Railway Carriers

Asia is also covered with railways. However, only a tiny number of them permit access to their data.

Indian Rail API

Indian Rail API is a service that provides information related to Indian Trains. IRCTC in collaboration with OTA, would allow Reselling of some or all of its tourism services/packages. It provided via a single-purpose website that was developed specially to introduce data access. 

  • Seat availability
  • Regular PNR check
  • Live train status
  • Live station
  • Station search
  • Cancelled and rescheduled trains

Japan Railway Group

Japan's leading railway company, Japan Railways has an elaborate and well-established network of trains throughout the country. The JR Group lies at the heart of Japan's railway network, operating almost all intercity rail services and a large proportion of commuter rail services.

  • Terminal management
  • Group travel management
  • Fare calculation
  • Data management
  • Special-offer ticket management
  • Train and route information
  • Seat reservation
  • Communications control
  • Operating and monitoring booking processes
  • Information resources.

Australian Railway Carriers

It maintains and controls the majority of main line standard gauge railway lines on the mainland of Australia, known as the Designated Interstate Rail Network. The passenger railway system in Australia is a safe and convenient form of travel.  delivering innovative, safe and reliable solutions through the integration of communications, signalling, automatic train control and asset management. Australian Rail Technology is able to meet customer demands regarding all aspects of the driver’s desk and surroundings.

NSW TrainLink

NSW TrainLink aims to provide you with a safe and enjoyable travel experience. NSW Trains provides booked and non-booked passenger rail and coach services through the customer facing NSW TrainLink brand. NSW TrainLink is an Australian coach and train operator providing services throughout New South Wales and into the Australian Capital Territory. NSW Trains is responsible for the safe operation of passenger trains and stations and provides crew for trains and staff at stations within its network. NSW TrainLink offers many destinations on the modern rail and coach network throughout New South Wales. 

It includes such data as:

  • Static timetables
  • Stations locations
  • Real-time alerts
  • Trips

Queensland Rail

Queensland Rail (QR) is a railway operator in Queensland, Australia. Owned by the Queensland Government, it operates local and long-distance passenger services, as well as owning and maintaining approximately 6,600 kilometres of track. Queensland Rail's fleet of trains allows you to travel to many coastal towns, outback regions, and beyond. The Queensland Rail journey is the perfect way to create unforgettable memories. It supports the GTFS and GTFS Real-Time format. It accesses to data is provided via the TransLink Information Portal. 

  • Database Includes: 
  • Stops
  • Routes
  • Trips for each route
  • The stop times

Travel Industry API Integration Software Solutions from Travelopro




Railway is the most affordable way to travel and as a trustworthy travel brand. Travelopro platform helps rail providers sell more tickets globally. By implementing travel API integrations, you get easy and transparent access to thousands of third-party travel products. Travel API increases profits for your business. Travel provides advanced Travel API consolidates inventories from multiple suppliers like GDSs, direct connect, wholesalers, and aggregators. 

This gives single access to the best available deals; thus, allowing agencies with third-party Travel API a diverse selection of content to market. Travelopro is a next-generation system for rail reservations, operations, and distribution management for the railway industry. Travelopro has built an advanced rail operations solution for rail services, schedules, inventory, fares, and rules to improve customer service. Rail API has excellent reliability arriving in-time, on time, and no rolling policy. Rail operators drive trains, manage passengers, collect fares, and handle goods.


  • 100% Compliance with the terms &conditions of the IRCTC.
  • Search Trains, Check Availability of Seats as well as PNR Status
  • Faster response without lag time.
  • Travelopro API simple to implement and easy to use.
  • Insights available to analyse which will help you to grow business.
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Up to date database to provide the updated schedule of trains.
  • Our API simplifies your day to day activities
  • Your portal become more intelligent with our API


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