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Cutting-edge Pharmacy Management Software Solutions

Looking for a pharmacy e-commerce website company, Travelopro provides pharmacy management software solutions for pharmacy stores and pharmacy chains owners. Our medicine delivery app development solution will help you to easily manage your medicine delivery business online.




What is Pharmacy Management Software?


With the evolution of technological advancement, it becomes mandatory for business owners to move their business online. Pharmacies can customize and streamline the workflow with pharmacy management software development solutions. 

Pharmacy management software enables users at pharmacy stores to optimize operational efficiency, leverage actionable data points, and reduce costs, compliance risks, and flaws. 

While providing many functionalities, users can achieve desired goals while smoothing their overall process and helping them access their data while making real-time decisions.

The solutions are enriched with an extensive range of features that streamline the workflows for a majority of tasks, including drug dispensing, medical claims management, as well as patient medication adherence.

Travelopro is the finest Pharmacy Management Software Development Company that proffers pharmacy management software development services to the youngest aspirants to start a new venture in the pharmaceuticals and healthcare sector with several management programs while leading to customer satisfaction.


Pharmacy Management Software Development Company


Travelopro is the best tech enthusiast that strives to deliver a wide range of impeccable range of services that makes it a well-known pharmacy management software development company worldwide. 

We also guarantee you the best pharmacy management software online functionality that will be incorporated just for pharmacy operating solutions. Our online pharmacy management system will help you know everything about pharmacy management.

Our team of expert pharmacy management software developers excels in providing the best pharmacy management system software solutions. Quality is our top-most priority for making the best in the class pharmacy management software for clients.

Our professional developers excel at providing valuable features and customized applications in iOS, Android, and other platforms. 

Online pharmacy app developers, at Travelopro, believe in innovations and therefore we do not like to stop where we are at the current moment. We have been the champions of online pharmacy app development but we don't stop there. 

We keep on making new products for the pharmaceutical industry to improve the quality of life for our clients as well as the entire population in general. We know that internet technologies have contributed immensely to making the lives of people easy.

Get attractive software with cutting-edge solutions. As a renowned mobile app and software development company, we provide top-notch Pharmacy Management Software Services

Experience the expertise of our software providers who develop UI for multiplayer websites or applications. One can also hire pharmacy management software developers as they have rich experience in developing the best online pharmacy management software for various clients in the world.

Moreover, with Pharmacy e-commerce website development at such a fast rate, people are opting to go online for all their needs. The reason is the ease and comfort that they get by doing their shopping online. 

Little by little, all the products are available in the online market. And now, with pharmacies going online, it becomes all the more imperative to bring about innovation in everything that we do for app development for pharmacies.

We are proud to say that we have launched some new Online Pharma portal/software recently to bring in more and more people to the online pharmacy platform so that they can sell medicine on a mobile application or online sell medicine on the pharmacy website.


Our Pharmacy Management System Software Module




Travelopro gets an advanced pharmacy website and app development service that meet all business and user requirements.

We offer pharmacy management software that can be easily customized with the various modules as per our customer requirements. It integrates various features to it, which include the record of the patients to billing. 

We understand that the one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work in a pharmacy landscape with so many variables. With over two decades of experience in software development, we build custom solutions that truly deliver on your business needs. 

Our proficient development team can help build a fully integrated pharmacy automation system to help you maximize operational efficiency and minimize operating costs.

Our dedicated specialists provide healthcare IT consulting to map the goals, align with your vision and address any possible challenges.

We leverage strong technology acumen to help you choose pharmacy software and services that match your workflow, goals, and budget. 

Our motive is to take your pharmacy business to the next level, and we integrate all the essential features to it. In contrast, there are other modules also which can be integrated for smart operations.

  • Vendor Management

  • Sale/Purchase Management

  • Drug Expiry Control Management

  • SMS Alert

  • Security & Administration

  • Report Management

  • Data of Organized


Benefits Of Pharmacy Management System


Better productivity: Enables the users to manage patient profiles, manage processing and billing, smoothen their workflow, manage accounts receivable, manage claims, and control inventory management.

Influence Customer Shopping: CRM module facilitates sending email and SMS alerts to consumers about enticing offers and promotional schemes.

Customer Satisfaction: PMS system ensures every transaction is accurate and processed quickly.

Accessibility: Improved control over pharmacy operations.

Reduced paperwork: Eliminates paper-based workflow and simplifies data storage and retrieval.

Drug Documentation: Maintains drug profile repository with details such as the composition of medicine and substitutes.

Barcode Labels: Automates barcode labeling of medication and print expiry dates.


What are the Prominent Features of the Pharmacy Management Software?


For the perfect full-fledged software, tracking inventory, generating reports, managing workflows, and maintaining complex real-time instructions are common features. It has several essential features such as:


User-friendly system


  • The pharmacy software needs to be secure and user-friendly. Recalling the patient and feeding the patient prescription need to be easier with the PMS.


Prescription Management


  • Capable software must be able to manage the full prescription given by doctors.


HIPAA regulatory compliance


  • The pharmacy system must be compliant with HIPAA and other regulations.


Claim processing system


  • Setting up insurance claims and keeping the record of claim submission is important and can easily be handled with the PMS.


Accurate drug interaction database


  • An experienced pharmacy management software development company knows the risk associated with the drugs. Software must be able to calculate the drug-to-drug interactions. This reduces the possibility of ADE and ensures patient safety.


Account receivable management


  • AR management is important in Pharmacy Management App Development for smooth functioning. The owed amount must be refunded within the time. The system looks upon the denied claims and helps you in reopening the cases for getting a reimbursement.


Safe and Accurate



Auto wiring


  • Auto wiring is meant to fax or send the doctor’s prescription directly to the pharmacist, saving the time of the patient.


Report generation


  • At the end of the month, you need to be able to generate the reports, where you get to see the stock, sales updates, and revenue for the month. You get the perfect calculation.


Drug database updates


  • A perfect drug database must be well updated with the new launches of drugs and multiple variants.


Advance Features of pharmacy management software


If you build an app with a reliable mobile app development company, it will help you in filling your app with a high number of features. You may or may not decrease the features as per your requirements, but still, you can find your app laden up with several features. 

It makes pharmacy management flawless. You can stretch the boundaries of your success with the help of such features. Here, let’s talk about some relevant features.


Fast and advanced report


  • An app must be able to create capable multi-faceted reports. For such features, the app makes use of extensive built-in libraries and custom reports based on information.


Data loading


  • Data entry is the basic function of any app while deploying it over the store. But a pharmacy may have multiple chains of stores. And every store has many deals with several pharmaceutical companies. Feeding the data one by one is a very tiring and trivial task. Your system needs to be able to load entire data using an excel or .csv file.




  • Pharmacy gets faster prescriptions directly through doctors. The doctors in-network can share the electronic prescription, where keeping the record also becomes easy.


Inventory handling


  • This is the most essential feature integrated into any kind of pharmacy management software. A proper app relieves you from other tasks and allows you to focus on other business tasks. Your pharmacy staff needs Moreover; it also ensures the accuracy in medication dispensing.




  • Barcode verification is an essential tool to keep track of the product. Barcode verification eases several aspects such as information retrieval, Pos scanning, product verification, and maintenance of accuracy of the data.


Essential Considerations of How to Create a Pharmacy Management Software


Here are the essentials of pharmacy management system development to consider while developing a digitalized solution:


1: Identify Business Goals


  • Define exactly what you are looking for. Precise inputs and measurable ideas on modules & features such as inventory tracking, cost-savings, building a system that helps automate operations and more are some of the goals that you wish to accomplish from the system.


2: User Analysis


  • Consider taking feedback from pharmacists, technicians, suppliers, and doctors before building the custom system that has to be specific to the organization’s requirements. This could help bridge gaps and gain clarity on functionalities that need to be integrated.


3: Record Insights


  • After gathering information, it is necessary to draft system requirements specifications. This would serve as the most important documentation for the project.


4: Design and Development


  • Once you have a requirement in place, an experienced pharmacy management solution provider can draft and implement a business model that best suits the project requirement.


How Much Does It Cost to Develop PMS?


It usually depends on several factors. Though with clarity on the following aspects will help you broadly craft estimate the cost and budget the overall process.

  • Modules, functionalities, or features

  • Tools, frameworks, and tech stack

  • Third-Party API integrations

  • The expected outcomes (revenue/user base)

  • Total platforms you wish to deploy your system – Mobile/ Desktop app

  • ERP and CRM modules

  • Size and geographic location

  • Design complexity

  • Data Migration

  • Maintenance


What Makes us Travelopro Unique Pharmacy Management System Development ?


Manage Campaigns And Offers


  • We offer advanced campaign options to set up prices or campaigns for the programs and offers. It distributes the overall operations day-to-day actions while handling from head office.


Get A Clear Review Of The Business


  • Manage all business reviews from one place and take the decision accordingly. Analyzing the entire process will get a clear view of the organization while being more competitive by simplifying the daily routine.


Give Better Customer Service


  • Users can get a prescription with generic medicine while finding the appropriate substitute and prescribed code and strengths.


Reach Out To Modern Consumers


  • Reach out to your users with their prescriptions while notifying them about their last withdrawals, last medical treatment via email, SMS, or other text messages.


Handle Electronic Prescription


  • Users can expect both paper and plastic prescriptions in both online and offline mode. These systems take care to store an electronic copy with a proper prescription module.


Tracking of the Stock


  • While checking the POS Terminals management can track their device while maintaining their day-to-day inventory, tracking of limited stocks, or any other dispersed option.


Why Choose Travelopro as a Pharmacy Management Software Provider




Travelopro has been ruling the industry for years and have offered various pharmacy management system software to our clients. 

Travelopro team is a perfect blend of professional and dedicated employees. We believe in a long-term relationship with our customers. Along with this, there are many more reasons which turn us unique:


Smart Solutions


  • We strive to provide smart service solutions at the time of cutting-edge technology. Our cost-effective solutions help in saving time and effort.


Flexible and Customized Solutions


  • We collaborate with our clients, from time to time to help them achieve their desired results. Our flexible solutions are designed to suit all your specific needs with the utmost flexibility.


24x7 Technical Support


  • Get your problems instant solution with our 24x7 technical support with customer interaction and cooperation.


Seamless Communication


  • We promote seamless communication to give users a greater experience and aim to provide more personalized services.


Impeccable Development Services


  • Get a variety of Android and iOS apps with our team of experts and experience the stunning graphics with a highly polished interface in the Insurance claim management software. We use the latest technologies to help you serve with the best solution.


Expert Advisor


  • We have a team of expert advisors, software providers, and app programmers holding years of rich experience. Their hard work brings apps and software to life.

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