Methabook is based on a brand new concept of central booking. The initial idea was put into practice eleven years ago and they are determined to expand it abroad. Methabook offers to their collaborator the possibility of realizing the reservation to their client with the maximum flexibility that exists nowadays on the market, all this, managed by means of service of confirmation online real-time and with the maximum existing guarantee.

Methabook has more than 10,000 direct contract establishments distributed all over the world, from the most economic hotels in the most recondite places to the resorts of major international prestige in the most exotic destinations. Methabook range from cheap accommodation in remote places to the best-known resorts in exotic destinations. Their partners are offered maximum flexibility when making reservations, in real-time and fully guaranteed.

Methabook services include complete booking process handled by their connection, as well as online cancellations and requests for amendments. In addition, their reservations department supervises the whole booking process and it is in charge of solving any doubts or requests.

Travelopro is a #1 travel technology company across the world. Travelopro supports integrating Methabook API. For more details on the services please contact us or schedule an online demonstration.

Expand your business through Online Reservation System

  • Global Reach

  • Full Coverage

  • Easy Connection

  • Corporate Bookings

  • Mobile-Friendly

Fetaures of Online Reservation System:

  • Fast and Flexible booking engine
  • Secure, scalable and robust reservation architecture
  • Fully customized booking engine
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • User friendly interface
  • Integrated Payment Gateway
  • Multi-language support