Expotur Costa Rica

EXPOTUR is the travel trade-mart of Costa Rica and the region. EXPOTUR offers all participants an excellent opportunity for finding new travel products.

EXPOTUR - Most Important Tourism Travel Mart of Costa Rica and its Region, And One of The Most Relevant In Latin America As Well.

EXPOTUR event provides opportunity to micro and small enterprises to promote their business. The exhibiting companies will have personal encounter with the visitors.

The Costa Rican Association of Tourism Professionals (ACOPROT), organizers of EXPOTUR; You are most cordially welcome to the XXXVI edition of the most important Tourism Marketing Exchange in Costa Rica and the region, and one of the most important in Latin America. EXPOTUR has established itself as the event with the greatest trajectory and positioning in the region, in May 2020 edition # 36 will be held. EXPOTUR is considered the most important Tourism Marketing Exchange in Costa Rica and the region, and one of the most important in Latin America.


The EXPOTUR organization is committed to offering changes and innovations that make the event an effective and effective activity for its participants.

Every year we work on highlighting the innovative services and attractions that complement those that are already positioned.


Knowing the enormous advantages of current technology, the new design of our website has been incorporating tools that facilitate marketing and sales actions, which can be done by companies duly registered with EXPOTUR buyers.

Offer and demand

Costa Rica's tourism offer has the opportunity to exhibit at EXPOTUR, better than another national or international event in which it participates.

For some companies, it is the only opportunity to promote themselves and make themselves known in an international tourism event. This applies mainly to micro and small businesses that represent 80% of participants in EXPOTUR.

For two days, the possibility of negotiating with at least 200 international buyers in personal meetings opens. For this, ACOPROT carries out promotional trips in advance, in search of representatives of companies from three continents interested in our destination.

Journalistic coverage

Important international media are invited by the ICT and its Public Relations agency, offering the opportunity to make themselves known outside of Costa Rica. In addition, by ACOPROT and its communication agency, there is a wide presence of the national press, which favors the dissemination of the attractions and services that the country has.

Regions and niches

The wide variety of products and services that exist in Costa Rica, as well as the novelties that are incorporated every year, make it necessary to stand out and promote individually the segments that characterize us, as well as the attractions that are typical of our regions. This makes it easier for the buyer not only to know about them but also to identify the areas of interest.

Why be an exhibitor?

By participating as an exhibitor/seller you have the possibility of:

  • Product negotiations before, during and after the event through social activities, appointments and meetings.
  • Strategic alliances with national and international entrepreneurs.
  • Promotion and Exhibition of the beauties and products of countries and regions with more than 200 international buyers from 30 countries.
  • Positioning and exposure of the attractions and facilities of the area to tourists.
  • Strengthen the image of the company.
  • Build or expand the list of potential customers through direct contact without intermediaries.
  • Reaffirm relationships with future and current customers.
  • Study your market, decision process for buying visitors.
  • Introduce new products or brands.
Exhibitor Profile

Tourist companies are interested in contacting international buyers, which range from Airlines, Tour Operators, Hotels, Car Rental, Cameras and/or Associations to attractions and other tourist services.

What does participation include?
  • Commercialization area of 6 square meters.
  • Agenda of 40 appointments with wholesalers.
  • 2 badges to the Expo for company representatives
  • Online access to the website where you can access the database of participating wholesalers.
  • Online access to your profile where you can include information such as photos, videos, social networks, description of the company to promote your product or service.
  • Publication of your company's profile in the exhibitor’s directory on the website.
  • Personalized attention and advice in the web page system and in the event path.
  • Special lodging rates published on the expotur.com website
  • Participation in monthly seminars from February 2020 to May 2020.
  • Participation in social and cultural activities at no additional cost.

EXPOTUR organizers are committed to provide changes and innovations that become the event an effective and efficient activity for all the participants.

Expotur welcomes the attendees to the most important Tourism Marketing Exchange in Costa Rica and the region, and one of the most important in Latin America and it is committed to offering changes and innovations that make the event an effective and effective activity for its participants. Costa Rica is one of the most visited international destinations by travelers from all over the world. The dreamlike nature and the stunning diversity of the Country is breathtaking. Luxury Travel, Barefoot Travel, and Sustainable Tourism are the best options for modern and contemporary lifestyle travelers. The leading national and international companies will provide travel and tourism services in the Expotur trade show. This event provides an opportunity for micro and small enterprises to promote their business. The exhibiting companies will have a personal encounter with the visitors.

In the Parque Viva of San José, the most important travel trade fair of Costa Rica and Central America, the expotur, is held every year. Around 300 exhibitors from Costa Rica and the Central American region, such as tour operators, hotels, airlines, operators of tourist attractions or even car rental companies exhibit their products and services at expotur using the event as an important information and communication platform to promote the region as well as to establish sustainable contacts to potential customers. The high-profile event is completed by an interesting frame program consisting of various seminars, cultural performances, interactive program points as well as pre and post tours into different regions of Costa Rica as a special highlight to get to know the country.

The organizers of Expotur refer to the event as the travel trade-mart of Costa Rica, with the exhibition consisting of a traditional 2 group structure where both buyers and sellers will be in attendance. The sellers represent the tourist regions of Costa Rica and Central American countries whilst the buyers consist of international wholesalers spanning three continents. The industry has seen demand for group travel to and from the region soar, particularly in the areas of corporate travel, incentive and executive travel. It’s no surprise when you consider that the country is home to a year-round tropical and sub-tropical climate with temperatures ranging from 75°F to 81°F. In addition, Costa Rica’s unique climate and diverse range of eco-systems results in one of the most diverse animal habitats in the world, with numerous native species found no-where else on Earth.

35th edition of the “Costa Rica Travel Mart” (EXPOTUR) fair held in San Jose. An outstanding event organized by the Costa Rican Association of Tourism Professionals (ACOPROT). An exhibition that is divided into several sections:

  • Sustainable Tourism
  • Beach Resorts
  • Cultural and Rural Tourism
  • Adventure Tourism
  • Holistic Tourism
  • Educational Tourism
  • Weddings and Honeymoons
  • Business and Conventions

The leading national and internationl companies will provide travel and tourism services in the Expotur trade show.

The most important tourism fair in the region, its mission is to strengthen the international tourism market and show its natural beauties to buyers from all over the world to remain one of the most popular destinations. Expotur 2019 - which celebrates its 35th edition – was taken place from May 9 to 10 at the National Congress and Convention Center, arrives at this edition with the best figures obtained in recent years in indicators such as assistance, increase in sales companies, quantity and stay of the mobilized target audience as well as average expenditure and income generated for the country. Expotur has established itself as the main tourist marketing exchange in the country, it is organized by the Costa Rican Association of Tourism Professionals (ACOPROT), with the support of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT).

This time, also the micro, small and medium-sized Costa Rican tourism companies will have a leading place in this fair, since being seen as a fundamental axis of the tourism management that drives ICT, they will have special conditions for their participation in this fair. It should be remembered that only in the lodging sector, 94% of the establishments are made up of small and medium-sized companies. “The 35th edition of Expotur is a time of great joy for the achievements, but at the same time a great commitment to the national tourism sector at a time when competitiveness, which increases due to the immediacy of communications, drives us to improve and specialize our offer. We arrived at this edition with a substantial improvement in our indicators, while we open space for more and more MSMEs - a segment in constant growth - more tourists interested in that differentiating element they offer are consolidated and captivated,” said Erasmus Rojas, president of ACOPROT.

Costa Rica will be offered to all visiting buyers as a sustainable multi-destination, where visitors can find not only the wonders of natural diversity but also do business, enjoy nightlife, cultural offer, traditions, adventure, wellness tourism, sun and beach, all within a framework of sustainability, which gives competitiveness to the national tourism sector. In the last 5 years, Expotur increased in the attendance statistics of 145 buying companies in 2014 to 200 in 2018 and with a record expectation of at least 230 in 2019. While in the case of touristic services selling companies, it was passed from 260 to 348 in the same period. Regarding the performance indicators (how the results of each Expotur are evaluated), in the amount of target audience mobilized we find that since 2016 it has been possible to attract more than 600 delegates representing in each edition more than 150 international wholesale agencies.

An important item is also the average daily expenditure of foreign buyers during Expotur that reaches $ 108.95 and in the case of national sellers that in the same way consume services during Expotur, is US $ 29.77. These data are taken from the Expotur Economic Spill Study 2018. EXPOTUR is considered the most important Tourism Travel Market of Costa Rica and the region, and one of the most relevant in Latin America. 2018 was the 34th edition of this traditional market, where hundreds of international buyers have the opportunity to make business tallied in tens of millions of US$. Since their 2018 the event has received their 100% Carbon Neutral Event International Declaration; as the most recent step on their long-standing environmentally friendly practices.

Expotur is one of the most important events in the Latin American tourism industry, they set an example and lead the industry regarding sustainable tourism; for them becoming a 100% Carbon Neutral Event is just reinforcing their already solid leadership in the region and the industry. Costa Rica has built its tourism industry on ecotourism and soft adventure. But at this year’s 35th anniversary of Expotur, one of the most important travel marts in Latin America, the focus was on showcasing new consumer offerings. Organized by the Costa Rican Association of Professionals in Tourism (ACOPROT), this year's travel mart featured 230 purchasers with delegates from 35 countries, showcasing many of the country's micro, small and mid-size businesses. The U.S. and Canada are considered priority markets, bringing in the highest number of tourists, though ACOPROT is further developing the European market, as well as the South American countries of Chile, Argentina, and Brazil.

Built on public-private partnerships, Costa Rica’s tourism industry has, for the most part, taken a consistent strategy for the past 25 years. Expotur 2019 is organized by the Costa Rican Association of Tourism Professionals (ACOPROT), along with support from the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), and has been named the country’s main tourism marketing exchange service. This year, micro, small, and medium tourism enterprises (MSMEs) in Costa Rica will play a leading role in this fair; these small businesses will be granted special conditions that will facilitate their participation in this fair because they are considered a fundamental part of tourism management and a driving force of the ICT. In fact, in the accommodation sector alone, 94% of establishments are comprised of MSMEs. During the event, MSMEs will have two days to market their different products, as well as the opportunity for new entrepreneurs to participate. The goal proposed by the organization is to have 80 MSMEs registered. The MSMEs will receive a variety of benefits in Expotur 2019, such as a differentiated work area, two pre-show seminars, and networking opportunities.

Expotur is a tourist fair that brings together buyers mainly from the United States, Canada, and Europe, interested in conducting business with the exhibitors of the continent that focus on the sale of tourist services such as tour operators, hotel category, transportation service, airlines, among others. The fair emphasizes congress tourism, conventions and incentives, as well as corporate tourism, educational tourism, medical tourism, ecotourism, and cultural tourism. Each year during the EXPOTUR celebration, the Costa Rican Association of professional in Tourism (ACOPROT) acknowledges the job well done by professionals in this sector to improve, grow and promote touristic activities. This year, five members were awarded the statuette engraved in the wood of coffee root, with the image of a Costa Rican farmer, which represents the EXPOTUR Awards during the years. During the award ceremony, we had the distinguished presence of Dr. Oscar Arias Sanchez, President of Costa Rica, Mr. Carlos Ricardo Benavides, Minister of Tourism, from the San Jose Mayoress Office, Mrs. Mauren Clarke and Acoprot President, Mr. Carlos Lizama.

In the last 5 years, Expotur has witnessed an increase of 55 buying companies between 2014 and 2018. It is estimated that the company will receive 230 buying companies in 2019. According to the Expotur 2018 Economic Spill Study, the daily expenditure of foreign buyers during Expotur can reach up to $108.95. Costa Rica will be presented to all potential buyers as a multi-sustainable destination, where visitors will be able to find not only rare natural diversity, but also the opportunity to do business, enjoy the nightlife on offer, the ancient traditions, the wellness tourism sector, or even just the sun and beach, all the while ensuring sustainable practices. The event was inaugurated by Mr. José Llaguno and Mr. Massimiliano Devoto, Executive Director, and President, respectively, of the Costa Rican Association of Tourism Professionals (ACOPROT). EXPOTUR is the most important travel trade-mart in the region. In her presentation of the Cultural Heritage Programme, the UNESCO Culture specialist reminded tourism agents of the need to invest in culture in order to contribute to the preservation of heritage and develop sustainable tourism. Accordingly, UNESCO promotes the culture-tourism binomial with a view to strengthening the contribution of culture to develop, and, at the same time, strengthening intercultural dialogue, as well as the protection and enhancement of cultural heritage.

Considered one of the main tourist marketing exchanges in Costa Rica and Latin America, EXPOTUR celebrates its 35th edition with the participation of 260 exhibitors and 234 buyers from several countries. The event promotes a sustainable, inclusive and participatory vision of the sector and has great importance for the promotion of national products and offers. In exclusive statements to Excelencias, the president of the Costa Rican Association of Tourism Professionals (ACOPROT), Erasmo Rojas, stressed that the fair has been held since 1985 and aims to continue being one of the main events of its kind in the region during the next decades. The director of the organization organizing the event indicated that one of the objectives of EXPOTUR is to promote the country as a destination, spread the benefits of activities such as rural tourism and give visibility to the work of national companies and enterprises. As part of the fair, in 2018 we opened the San José Convention Center and in recent years we have grown considerably, especially in terms of the participation of international buyers that is the most necessary, he said.

The high-profile event is enhanced by an interesting frame program consisting of various presentations, cultural performances, immersive program platform as well as pre and post tours into different regions of Costa Rica as a special highlight

EXPOTUR is the travel trade-mart of Costa Rica and the region. EXPOTUR offers all participants an excellent opportunity for finding new travel products. With 27 uninterrupted years, it represents the best platform for those who want to put together a travel package containing an excellent value, and at the same time receive a good return on their investment. This event, organized by the Costa Rican Association of Professionals in Tourism - ACOPROT - gathers more than 300 representatives of tourism companies in Costa Rica and the region. The most prestigious Tourist Marketing Exchange (EXPOTUR) based in Costa Rica with more than 28 years being a means of a professional meeting of the sector, providing a space for negotiations between 32 countries and more than 200 entrepreneurs of great international level, which promotes the offered tourist in Costa Rica and Central American countries. In order to offer the opportunity to establish business relationships, strategic alliances, positioning and exposure between sellers and buyers from the United States, Europe, Asia, and Latin America among others.

The Costa Rican Association of Tourism Professionals (Acoprot), organizer of the activity, said at a press conference that the objective is to offer the country as a complete package, where visitors can find not only the wonders of natural diversity, but also to do business, congresses, wellness and adventure tourism, and gastronomy, among others. "Costa Rica has a lot of mountain, beach, and jungle and the best way to enjoy the country is by moving between two, three or four destinations in the visit they make. Costa Rica is a destination consolidated by its natural wealth and we want to show buyers international that our offer is very diverse, "Acoprot president MassiDevoto told Efe. The hotel industry, tour operators, airlines, event organizers, medical tourism companies, chambers, and tourism institutes will meet in Expotur and negotiate during the three days with visiting wholesale companies. For this year, the activity will feature 166 buyers from the United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, Congo, Denmark, Slovakia, Pakistan, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, South Africa, Turkey, Argentina, Bulgaria, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, Russia, States United, El Salvador, and Mexico, among others.

The negotiations that take place in Expotur, which will be held in the new National Congress and Convention Center located in San José, have the objective of placing Costa Rica as an attractive tourist destination around the world. "The fair is the main window of Costa Rica to the world, they come to see the country. Visitors come new; others already know the destination. Costa Rica has a lot to offer and that gives the visitor the possibility of variety and this complements very well with the international fairs we go to, "said Ventura. Tourism is one of the main economic activities of this country, as shown by the good organization and professionalism with which Expotur is developed, with business opportunities for international companies - Mexican included - that seek to bring more visitors to Costa Rica. Held for more than 30 years, EXPOTUR is the travel trade-mart of Costa Rica and its region. It is the best negotiation platform for every company/professional in the business. It also offers an excellent opportunity to exhibit and sell packages and special offers during the two days that the event is open to the public!

Why exhibit?

Here you'll be able to:

  • Meet the most important national & international buyers and decision-makers
  • Establish and cultivate important business contacts
  • Generate sales leads and build relationships with prospects
  • Launch and promote new products and services
  • Identify new trends and get inspired

During EXPOTUR, diverse activities are developed to facilitate a direct relationship between Wholesalers and Exhibitors such as:

  • Opportunity to participate in Sites Inspections, along with different destinations.
  • Cultural activities.
  • Development of social activities between Wholesalers and exhibitors.
  • Participation in educational seminars before and during the event.

EXPOTUR gathers buyers that are: representatives of international tourist companies such as wholesalers, meeting planners, corporate travel, incentives, travel departments, tour operators, etc. and the general public interested in the tourism industry.

EXPOTUR is considered one of the most important events in the tourism industry of the country, it is organized by the Costa Rican Professional Tourist Association (ACOPROT, its Spanish acronym) and it gathers the hotel industry, tour operators (guild, in which is found the Botanical Garden of CATIE), airlines, events’ organizers, medical tourism enterprises, as well as chambers and tourist institutions, during the three days of activity will have meetings with wholesale companies visitors and will negotiate with them. In this sense, Expotur is an important platform to commercialize touristic products and services. The growing indices in the tourism sector worldwide reflect the vast potential of the area and its increasing capacities to face some of the most pressing challenges in the world today, such as socio-economic growth, inclusive development, and environmental conservation. During the two days of Expotur Arming Your Vacation, visitors will also find attractive offers and packages, activities like workshops for adults, purchasable crafts and special events. This event, organized by the Costa Rican Association of Tourism Professionals, brings together more than 300 representatives of tourism companies in Costa Rica and the region.

Expotur is organized by the Costa Rican Association of Professionals in Tourism (ACOPROT) and sponsored by the Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT). The annual event provides opportunities for networking and business development through numerous seminars and exhibitions focused on a variety of niche markets including sustainable tourism, adventure, weddings and honeymoons, wellness tourism, meetings, incentives and conventions, corporate travel, educational tourism, and active adult travel, among others. Also, to facilitate the knowledge and familiarization with the innovations and the tourist offer of the country, it offers the ease of knowing and experiencing them through the pre and post tours that allow the buyer to directly verify the quality and excellence of the product offered the event. The consolidated experience of the stock market, together with the detailed organization that has always characterized it, guarantees the participants, effective and high-quality negotiations.

The wide variety and quality of tourism products and services are one of the greatest attractions for those who come from abroad in search of programs for their clients. The presence of suppliers of products and services focused on segments allows buyers to define the companies with which they can negotiate. Thus, the offer of services ranges from tour operators, airlines, accommodation, to very specific products such as water activities, weddings, and honeymoons, sun and beach, among others. Costa Rica recently hosted three days of Expotur, a major travel industry marketplace in Central America. The event, which ran from May 14-16 in San Jose, brought entrepreneurs from 37 countries and more than 300 tourism and hospitality businesses from the Central American region together. International participants and buyers learned about tourism products and services ranging from hotels and airlines to tour operators and major attractions.

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