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Travelopro's courier delivery software automates and streamlines the last-mile delivery process with its advanced features.

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  • Advanced Reports
  • Manage multiple branches
  • Sub Agents can create and manage multiple branches and users
  • Optional cross selling platform
  • SMS gateway
  • Multi currency transactions for agents and suppliers
  • Business intelligence reports
  • Online travel booking engine
  • Multiple sales channels - B2B, B2B2B, B2B2C
  • Centralised mid-office
  • Ability to connect multiple GDS, LCC, and third party APIs
  • Complete Reservation Management
  • Travel Agent Management
  • Transactional Accounting
  • Accounting System Integration
  • Comprehensive system to manage rates, discounts and allocation
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Multiple Supplier APIs
  • Add direct contracts
  • Redistribution API

Courier Delivery Softwares - Robust & Scalable Courier Tracking Software Solution for Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses.

Travelopro is an on-demand courier delivery software solution. Start your own movers and packer’s app with this courier delivery tracking software. This is a smart and flexible online courier software app for managing on-demand and last-mile deliveries of shipments.




What is Courier Delivery Software?


Courier delivery software helps you run your business more efficiently with features such as scheduling, dispatching, reporting, and more.

Travelopro is a next-gen on-demand Courier and parcel delivery solution that leverages cutting-edge technology to offer an unforgettable parcel delivery experience to your customers.


Cost-effective and powerful courier delivery management software solutions


Travelopro is a leading Courier Delivery Software Development Company, we help retail eCommerce businesses launch new channels and scale. Automate day-to-day tasks, reduce costs and grow business.

Travelopro offers next-generation on-demand restaurant delivery management software provided with advanced features and functionality. These on-demand delivery apps can be easily deployed for various delivery businesses. 

We offer a complete end-to-end online delivery solution for your business. We have a ready-made solution that exactly meets your online ordering and delivery business. Our online delivery system is highly suitable for any kind of delivery service including food, grocery, courier/parcel, pharmacy, meat, laundry, water, bakery, etc. 

Our end-to-end courier software provides all the required technology components for couriers, customers, and dispatchers to make your operations more transparent and efficient, from time-sensitive inner-city deliveries to express long-haul transportation.

Our on-demand delivery management software makes the tracking and fleet management operation easy. Automate your deliveries by integrating our on-demand solution for your delivery business now.

We provide complete delivery software for all businesses that provide delivery services. Use this real-time software to improve the customers' experience and optimize employees' efficiency. This platform is designed for all businesses such as courier services, e-commerce, food service, grocery delivery, appointment, etc.

Our on-demand delivery software comes with robust admin panel features, making it easy for you to manage delivery staff and customers. Our experienced development team splits the procedure for establishing an on-demand Courier Delivery software solution into various stages. 

Our experienced and skilled software developer with our software approach built the best courier software for any size of the industry either pop upsize or even larger. We are the best choice for Courier Services is looking for Software Developers across the world.

It comprises organizing a private meeting with the entrepreneur, business analysis, conducting research about the industry strategies and market conditions, choosing the right operational model, UI/UX designing, creation of the prototype, adding all the required features in the front-end and back-end, testing the performance and security, launching the logistics solution in the market, and conducting massive promotional campaigns across several communication channels. 


How Does An On-Demand Courier Delivery App Function?




Customers register – on the on-demand courier delivery app. They submit information like their email address, location, name, and phone number. They establish their profiles quickly by syncing their Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. 

Customers will receive a confirmation – of their booking. They pay for the availed logistics services through credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, net banking, and wire transfers. 

Customers can share specific instructions – on the materials to use, pick-up point, dispatch destination, and the type of products with the packing service professionals. 

The admin receives the new packaging request – from customers. They will alert the available logistics executive to accept the user’s booking.   

Packers process the parcel – after protecting it adequately. Customers can track it on a real-time basis till it reaches the required location. 

Licensed packers also create their accounts – on the parcel delivery app. They share details about their qualification, skills, and work experience. 

The admin of the parcel delivery app will approve – the accounts of both customers and packing service providers. They verify the background and data before onboarding them.

Delivery executives ensure speedy dispatch – of the parcel through the route optimization mechanism (reaching the specific destination through the fastest or shortest route). They receive the latest updates from Apple Maps or Google Maps about the roads with the least traffic. 

Customers rate the quality of the on-demand packaging services – on a scale of 1 to 5. They can also share comments and opinions of the professionalism of the packing service providers.  

Customers will book a specific parcel dispatch – service according to their requirements. They can choose it based on the time frame (a couple of hours or a few days). 


Types of Courier Delivery Apps Based on Different Business Models


There are many different business models to choose from when it comes to building a courier delivery app. A few of these business models are mentioned below:


Postal & courier service application


  • The companies that have realized the importance of the mobile application and have subsequently leveraged it for their advantage follow this business model. Some prominent names like FedEx and DPD use mobile applications in their parcel and courier services.

  • The former also has a separate mobile application for the same-day delivery service. Similarly, the latter has a full-fledged customer admin panel. This panel allows them to create shipments along with printing out labels for the packages.


Package tracking aggregators


  • In this type of business model, the data from all the carriers are accumulated at one point. In this business model, the company requires only a single application for tracking all the packages regardless of the carrier. 

  • Packages can be added seamlessly by using its ID. Moreover, the push notifications on the app keep the customer updated regarding the delivery status.


Branded delivery and integrated solutions


  • In this type of business model, the companies use mobile applications that have the order tracking feature. Some online retailers will also provide a total scope of successful delivery. 

  • The biggest advantage of using this application is that the customer gets to know whether the package is ready to be dispatched, has been shipped, or is delivered.

  • Many retailers use these branded package delivery apps to gain an edge over their rivals by providing transparency and convenience to their end customers.


Uber-like marketplace for parcel delivery


  • Apart from revolutionizing the taxi industry, Uber has also set a successful business model that many industries can emulate and gain an advantage. Uber for courier delivery service is one such emulation of this business model in the courier delivery sphere.

  • Uber-like courier delivery business could be a huge success as the previous Uber for X businesses has the reputation of disrupting the conventional or traditional business models across industries.

  • We understood the different business models now let’s focus on how to build a courier delivery application.


How to build an On-Demand Courier Delivery App Development?


No matter which approach or business model you choose, it’s never going to be easy to build your own on-demand parcel delivery app. For that, you have to make several decisions in a proper sequence which is mentioned below.


Draft your idea


Before commencing app development, the first step is to draft a flowchart for a better understanding and to conceptualize the flow of the process. Develop questions such as Why a courier app? How to develop? What is the future scope? Every question that occurs must have an answer or solution. Analyze each and every concept to avoid any hurdles in the upcoming app development.


Choose a suitable business model


The first step is to choose the most suitable business model. We have already mentioned the major business models that are used in the on-demand courier delivery business. You must choose whether you’ll be going for a branded retailer shipping app, postal service app, or on-demand parcel delivery app.
To make the correct choice, you should consider several factors like your business specifics, audience, long-term goals, resources available, and many more.


Specify your business goals and requirements


There’s more to starting an on-demand courier service than just developing a mobile app. You need to understand the specifics, opportunities, and requirements of your business model.

You also need to consider various factors such as the geography of your delivery service. You need to find answers to questions like:

  • Will it be only operational in one city, a whole country, or worldwide?

  • What will be the delivery type that you’ll offer?

  • What will be the average parcel size, weight, and packaging type that you’ll prefer?


Identify the correct scope of features


  • After completing all the theoretical aspects, you can start working on the practical implementation of your concept. You can start by prioritizing your requirements and documents. Here you can create a functional specification to set all your requirements.

  • The scope and functionality of your product can vary subject to your specifications and business models. However, there are a few basic and must-have features in courier & parcel delivery applications. Let’s have a look at them.


Features Of Courier Delivery Management Software


ETA Details


  • Based on the location of the delivery provider from the pickup and the delivery location, the estimated time of arrival gets calculated in the courier management delivery software module.

  • The ETA details get shown to the user who has requested the pickup and delivery from their dedicated courier delivery software.

  • The admin can also view the entire delivery details, including the ETA, within the admin dashboard


Earning Analytics


  • The courier dispatch system solution caters to earning analytics and report generation requirements of the admin and delivery providers.

  • It provides real-time data on the collected and received amounts and helps download it in the form of excel sheets.

  • The admin can view earning details of the delivery providers from the admin panel.


Delivery Service Rates


  • Admin decides the delivery service rates applicable for the courier deliveries requested through the app.

  • They can manage the service rates based on the changing user demands and package needs.

  • The courier management software helps to set prices according to distance, time, and more parameters.


Courier Pickup Confirmation


  • Customers can opt for contactless courier management for courier deliveries for which they will get pickup confirmation.

  • The pickup confirmation gets sent to the user who has requested to get courier delivery in their desired location from the app solution.

  • The provider clicks a picture and uploads it to send to the user as the pickup confirmation after the code verification process.


Promo Codes & Discounts


  • Courier delivery management software allows admin to set promo codes and introduce deals to entice users.

  • Users can avail of those deals and discounts while placing the order request and redeem them whenever they want.

  • Admin can also launch referral codes to help users earn discounts when they promote the app among their acquaintances.


Delivery Zones


  • Define delivery zones and set their pricing for each city to provide courier services as per your business requirements.

  • Admin can mark specific zone where they intend to give the courier delivery or pickup services for particular prices.

  • To define delivery zones, the admin can mark the radius and the area on the map and categorize these zones.


What are the Benefits of Courier Delivery Software?


Courier delivery software enables you to:


  • Solve complex pick-up/drop-off challenges that account for rush hour, traffic patterns, load capacity, and last-minute requests

  • Improve communication with your drivers and customers

  • Plan around time windows and increase on-time arrivals

  • Integrate your CRM or order management system with our flexible API

  • Monitor performance with GPS tracking and reporting for extra visibility

  • Collect proof of delivery: photos, signatures, notes, and audio

  • Route more efficiently while generating a ~30% ROI

  • Keep an eye on performance with Live ETA updates

  • Create realistic routes that keep drivers happy and running on schedule

  • Implement new processes to achieve maximum efficiency & meet daily targets

  • Project growth and test out new scenarios with simulation planning


Cost of an On-Demand Courier Delivery App Development




To determine the cost of an on-demand courier delivery application, it’s important to understand that it depends on a variety of factors. Below are a few of the deciding factors that affect the cost estimation of a courier delivery app development.

  • The mobile app development company which you are going to hire for app designing and development.

  • Which mobile platform are you going for? Is it iOS, Android, or both? You can choose any of the platforms or both of them as per your requirement.

  • Post-launch client services which you’ll require from your mobile app development company.

  • Which set of features are you looking to incorporate in your courier delivery application?

  • Do you want to build an MVP or a fully-fledged application?


Create Other Delivery App to Make Efficient


With Travelopro's Ecommerce Delivery Software you create a branded Pickup and Delivery app highly customizable to match specific industry needs. Our feature-packed delivery management system helps enhance your customer experiences.


Food Delivery App


  • Start your food delivery business in minutes with our customized food delivery app solutions.


Grocery Delivery App


  • Get your grocery delivery business up and running in no time with our 100% white-labeled app.


Fuel Delivery App


  • Step forward to create an advanced fuel delivery app to fulfill the customers' urgent demands timely.


Laundry Delivery App


  • Expand your laundry business and reach more potential customers via creating a laundry delivery app.


Flower Delivery App


  • Build a powerful ready-made app for your flower shop and start selling fresh flowers to customers with ease.


Alcohol Delivery App


  • Build a fully functional alcohol delivery app customized to meet your business needs and requirements.


Medicine Delivery App


  • Launch your medicine delivery business up and running in no time with our 100% white-labeled medicine delivery app.


Wrapping Up


Unquestionably, the global Courier delivery industry will skyrocket in the future. Besides that, the emergence of e-commerce platforms along with modern shipping and warehouse storage facilities will uplift the demand for on-demand courier delivery services from customers.  

Likewise, more users will utilize an on-demand Courier Delivery software solution. They can book the required logistics services instantly with their smartphones powered by the Internet. 

Hence, clever entrepreneurs can digitize the entire logistics industry by teaming up with Travelopro now for pulsating parcel delivery app development. Above all, our talented team provides in-depth assistance from start to finish to make you the trendsetter in on-demand courier delivery in no time.

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