Corporate Booking Tool


Corporate booking tools are online self-booking tool that travel businesses and organizations can use for their corporate travel needs. It is mainly designed to facilitate a smooth business relationship between the travel business and its corporate customers. It can provide savings, flexibility, and convenience for small, medium and large enterprises. However, each corporate booking tool is different and will be a better fit based on a company’s needs and goals.

Travelopro is a leading travel technology provider of advanced technology solutions for the global travel and tourism industry. Travelopro provides corporate booking tool that allows you to control travel expenses that are made directly and indirectly & enables you to take control and visibility over travel & expenses spend. From booking a trip to accounting and repay, everything can be taken care of this application.

Our corporate travel booking tool was designed to simplify the complex traveling process for corporate customers so that travel management companies and corporations can focus on their core business. Travelopro's corporate solution allows travel management companies to provide their customers with an online self-booking tool for their travel needs. With an advanced corporate booking tool, streamlined pre-trip approval processes and rule-based logic help ensure employees book their trips in compliance with the policy.

By using Travelopro's corporate self-booking tool is the right solution that you can provide to your corporate customers looking to maximize value from their travel spend. We offer customized services for the travel companies to implement, manage their travel policies with travel inventory in real time basis including low-cost carriers, scheduled airlines, hotels and car rentals globally.

Features of Corporate booking tool

  • Travel bookings
  • Tailor-made
  • Corporate portals
  • Expense reporting
  • Cost control
  • Efficient booking workflow through automated processes
  • Can manage booking history and booking policy
  • Advanced travel policy

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  • Global Reach

  • Full Coverage

  • Easy Connection

  • Corporate Bookings

  • Mobile-Friendly

Benefits of Corporate booking tool

  • Centralized processes
  • Increased online adoption to save money
  • Direct and indirect savings
  • It enables to manage expenses with economic policy compliance
  • Data collection and analysis