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  • tick_list  Configure credit limit and deposits
  • tick_list  Multilingual travel websites
  • tick_list  Add offline travel bookings
  • tick_list  Distribute white labels
  • tick_list  Dynamic fare caching
  • tick_list  Commissions and markup control
  • tick_list  Advanced Reports
  • tick_list  Manage multiple branches
  • tick_list  Sub Agents can create and manage multiple branches and users
  • tick_list  Optional cross selling platform
  • tick_list  SMS gateway
  • tick_list  Multi currency transactions for agents and suppliers
  • tick_list  Business intelligence reports
  • tick_list  Online travel booking engine
  • tick_list  Multiple sales channels - B2B, B2B2B, B2B2C
  • tick_list  Centralised mid-office
  • tick_list  Ability to connect multiple GDS, LCC, and third party APIs
  • tick_list  Complete Reservation Management
  • tick_list  Travel Agent Management
  • tick_list  Transactional Accounting
  • tick_list  Accounting System Integration
  • tick_list  Comprehensive system to manage rates, discounts and allocation
  • tick_list  Payment Gateway Integration
  • tick_list  Multiple Supplier APIs
  • tick_list  Add direct contracts
  • tick_list  Redistribution API

Bus Ticket Booking System



Online Bus Booking Software is developed to help entrepreneurs so that they do not have to start from scratch to build a website, be it in any country or continent.

Travelopro is World’s largest bus aggregator API platform. Our online bus ticket reservation is the suitable key for that since it is upgraded with all the important features required for the bus booking industry.

A combination of any number of bus operator APIs, manage from admin and also offer CRM for the customer support team.

Bus booking system supports your online reservation system with an additional quality to provide your online customers and travel sub-agents to reserve for bus tickets separately from common flights and hotels.

The online bus ticket booking system can connect more than sixty-eight thousand routes across a thousand nine hundred plus bus operators on one single CRS system.

For OTAs and bus aggregators it is a central booking system for all the transfers and intercity buses along with additional traveler information. The bus booking system is seeing great demand nowadays.

Unlike any other service provider, the company’s objective is to build a transport option that stands between the public transport systems of buses and personalized mobility like taxis.

In other words, we want to skip the grip of typical public bus transportation established in India and provide experience and seamlessness of a hired personal vehicle in buses.

We are going to pass 10 million booking mark, with fleet size and market penetration this year. Bus Aggregators enables leading travel agencies to run their business efficiently and effectively.

It is used by a wide array of travel sectors to create successful commercial environments and become more profitable. These applications trim and increase the value of travel business operations for travel providers and users both and distribute a critical competitive advantage to them.

It is one of the best systems available today for bus ticketing. Most travel agencies choose it to access online travel bus directories and other value-added services.

It processes the highest number of transactions on a day to day basis. Our website is standing in a long queue to book your bus ticket is history now, because of the online bus reservation system. 

Sometimes customers had to queue up for a long time to reserve a seat for them. Besides that, they were hardly allowed to make any telephonic inquiry as the bus company’s line always had a busy tone.

But now things have changed. Another method is available in the market which can solve all these problems. It's an Online Bus booking system, which is a web-based service for bus seat bookings.


Top bus operators are connecting to top travel portal development companies to build them class bus reservation system.




Amenities for buses, as shown on Travelopro, have been configured and provided by the bus operator. These services will be provided only there are some exceptions on certain days.


Business Models of Bus Booking App Startups:


The online bus reservation platforms are based on mainly these two kinds of business models – mass business model and self-owned business model. We are only a bus ticket agent. It does not work bus services of its own.


To provide a comprehensive choice of bus operators, departure times and prices to customers:


it has tied up with different bus aggregators. We advice to customers is to choose bus operators they are aware of and whose service they are comfortable with.

Online Bus Booking System and Mobile Apps for Global Bus Aggregators and also we provide; comfortable AC vehicles and real-time tracking, monthly passes, explore routes, real-time tracking, seamless booking, rate your ride.


Bus Aggregator as a travel service provider for the bus has the below functionalities:


• Bus Inventory Management

• The reservation process for buses

• PNR Generation for all buses

• Passenger Profiling 




The arrival and departure times mentioned on the ticket are only tentative timings. But, the bus will not split the source before the specific time on the ticket.


Passengers are required to furnish the following documents at the time of boarding the bus:


A copy of the ticket (a print out of the ticket or the print out of the ticket e-mail), Any Identity proof.


Change of bus:


In case the bus operator changes the type of bus due to some reason, we will refund the differential amount to the customer if the operator is willing to pay the same, upon being intimated by the customer within 24 hours of the journey.

Set to gain from the GST council’s decision to lower taxes, cab aggregators, according to a survey report, have much scope to grow.

A small fraction of the people surveyed mentioned that they are availing of cab aggregator service to avoid the rush and deficiencies that public transport mediums like buses, local trains and even metros offer.

If Women on Wheels and She Taxi make an innovative aggregator model on the back of the social and economic empowerment of women, bus aggregators are making travel to work easy and stress-free.

Providing AC buses with assured seats without having to pay big bucks for fuel and shared cabs, bus aggregators are helping commuters to travel without cash.

Commuters can also reserve as well as real-time track the seats. He draws attention to over 30 million bus rides taking place across the world every day.

The demand for mobility is rising, and the government is required to support new disruptive initiatives the aggregators are taking, opines an industry source.


Vision for Sustainable Strength


a people-friendly, road-space fair and bus-based mass transit service is critical to any city for driving long-term economic improvement.

Most Indian cities, find themselves in a transportation barrier as a result of a deficit in public transport, also due to the fast and free growth of car-based mobility.

The results are apparent – traffic snarls are horrible, causing huge economic and personal efficiency loss.


Aggregator Model


which business model, the companies partner with various bus operators and travel agencies who own and run the buses. The companies involving in this model don’t have to maintain buses.

The partners/travel agencies are responsible for their vehicles. In simple words, a bus aggregator company connects buses with customers and takes a fee in return for its service.


Self-owned Fleet Model


Which model, bus/fleet owners launch their apps to better connect with their customers. As they don’t have to pay any fee to anyone to get bookings, the profit margin is bigger than that of the aggregator model.

We estimate suggest that nearly 50 work hours are wasted per person per year on roads due to traffic. Congestion losses also include fuel wastage, pollution as well as costs related to commuter stress and anxiety.

It is a major travel technology partner and transaction servicer for the universal travel and tourism industry. With great technical support, that it offers. 


Bus features, ticket prices, departure times


Find the best bus, you can compare buses and find cheap bus tickets for your next bus trip. It doesn’t case if you want to travel to different places, you can verify the bus schedules, ticket rates and what features and services are provided on the bus.

You can see for the most frequent departures, available coupons amenities like free Wi-Fi and a liberal luggage allowance. Our website always supports you to find a suitable bus!

Take the bus to find the rest of the world Of course; if you are planning a trip to other countries, traveling by bus is also the perfect way to discover other countries.

You can explore sandy beaches and exciting cities across the world and experience culture at its quality. Our API is a suitable option for reserving your ticket and also getting info on an easy, economical and suited Euro trip.

Discover the address of the bus terminal and verify the updated arrival and departure times for cities worldwide on our website.

For travel with broader groups, school trips, and business outings or joint trips to sporting events, renting a chartered bus is typically an economical alternative to intercity buses.

Compounding the transport shortage is the fact that cabs attached to aggregators will be in much shorter supply for the people to move around, despite it being a weekend.

Besides moving about the city, even leaving town by bus will be a problem. Services across several towns and cities will remain disrupted until counting is over.

The intercity bus gets you; just think you are planning a journey. To get the cheapest bus line for this connection we are the best website for comparing bus fares across the world.

In public transport complete by private operators is extremely cost-efficient. Traveling long-distance by bus is environment-friendly: calculated in terms of passenger kilometers the intercity bus generates the lowest CO2-leaks compared to all other means of transportation.

The intercity bus helps you to city-hop around Europe at a low price. It is suited for travelers who want to combine comfort, low carbon footprint, safety, and reasonable budget all in one distant trip. 

Already today there are a huge number of long-distance bus agencies, who engage with their intercity bus travels for the support customers. That is the reason a long-distance bus rate comparison creates a sense to get the best ticket rate.


The low-cost bus travels across worldwide


Compare fares, Times and Ticketing. The benefit of intercity buses are obvious: no other mode of transport lets you take in so many visions all over the world and still have money left over for local cuisine and a few testimonials!

To reward from these benefits, you are more than welcome to check out our long-distance bus rate comparison portal on our website: you find all intercity buses, and you can compare the intercity buses in terms of rate and support and additionally benefit from numerous promotional prices.

For this reason, we are your guidepost to the best bus trip and reasonable traveling all over the world by long-distance bus.

We continue to grow because there is a real gap in the availability of smart, reliable and safe mobility solutions for office goers.

As an app-based, seat-based, mobility solution – Our value to the city and the commuters is tangible and this will continue to drive our growth.

We have been successful in shifting people from their cars to us, and in doing so, playing a positive role in reducing congestion individually.

You have leveraged technology such as Chirp (sound-based boarding technology for its commuters) earlier. Chirp enhances safety and consumer experience.

We will continue to leverage technology to enhance safety towards our consumers and efficiency for our partners. For example, face recognition technology, which allows for authenticated boarding and driver authentication, goes a long away in addressing safety- concerns of all passengers.

The following steps are you taking to ensure the safety of female passengers who use our API. We will continue to leverage technology and integrate it with all our services to ensure a high level of safeguards, real-time monitoring, and smart features to enhance the safety of our female passenger’s full journey –including after our drop off.

This last leg often requires them to walk alone, which can be unsafe. The home-check feature on our app assures last-mile safety by monitoring passenger’s arrival at home.

We use interactive voice technology to do so. Today, more than 50,000 (35 percent) of our customers are women and this number is growing fast.

Global research has also shown that while men prefer technology-based safety features, women prefer to combine technical features with traveling in groups.

With regards to privacy, face recognition is like any other ID proof and we need to deploy it to be a responsible service provider.

It’s no different from ID check at the airport so to say, or a biometric feature at an office building.

We believe that the market for the structured commute (home-office-home) needs to be met by a technology-enabled, smart, safe and shared mobility solution like our API.

As city after city looks to deploy a mobility solution for office goers, we will be ready with our services, and continue to expand and build our business.


Buses as Saviors


Specialist submits that a raise in bus ridership can significantly discount congestion while high quality, reliable and safe buses can continuously enhance passenger wellbeing and facilitate them to shift to buses.


Intelligent Transport Systems


Real-time data analytics can revolutionize urban transport systems. Finally, this will decrease journey times, waiting times and overall congestion.

It helps us use our limited transport assets efficiently and most importantly make the transport sector people friendly, safe, and demand-responsive.

We are also using face and voice recognition technologies to improve safety and ride experience. For instance, the typical home-office-home commuter segment is a significant part of any city’s aggregate mobility requirements.

While the private car is certainly an option for the top 10 percent of the population, and the downtrodden 50 percent people use only public transport, there is no credible option for the 40 percent folks stuck in between.

This condition often causes them to shift to private vehicles. It is in this unsaved segment where app-based bus services fit in.


Our Uniqueness


Our demand-adaptive, app, and seat-based, bus service business model presents an opportunity in this regard. It is critical to creating sustainable transport models.

Our solution eases the shift from separate to shared strength solutions. In doing so, we offer a win-win model to cities and citizens where all stakeholders save time, conserve resources, and reduce congestion.

However, a challenge in this venture includes lack of enough buses and attitudinal change to make people shift to buses. A change in their preferences is only possible with access to reliable, safe and smart alternatives.

Thus, shared bus strength offers like us must discover the segment of people who are ready and able to shift to shared mobility given it accomplishes their travel needs within their budgets.


Role of Bus Aggregators in improving City Bus Services


Bus aggregator models use algorithms to chart routes based on demands, sourced from potential customers, employee travel data available from major technology parks and current routes of clandestine bus operations in the city.

The model allows convenient boarding points for passengers along predetermined routes, providing direct trips to passengers.

The model sources demand a trip through its front-end interface, typically a smartphone application, that allows passengers to reserve and pay for seats for a journey.

In addition to seat assurance and electronic payments, the smartphone application also serves as a passenger information system, allowing passengers the real-time tracking of bus schedules and arrival at the nearest stop.

Also, these buses may be equipped with amenities such as air-conditioning and wireless internet. Further, these buses may also be equipped with CCTV cameras to improve passenger security during the commute, in line with similar measures taken by buses operated by us.

Bus aggregator services have been mostly provided by the private sector around the world. While many providers began services, some have terminated operations within months.

Often the reasons for failure may be traced back to the lack of viability of the business model and regulatory challenges in India.

This section provides the regulatory assessment for the operations of bus aggregator services and the viewpoint of key stakeholders.


Social Consideration


State Transport Undertakings fulfill the social obligation of providing essential transport links in Indian cities. Yet the national discourse on the bus aggregator subject has been limited to regulatory issues without taking into consideration the social concerns.

This section seeks to introduce such concerns to discussions on aggregator bus services through the following issues. Bus aggregators, the relatively new entrants to the urban mobility ecosystem in India, frequently face issues with regulators and public transit agencies.

The novelty of their business model and lack of understanding of their societal impact are probable reasons for this standoff.

This study evaluates Travelopro, a bus-aggregator operating in all the region by combining primary data with operations data to evaluate the environmental impact of our and commuters' perception of its service.

Predominantly, commuters shift from private vehicles to us (>50%), followed by shifts from the metro and on-demand taxis. Findings suggest that we have had a positive impact on mobility in the region.

And we compare favorably with every mode on most pollutants (except the public bus and metro, and in some cases, private motorcycles). On the other hand, our fares lie between public transport and taxis.


Their customer’s income falls within the middle percentile


They work in white-collar jobs and can afford mobile. We are not for the poor. Despite this, evidence from this study suggests that there are many positives to the bus aggregation model that warrants appropriate steps by city-level regulators and policymakers to legalize and regulate this growing sector.

For cities to move ahead, app-based buses should run hand-in-hand with existing mass transit options. The next step progression of the aggregator model from taxis to shared taxis to buses was to be expected.

A bus aggregator also called an app-based bus is a technology platform that splits groups of passengers to suitable routes. An app allows commuters to track the bus, book an assured seat, and pay online.

As in the taxi space, bus aggregators do not own any vehicles themselves. Instead, these companies define themselves as technology intermediaries.

However, bus aggregators across the world are being charged with flouting the intent of the contract carriage permit that most of the vehicles on their platform operate under.

Then, there are questions about safety, accountability and the energetic (discounted or surge) pricing system.

There is a concern that such players will work on routes that are most valuable for existing bus agencies, decreasing the city’s ability to cross-subsidies worthless routes that bus companies must process for the public good.

Bus aggregators, on their part, keep they are within the law but that the official framework requires to change to best make use of real-time technology, big data, and data analytics.

The logic is that without this, transport systems will continue to trustful their assets and have high inefficiencies.

Also, by organizing highly break mini-bus operators that already develop outside many work and progress hubs, aggregators could support formalize secrete services by providing clear reservations, pricing, and driver ratings.

The advantages of this for commuters are several. Apart from offering the assured seat in an air-conditioned and possibly, Wi-Fi-enabled vehicle, these services are perceived as reliable, demand responsive.

And, many of these services give them the option of requesting routes. For it to exactly work, a government looking at regulating the bus-aggregator model should work hand-in-hand with available public transport. 


Reason for use Travelopro


If you looking for a bus that can get you from city to city at an affordable price and you like to have Wi-Fi on your trip, and need a little extra leg-room or are traveling by bike.

Then our Bus Aggregator API is perfect for you! Regardless of whether you just scan the bus schedules or would like to simply compare rates: on our site you can discover all the data you require to plan an ideal and comfortable bus trip.

Go ahead, try it out for yourself. Where you are or where you want to go is not a matter: you can compare economical bus tickets and find the one that suits you best directly from your smartphone. 


Get your travel business online

If there is one thing you do today, get your travel business online. Everyone are talking of going online. Provide yourself and your agents with their own B2B/B2C booking engine. Travelopro platform consist of many components assembled to get your one stop travel software and travel technology, to automate travel business process and configured in many ways to meet your business goals. Here's what you'll get (its affordable, easy and profitable).
  • Hotels


  • Flight


  • Forex


  • Business


  • Cruise


  • Buses


  • Rails


  • Holidays


  • Cars


  • Destination


  • Sigts


  • Visa


  • Insurance


Fetaures of Online Reservation System:

  • tick_list  Fast and Flexible booking engine
  • tick_list  Secure, scalable and robust reservation architecture
  • tick_list  Fully customized booking engine
  • tick_list  Cost-effective solutions
  • tick_list  User friendly interface
  • tick_list  Integrated Payment Gateway
  • tick_list  Multi-language support

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