Arabian Travel Market is an international travel trade show unlocking business potential within the Middle East for inbound and outbound tourism professionals.

Arabian Travel Market - Unlocking Business Potential Within The Middle East for Inbound and Outbound Tourism Professionals

ATM provides an immense opportunity where travel meets trade which enables networking, negotiating and conducting business.

Arabian Travel Market is the travel and tourism event unlocking the business potential within the Middle East for inbound and outbound tourism experts. Tourism destinations from the Middle East and around the world showcase a diverse range of accommodation options, breathtaking tourism attractions, and new airline routes. The exhibition speaks to decision-makers of the power level from industry and government. With the latest industry reports, market-leading products and winning educational content Arabian Travel Market is a dynamic business environment for buyers and sellers from all over the world and from every sector of the industry. Arabian Travel Market is the market-leading, global travel, and tourism event unlocking the business possible within the Middle East for inbound and outbound tourism professionals. Tourism destinations from around the world showcase a diverse range of accommodation options, breathtaking tourism attractions, travel technology, and key airline routes. Arabian Travel Market first unlocking its doors in 1994 at the Dubai World Trade Centre with 52 nations, 300 exhibitors and 7,000 trade visitors. 22 years later, ATM now facilitates $2.4 billion in industry deals and attracts 2,800 exhibitors from 86 countries and over 26,000 influential visitors.

Arabian Travel Market is a dynamic business environment for buyers and sellers from all over the world and from every sector of the industry.

Hospitality experts from each corner of the globe will gather in Dubai for the opening of Arabian Travel Market (ATM), the largest travel industry exhibition in the Middle East. Identifying the top tourism trends showing the greatest growth potential is one of the most valuable insights Arabian Travel Market has to offer, and this year’s event – which takes place at Dubai World Trade Centre - will be no different as it launches Arabian Travel Week – an umbrella brand comprising four co-located shows. “Technology and innovation will also represent key focuses during this year’s show. Bots, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and the Internet of Things are expected to result in billion-dollar savings for our industry, so it is vital that we empower exhibitors and attendees to explore how these tools can be leveraged to benefit their customers and businesses,” said Curtis. Participants will appreciate 4 days of business networking opportunities and a full program of insightful seminar sessions including aviation, the future of selling travel and the evolution of bespoke luxury travel as well as how immersive technology will transform the visitor experience at mega-events. Beyond the event, we continue to help experts in the Arabian travel industry to drive commercial success with all-year-round opportunities to make connections and access to industry reports and developments, trends and technologies from around the world. Through our industry networks, global reach and regional focus, ATM establishes personal and business opportunities providing our clients with quality contacts, content and communities.

Arabian Travel Market means business as it is the market-leading, international travel, and tourism event within the Middle East. ATM Dubai is independently inspected by ABC every year to secure that the number of visitor attendees reported is completely accurate and based on single attendees only. It is a global exhibition with a regional focus enabling you to reach an international audience whilst providing the potential to grow your business within one of the most lucrative and fastest-growing tourism markets in the world. Special industry theme for Arabian Travel Market to focus on the demand for mid-scale accommodation and services as the Middle East hospitality and tourism sector looks to new segment opportunities. Mid-market travel, which is an essential development portion for the region’s hospitality and tourism sector, has been picked as the official show theme for Arabian Travel Market, which will take place at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre (DICEC). The annual business-to-business (B2B) exhibition over 2,800 products and destinations from around the globe to over 28,000 buyers and travels trade visitors across 4 days at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DICEC). Over 39,000 travel experts, government ministers, and global media visit ATM each year to network negotiate and find the latest industry opinion and trends at Arabian Travel Market.

What is the Objective of the Arabian Travel Market Event?

The main goal for most of the visitors and exhibitors is to conduct business with new clients. By participating at the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai, you will be able to reach new markets and meet established global suppliers. This leading event allows the participants to discover global trends, the latest innovations, and gain an insight into research by actively taking part in topical debates. It is here that you get to expand your knowledge and keep up with the emerging travel trends. In fact, you won’t find another event in the Middle East quite like the Arabian Travel Market to help you network and generate business leads. So, come and find out about the numerous opportunities within the travel industry and get insider tips from the experts.

Who should attend the Arabian Travel Market Event?

Travel trade professionals will get the chance to meet new suppliers and buyers as well as attend a forum to meet with executive decision-makers. If you are a tour operator, travel agent, wholesaler, or private travel organizer, who is looking to showcase your products or services to companies supplying the travel industry, then the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai is the right event for you.

Why every travel agents needs to attend the Arabian Travel Market?

The participation, which is organized by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage, aims at acquainting specialists in Arab and international travel sector with the development steps that the Saudi tourism industry is witnessing and the grand projects being established in the time being with the support of the Kingdom's leadership and the implementation of its comprehensive national vision toward paying more attention to this industry that world countries rely on in enhancing their resources. Other aims from the participation include benefiting from advanced international expertise in the tourism sector and considering to simulate distinguished expertise according to standards that suit the Saudi market, where this annual exhibition is considered one of the most important specialized gatherings in the tourism sector through the intensive presence in its events and following up on new developments through having 90 countries from across the world.

The exhibition is considered an annual opportunity to acquaint the world with the tourist products, service, and destinations in the Kingdom and the investment opportunities in the country, and at the same time contributes to building up fruitful partnerships between national tourism companies and their international counterparts, where more than 60 institutions related to the tourism sector will participate in the Kingdom's pavilion this year, most important of which are the major tourist projects that the Kingdom has recently announced, such as NEOM, the Red Sea, Amaala, Daria City Gate, the General Authority of Civil Aviation and the King Abdullah Economic City, along with the participation of Saudi hotels, aviation companies, travel agencies, and trip organizers. The Kingdom's pavilion also includes technical presentations and movies about the major tourism projects and Saudi sites listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

This year will see the presence of the Saudi Seasons initiative that was announced in last February, which comprises 11 tourism seasons covering most of the Kingdom's seasons and the participation highlights the cultural, natural and investment factors that the Kingdom is unique with, as well as presentations about the investment opportunities available in the tourism and heritage sectors for specialists, investors, business people, media people and guests from participating sides and tourism organizations, in addition to acquainting officials of participating international investment companies with projects of tourist destinations of the Kingdom's regions and investment opportunities in the accommodation sector. The Dubai gathering is also a good opportunity for Saudi tourist companies to reach Arab and international markets to market the kingdom as a competitive tourist destination. The Arabian Travel Market Exhibition is also considered an international event for the travel sector in the Middle East and is annually held over four days and hosts more than 40,000 visitors from specialists in the travel sector, government officials and representatives of international media outlets with the aim of communication and exploring the most recent trends in the tourism sector.

Why every travel agent needs to attend the Arabian travel market (ATM)

Every year in the month of April Dubai has the most specialized fair on travel and tourism that uncovers a large number of beneficial options that can ultimately make you win in the market whether you travel agent, tour leader, airline company, social media influencer, software company or in any other way related to the travel industry. I trust among all the platforms that support and uplift travel and tourism in different ways ARABIAN TRAVEL MARKET (ATM) is the most encouraging trade gathering. For me, it’s the perfect combination of education and networking. There’s no doubt that the Middle East is taking the travel industry bull by the horns. In very simple words ARABIAN TRAVEL MARKET (ATM) is a VAST travel exhibition and the organizers of ARABIAN TRAVEL MARKET (ATM) start planning it at least 12 months in advance because there’s so much happening in the four days show and it requires a significant amount of work that goes into it. At the ARABIAN TRAVEL MARKET (ATM) several leading travel industry trends as well various exhibits are showcased across 12 halls at Dubai World Trade Centre. There are more than 2,500 exhibiting companies from around 75 countries. The majority of exhibitors and visitors at ARABIAN TRAVEL MARKET (ATM) primarily focuses on organizing business with people they would not usually get the opportunity to meet and develop beneficial connections for their company. So, if you be part of ARABIAN TRAVEL MARKET (ATM) don’t forget the prime focus and pull out the maximum benefit from it because no matter how beneficial or informative any platform is for any company it's ultimately you to bring it to the right use.

If you are Travel Agents then the benefits for you are much more in so many ways than a general visitor or some other travel professional. Being a travel agent if you rightly use the convenient resources at the ARABIAN TRAVEL MARKET (ATM), I assure you that at the end of the four days event you will be having to confirm business deals and a long list of useful RELIABLE connections from around the world that you can work within future. It doesn’t just finish here – there’s something EXCLUSIVE for travel agents at the ARABIAN TRAVEL MARKET (ATM). and that is the Travel Agents' Academy. Travel Agents’ Academy is a series of two half-day programs of free training and networking specifically designed for the Travel Agents attending ARABIAN TRAVEL MARKET (ATM). The important sessions in these two half-day series equip the travel agents with skills that they need to thrive in years ahead to survive in the market. World top travel professionals are there to brief on the most pressing issues for the travel agents and how to tackle them. There is three hours training program in which the travel agents get training for free on subjects like – the importance of research for travel agents, itinerary planning and writing, sales training and destination briefings, working on new destinations and tips on adding something unique into your itinerary for well-traveled clients. The travel agents get networking breaks during the training and briefing sessions in which they can interact with other co travel agents from around the world, share ideas, make connections and learn so much from each other. NOT TO MISS - All Delegates Get A Course Completion Certificate Too! All this and so much more makes me encourage all the Travel Agents to attend ARABIAN TRAVEL MARKET (ATM). in years ahead to get the free training, have a meaningful and engaged conversation, establish new contacts and explore potential collaboration. It is a fantastic opportunity to meet key industry players!

By visiting ARABIAN TRAVEL MARKET (ATM) you will observe that there is so much going around in the world in the field of travel and tourism and how devoted people are. All this definitely motivates a person. Interacting with people from around the world who share the same profession with you will definitely make you learn certain things from each other. For example; maybe they learn from you how to build credibility and connection with clients or you learn from someone how to identify and offer solutions to clients; negotiation and management techniques. From the top speakers, you might learn how to manage the transformation from the sale to the client relationship and a lot more important in things, all in just four days!

Getting into ARABIAN TRAVEL MARKET (ATM).is quite easy. You can simply go to their website ( and get yourself registered (travel professional if you are a travel agent), however, the website is very user-friendly and at each step-in registration, it guides you so clearly. You will get a verification email and in a week's time, they will send you your badge number on the same email address. Pre-registration is free, and they usually send an invite a few months before the event. So, if you are planning to go next year, don’t forget to mark your calendars. Oh yeah! There is a metro station near the ATM venue that will lead you straight to the exhibition hall. The exhibition is divided into two halls in each hall continents are divided in a specific order so the visitors do not miss out on any exhibit and can reach to their required destinations easily. ARABIAN TRAVEL MARKET (ATM) is a big show and every year it gets bigger and better!


To assist in the most successful Arabian Travel Market that Marriott has ever delivered. Providing unparalleled landmark stands, meeting facilities, networking opportunities, events, and appointments to facilitate enhanced relationships and business opportunities from the Middle East region.

Dubai’s own offerings in the travel and tourism sector will be one of the cynosures of attention at the event to be held every year. Dubai overcame the impact of global economic headwinds, to emerge as a growth hotspot in the worldwide tourism map. Dubai was ranked the world’s fourth most visited city for the fourth year in a row by the Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index (GDCI) and topped the list of global cities with the highest international overnight visitor spend for the third year in a row. "Keeping in mind every year’s theme of innovation and technology, Dubai as a destination has already embraced a ‘digital, mobile and social first’ agenda that places future-readiness at its core while promoting the adoption of disruptive technology. As a global hub of innovation, we will continue to support public-private sector partnerships to evolve our product offerings and the way we engage with today’s digitally-savvy consumers. Keeping ahead of the global competition, we are anchored by an unwavering vision of establishing Dubai as the number one most-visited and innovative city in the world," he added.

Dubai’s ability to sustain its tourism growth over the past few years has been driven, among others, by a sustained investment in infrastructure. In the next half a decade, it is set to complete the construction of a series of megaprojects that will feature some of the world’s most spectacular tourist attractions. ATM was organized at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DICEC), over four days, wherein the annual business-to-business (B2B) exhibition showcased over 2,800 products and destinations from around the world to over 28,000 buyers and travel trade visitors. The event enabled the participants to the network to develop new connections with their international peers and discover the latest trends pertaining to industry news, products and technologies from around the world, which helps to drive business opportunities.

Who will you meet at the Arabian Travel Market?

One of the main reasons why travel trade professionals keep coming back to ATM year after year, and why we attract more every year, is because of the quality of contacts they make at the show.

Why Exhibit at Arabian Travel Market

Arabian Travel Market provides the best opportunity for you to meet new customers and strengthen relationships with existing ones. We bring the travel industry together annually in Dubai so that you can find the regional and international business that you're looking for. The 26th edition of ATM will provide international exhibitors with the ideal platform to reach both regional and international buyers.

The meeting place for the travel industry in this region, ATM helps these professionals to expand their personal and professional network and in turn, discover new products and services and further their understanding of the industry. What's important is that you meet those who will make a real difference to your business goals. Over 2,800 exhibitors from around the world choose ATM as a platform to showcase their destinations, products, and services.

ATM also allows you to network with other professionals within the industry. Nearly 30,000 visitors consisting of senior travel trade professionals, international press and buyers attend the show every year, using this industry-leading event to network with peers and gain industry insight. Arabian Travel Market helps to discover a world of opportunities all under one roof. The emphasis of the event is firmly on interactivity, encouraging global travel trade to meet, network, negotiate and conduct business through a series of areas, stages, and sessions. We look at the ATM as a key opportunity to gain visibility in the Middle East market and highlight key differentiators that set us apart from our competitors. Moreover, not only does the event enable us to gain insight into industry trends and developments but it also provides us with an opportunity to network with the region’s leading travel-trade professionals and industry experts.

In short, it is all about the tourism industry. Moreover, Global Tourism Industry considers this platform as a suitable opportunity for a face-to-face discussion with travel and other corporate companies from all the nook and corner of the world. We are also looking forward to sharing our long-term expertise in the travel tech field, expertise that allowed us to develop adaptable, affordable and cutting-edge tools and services that translate into cost savings and increased revenues for our customers.

What do we do?

Travelopro market leading Travel Technology Platform designed to give travel businesses an edge in today's highly competitive and rapidly evolving market. Its powerful and user-friendly software tools manage sales processes and agency networks while corporate travel management solutions allow business travelers to book arrangements from their desktop. From global network airlines to low-cost carriers, from independent hotels to multinational travel agencies Travelopro technology is used by a wide array of sectors to create business environments successfully. Travelopro applications streamline and enhance the value of business processes for travel providers and users both and deliver a decisive competitive advantage to them. Travelopro's e-commerce solutions range from a single connection to the most sophisticated travel e-commerce platform available in the world today.

ATM Dubai is an Inspiring event that creates new opportunities and brings to reality the scope and future growth of the travel market. Travelopro will demonstrate its product and engage with the worldwide public in an interactive atmosphere.

ATM Dubai will be a great help in matching potential buyers with us with speed networking sessions. Travelopro will showcase its products and services to clients from all segments of the travel & hospitality industry and help them to choose an effective technology solution for their travel business.

The travel agencies can get competitive peak through exclusive opportunity to meet, negotiate and conduct business with Travelopro at ATM Dubai.

Join Travelopro on this inspiring ATM Dubai event and execute our trending technology solutions in your travel business.

The key reasons to attend the ATM:
  • Meet new and established international suppliers, ATM is a truly international event serving the Middle East travel industry.
  • Discover industry-leading knowledge, including global trends, innovations, research, insight and topical debate.
  • Expand your knowledge & keep up-to-date with the latest travel trends.
  • Gain expert advice from global specialists.
  • Be inspired by the latest innovations.
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